Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.

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At Kansas Overseas, we know that immigration is not just a physical journey but also an emotional one. We understand that making a decision to migrate is based upon mutual understanding between you and us. For the very reason, we believe in working in the most transparent ways. We provide you the flexibility to approach to us with any queries and check with us the most convenient options for you to migrate to your dream destination. While our motto is to serve our clients with the best available options we also believe in giving you a freedom to collate our services to other immigration service providers before you make an informed decision.

Our stringent code of conduct makes one of the reason for us to serve you with efficient and effective immigration services.


We are committed to maintain the highest degree of reliability in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients. We believe in keeping the details of our clients at a very confidential level. We ensure that the details are used only for the purpose of providing best immigration services and astrict protection code is maintained to preserve all the personal information received in the duration of providing the client with the business services concerned.


We believe in conducting our services in the most honest and honorable manner. We ensure that our clients are advised on every aspect ethically , and at the same time an awareness is created of all aspects related to the immigration process, starting from the process time, investment, eligibility requirements, English Exam bands, exam for license, fund maintenance etc. Bringing to notice the genuine chances of the applicant's eligibility for the visa is one of our ethos of quality service.

Duty of care

Our suggestions and services will always comply with relevant law. We strictly are certain of avoiding services which may cause any adverse effect on the human rights of clients associated with our organization, the environment, and the well-being of society to a large extent. When it comes to our services, we ensure we do the best in all. As our responsibility, we believe in updating the client of the changes in rules, if any, before he signs up for immigration services. Also, we take care that all the terms and conditions are brought to his notice prior to sign up.


Our agreement will usually be in the form of a detailed proposal, including aims, activities, costs, programs and timescale. The quality of our service and the value of our support provide the only true basis for continuity. To keep our clients on safe side of the changing immigration rules, we look to that the process of immigration meets its conclusion with in a minimum time-frame.


Our fees are always competitive for what we provide; which is high quality and specialized immigration services. When it comes to process and related expenses, we follow a factor of transparency. We settle our fees and basis of charges clearly in advance, so that we and our clients, can plan unfailingly for what lies ahead and how it could help them stay financially justified. In certain rejected cases, after analyzing the genuine reasons of rejection, we offer to our clients a refund of 50%.

Quality assurance

We maintain the quality of our services by the means of constant review with our clients of all their aims, process activities, status of their process and the associated outcomes. We provide guidance to clients on all aspects related to his immigration and at the same time encourage regular feedback from them on a weekly basis.

Professional conduct

We conduct all of our activities professionally and with honesty. We take excessive care to be completely objective in our judgment and any recommendations that we give, so that no issues are influenced by anything other than the best and proper interests of our clients. We wish to keep our clients updated of their process in the most professional ways, and at the same time we ensure that our calls or mails do not result to be disturbing elements to them.

An ethos that terms us professional at our service is we strive our best to come up with ideal solutions to complaints within 4 working hours.