Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.

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A migration expert is a professional you need to approach when you are planning for immigration. Though the process of immigration to countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. expert advice before you apply for the visa is always recommended.

In India, Kansas Overseas Careers has achieved remarkable recognition of migration experts. Since 2015, we have been the backbone of many aspirants aiming for Canada and Australia immigration. Moreover, we are often referred to as migration experts by our clients.

Why are we called as migration experts?

We are called as migration experts for the strong expertise and vast experience we hold in processing migration visas. It is through our consultations and guidance thousands of applicants are able to apply for smooth immigration from India. We also help candidates to process their visas online from Gulf countries and nations of the western zone.

Another aspect that makes us experts in our field is we know all that it takes to end with a successful migration. While visa agents or consultants in India are known for extending visa application assistance, we go beyond the regular in making your international migration a truly worth experience for you.

Are our migration experts qualified and trained?

Our migration experts are qualified and trained in all matters related to immigration. From basic rules of the visa process to the latest immigration policies, our migration specialists are thorough and up-to-date in every aspect.

We conduct regular training sessions that help in enhancing their knowledge and add to their migration studies.

What are the services offered by our migration experts?

Our migration experts offer a wide range of services to help you in every sphere of the immigration process.

When you approach migration experts of Kansas Overseas Careers, you are assured to benefit in the following areas:

  1. Visa Consultation: The first step to a successful migration process is understanding the visa process. Our experts help you with migration strategies and ways that can get you through the process smoothly and under legal terms.
  2. Visa Selection Guidance: As different countries offer varied kinds of visa programs for immigration, our migration experts help you select the right one based upon your ability to apply for the same.
  3. Profile Assessment: Most immigration visas allow an entry to candidate solely based upon his skills and work experience. Our migration experts assess your profile and help you understand your chances of getting the visa.
  4. Score Evaluation: Especially when you are planning for immigration to Canada or Australia, you will be allowed entry only if you have a standard score. Our migration consultants will help you understand the score requirement for these countries and also calculate your score based on your profile. We also help you calculate the score for your spouse, in case he/she has an improved scope of getting the visa.
  5. Cost Analysis: Immigration is indeed a one-time investment for lifetime benefits. However, there are several stages wherein you will have to invest before you can enjoy the benefit. Our immigration experts help you understand the costs and expenses you will have to bear during the visa process. This aspect will help applicants get an estimated expense of the complete process.
  6. Checklist of Documents: Documents that are to be submitted with the visa application can be determined as per profile. Our migration experts help you with a personalized document checklist along with guidance on how to arrange the respective documents.
  7. Visa Application: We help in creating the initial application and related formalities. Before doing so, we ensure that your application is verified, features true and trusted information and is well-presented.
  8. Visa Process: All formalities related to the visa process (like follow-up with the consulate, updating details in profile whenever required, etc.) are done by our migration experts on your behalf.
  9. Alternative Pathway Suggestion: In case your visa process prolongs beyond the expected time (generally due to less score), we help you with alternative pathways that can not only boost your score but also get your visa faster. Suggestions for PNP and State Sponsorship programs and its application procedure are a few examples of this service.
  10. Job Search Help: While your visa is under process, our migration experts recommend your case file to our job search experts. Together with our teams help you in creating an international resume and search for jobs for you. The good news is this service is provided to you for up to 2 months under no fee-based benefit.
  11. IELTS Preparation Help: To assist you in IELTS preparation and cut down on your stress of attending live IELTS classes at institutes, our migration experts help you with trusted and tested links to IELTS resources. With the help of our IELTS e-preparation material, you are sure to experience a great help.
  12. Settlement Services: While your visa process nears to its end, our migration experts offer your assistance in searching for a house in the country applied. All formalities that are related to post-landing are backed by the support of 6 months.

Ask An Expert

What is the success rate of our migration experts?

Our migration experts always strive for 100% results. Over the years we have maintained a successful record of 0% rejection. In case any rejection happens due to errors from our end, we assure you a 100% refund too!

Besides this our Customer Satisfaction Ration constantly remains at 98%. We believe that our client's satisfaction is the goal of our immigration services.

Where can you meet our migration experts in India?

Our migration experts are available to serve you online as well as in-person. If you find it convenient to talk to our migration experts online, you can reach us on our toll-free number 1800-102-0109 or request a call back by writing to us at info@kansaz.com.

However, a personalized meeting is always recommended. For this, you can visit our migration experts at any of our offices based in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Thane.