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K Nagaraju

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Getting to Know the Saskatchewan PNP Program

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Saskatchewan is a small province in the Western part of Canada. On the surface, it is a place dominated by greenery, but the lesser-known fact is that this small province has a booming economy.
It is rich in resources like oil, minerals, natural gas, and potash. The decent cost of living, well-settled community and infinite job opportunities is what makes more immigrants want to become permanent resident of Saskatchewan.

Getting to Know the Saskatchewan PNP Program

In the recent years, a lot of immigration has taken place in this small province. As a result of this, the Saskatchewan PNP program has gained huge popularity. More and more skilled workersare finding ways to permanently settle in this place.

If you are one of those people planning to immigrate to Saskatchewan, it is important to understand what the PNP program is all about and the process to be followed to complete the procedures of successful migration.

What is Saskatchewan PNP program?

The Saskatchewan PNP program is an integral part of the immigration process of Canada. Before you are allowed entry into Canadian province of Saskatchewan, and you get permanent work permit, this program allows the Saskatchewan authorities to decide if you have met the eligibility criteria to become a permanent resident.

The local government will choose you based on your skilled work experience. As an immigrant, you have to meet the demands of the local economy.

Getting a Saskatchewan PNP becomes even easier if you have a current full-time employment in Saskatchewan. If you are interested in investing in a business that is of local importance, you have better chances of getting a PNP.

However, if you want to live and work in Saskatchewan, three major categories determine the eligibility of the nominee program. If you want your application to get processed faster, the immigration programalso provides Express Entry.

Additionally, they also provide support to all participating immigrants to get a job offer. The major categories of people eligible for the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) include people with skilled work experience, people with temporary work permit and people who have invested in a business.

  • The International Skilled Worker
  • If you are a skilled worker and plan to become a permanent resident in this province, this program is meant for you. You are eligible on the basis of a Canada Point Based System.

    You will receive nomination for the Employment Offer or the job offer, for the occupation in demand and for Saskatchewan Express entry.

    Once the entry pool is complete, your application for immigration is taken into account.

    If you have a temporary work permit, and work in Saskatchewan, you can apply under the Saskatchewan Experience Category. If you have an existing work permit for at least 6 months, you will get an invitation to apply under Existing Work Permit.

    Under this category, several health professionals with valid work permit for at least 6 months are allowed to apply. Additionally, people from hospitality sector, students and truck drivers are allowed to apply for permanent residency under this category.

    Entrepreneurs and farm operators can also apply for permanent residency under SINP.

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What is a Canadian PNP program?

While we are discussing the Saskatchewan PNP, it is important for us to know general term of Canadian PNP, because both of these aspects are interrelated.

If you have applied through a Canadian PNP program, you can apply for permanent residency across Canada. You can stay and work across the country.

The Canadian PNP is for workers with full-time employment, students with post-secondary education and skilled experience.

These people contribute to the Canadian economy and help it grow further. Any other temporary residents who also want to become the permanent residents of Canada can apply for this program.

The provincial nominee program have certain target groups. Each province has its own streams that they target. Only the specific target groups can apply for immigration under each category.

The categories include students, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers and entrepreneurs. The process of immigration depends upon the PNP you are applying to.

While some of PNPs might require you to apply online, for others it might be a manual process. If you have applied for Express Entry, you will have to apply online.

Under the PNP process, you will have to undergo a mandatory medical exam and get a police certificate. The police certificate is required to ensure that you don’t have a criminal record in your current resident country.

These two clearances are required to get a permanent residency across Canada. The process of application through online and the ones that are manual, differ on certain levels.

For the manual process, you have to apply for a valid work permit by meeting the eligibility criteria. You have to receive nomination from your specific province. Once your province has confirmed your nomination, you will need to submit a paper application.

This will be a proof of permanent residence for immigration refugees. Post this, you need to clear the medical test and get the police certificate. This process takes a longer than the Express entry.

If not through the express, you have to contact your desired province to apply for a nomination. People say that this process is way faster.

Once your province agrees to nominate you for Canadian citizenship and immigration, you have to create an Express Entry Profile and prove that you have been nominated.

Alternatively, you can directly create a profile and enlist the provinces you are interested in. After this, your choice of province sends you a notification. If you are nominated, your province will let you know.

Take help of an immigration serviceprovider to determine which of the two is best for you.

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How do you know that Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program(SINP) is open?

If you want to work in Saskatchewan, you need to keep a check on all the updates of the nomination program. The processing time of the SINP varies each time. This information is updated every three months.

The application packages that have been recently received, are reviewed in the new quarter. The processing time indicates the time taken to process an application.

The time taken for the processing of the application is different for each category. It is measured in weeks and can change at any point. Here we will guide you on the rough timelines for each of these categories.

These timeliness can vary and are not accurate. For International Skilled Workers, once you apply, you can receive a job offer for up to 5 weeks. The occupation-in-demand can take up to 38 weeks.

If you have applied through Express Entry, it can take up to 33 weeks. It can take an additional 3 to 4 weeks if you have been asked to submit additional documents.

If you are a foreign national, the SINP process can take up to a few weeks. If you have an existing work permit, you can take up to 2 weeks. For health professionals, it can take up to 3 weeks.

If you have studied in a post-secondary institute, it can take up to 3 weeks.

If you are a skilled worker, and are undergoing a Saskatchewan PNP, the duration is only applicable for the finalized application.

Similarly, the process of the nominee program differs for every category. However, the final turn around time depends once your application has been finalized.

Would Saskatchewan be a good option to migrate under PNP?

Foreign nationals choose this place over many other provinces. Canada has a booming economy and that is exactly what makes it one of the finest places to migrate under Saskatchewan PNP.

With the fact that this place has abundance of resources like oil, minerals and potash. This makes it ideal for a livelihood. The place also has plenty of work opportunities, which makes it ideal for young adults to migrate to this country.

Having said that, research says that Saskatchewan has some of the finest post-secondary institutes,which makes it ideal for student immigrants.

The immigration offices receive a lot of nomination from students who apply for the immigration program.

The students can apply for the immigration program under several post-graduate categories. These include

  • Alberta Post Graduate Worker: once you complete apost-secondary education, you are eligible under this category.
  • BC International Post Graduate Category: the eligibility criteria for this stream begins once you have secured a master’s degree or a doctoral degree. You can even apply for British Columbia after this.
    With this, you get a direct nomination and you don’t need a job offer.
  • Atlantic Provinces: this program help foreign nationals study and gain experience in Canada. The Saskatchewan PNP is an ideal option for the students who want to be permanent residents of Canada.

How Do You Apply for PR in Saskatchewan?

You can apply for a Canadian PR through several categories. Some of the major categories to apply for a PR card include Express Entry, Business Immigration, Family Class Immigration, Canadian Skilled Worker immigration, and provincial nominee program. Usually a foreign national, gets a PR card for 5 years.

In some cases, you may get a PR of 5 years with a bond to stay in Saskatchewan for a specific period, before you reside in other places of Canada.

As an immigrant of Saskatchewan,these benefits are granted to you.

  • You can work and stay in any part of Canada
  • You are now eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • You can get health benefits and other similar benefits that Canadian citizens enjoy.
  • The Canadian law will now protect you.

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