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The land of Kiwis, as it’s popularly called, New Zealand is a beautiful country nestled in the south west of the Pacific Ocean. The country has been hosting numerous immigrants from different parts of the world since several years, which reflects in its multi-cultural society.

New Zealand offers something to all sections of the immigrant population; a great place to work, study, holiday, and live a comfortable lifestyle.

Here we present you with detailed information on immigrating to New Zealand and how change of place can bring a remarkable change in your life.

1. Is New Zealand a good country to immigrate to?

Yes, New Zealand offers a host of advantages to its international immigrants, some of which include:

  • It is one of the cleanest and most beautiful nations in the world
  • Ranks 7th on the world’s Human Development Index
  • Ranks 3rd for being the safest and most peaceful nation
  • Excellent employment prospects to international skilled workers to cover the existing skilled labour shortage in its workforce
  • Extensive government support to skilled migrants
  • Simple and hassle-free immigration process
  • One of the best education systems in the world

2. What is the Immigration Process for New Zealand?

What is the Immigration Process for New Zealand?

If you intend to migrate to New Zealand, you need to follow a points based system and a standard procedure of application under Skilled Migrant category. Skilled migrants refer to individuals who have the necessary skills, educational qualifications, and/or work experience as required in New Zealand, to apply for resident visa.

Following are the prerequisites for New Zealand immigration process under the Skilled Migrant category:

  • You’d be required to qualify a points system based on certain factors such as age, work experience, qualification, and an offer of skilled employment.
  • You must be 55 years or below
  • You must display proficiency in English language
  • You must satisfy the necessary health and character requirements

3. How to Apply for Immigration?

Follow the steps below for the procedure:-

  1. Self-assessment: You can check yourself whether you satisfy all the above-mentioned requirements and calculate your points to determine your eligibility. You need to secure a minimum pass mark of 100 points to qualify for EOI.
  2. Submit Expression of Interest (EOI): You would be required to submit an EOI online along with the required fee and other relevant documentation.
  3. Invitation to Apply (ITA): If you secure 160 points or more in self-assessment, you stand a chance to be selected from the EOI pool of applicants and may receive an ITA from the immigration office.
  4. Submit a resident application: You’d be provided with a form from the immigration office. Fill it up and submit your resident application on the form provided.
  5. Receive visa: That’s it! If deemed successful, you’d be one of the lucky ones to be issued a resident visa.

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4. How to Apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa?

If you wish to permanently reside in New Zealand, then you’d be required to first apply for a Permanent Residency (PR) visa to the country. For this, you need to choose from the below PR categories:

  • Family Category Visa which includes separate visas for partner/spouse, dependent child(ren), and parents
  • Refugee Family Support Visa
  • Parent Retirement Category
  • Skilled Migrant Visa
  • Work to Residence Visa
  • Residence from Work Visa

After choosing one of the above streams, you can apply for the specific visa category after checking your eligibility for each of them separately. It’s best to check New Zealand immigration’s official website for more accurate details on this.

New Zealand PR Point Calculator

As part of the eligibility-assessment process, you need to score specific number of points under the work visa category. These points are assigned based on a number of profile factors as mentioned in the previous section above. Here we explain how the point calculator actually works:

  • If the candidate is able to secure 140 points, they stand a chance to be selected for ITA for the visa
  • If they score between 100 and 135 points, they will be able to submit an EOI, but not guaranteed an ITA.

The New Zealand Immigration Bureau conducts draws every fortnight to choose candidates who have successfully achieved the cut-off marks for the particular draw.

You stand a chance to be successful at the New Zealand immigration point-based system if:

  • You have an employment offer for a skilled job in New Zealand
  • You have bonus points earned for having work experience in an absolute skill-shortage occupation in New Zealand

5. Can you apply for a work visa in New Zealand without a job offer?

According to the latest immigration rules of New Zealand, you are not eligible to submit a work visa application without a guaranteed job offer from a registered employer in New Zealand. Failure to produce the job offer may result in rejection of your application by the immigration office.

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6. How to get New Zealand PR from India?

It is possible to obtain the visa in India through three different ways –

  1. Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) – This visa permits applicants to permanently live and work in New Zealand. Applicants are required to clear the point-based system before submitting their application.
  2. Family Category Visa – Family visas further provide several categories for PR application in New Zealand. Spouse/partner, parents, or dependent children of a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand are eligible to apply under this category on sponsorship by the concerned relative in New Zealand.
  3. Business and Investment Visa – This category is meant for individuals who intend to start a business/investment opportunity in New Zealand and contribute to the country’s economic development. This visa category covers two types of applicants –
    1. Investors – The investor category covers applicants interested to live and apply for residence in New Zealand via investment in an existing New Zealand business.
    2. Entrepreneurs – This category covers applicants who intend to set up their own business in New Zealand. For this, the applicants need to have run their own entity in New Zealand for at least 2 years (in some special cases, 6 months is also granted).

7. What documents are needed for New Zealand immigration?

What documents are needed for New Zealand immigration?

The New Zealand immigration office requires all its potential immigrant applicants to submit the following documents in the correct and proper order. Any tampering with the original documents or attempt to deliberately conceal information may result in refusal or complete denial of the application. The same also holds true for submitting any document in the incorrect manner as desired or with incomplete information.

The applicant needs to submit –

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months validity upon arrival in New Zealand
  • Original old passport, if any
  • Two recent passport size photographs (35mm x 45mm) with white background
  • Visa application forms for the specific visa category being applied along with an attached covering letter clearly stating the purpose of visit
  • Proof of birth certificate
  • Proof of nationality

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8. How long does it take to get PR through the Skilled Migrant category?

Visa processing time for different types of New Zealand visas may vary according to the specific situation of the applicant. The process involves two main steps to obtain PR – EOI and Resident Visa application. Therefore, it may even take several months in the process.

9. Do I apply for jobs in New Zealand or a work visa first?

Do I apply for jobs in New Zealand or a work visa first?

It’s always recommended to first apply for a job in New Zealand because you may need to submit proof of job offer from an employer to support your application when applying for resident or temporary work visa.

10. Is my qualification recognised in New Zealand?

Some international qualifications are officially recognised in New Zealand. However, a few others may need to be assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). It’s best to check their official website to check recognition of your specific qualifications in the country.

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11. Can we find out the status of our EOI online?

Yes, it’s possible to do so. You can even make changes to the EOI after submission either online or by getting in touch with the Business Migration Branch. You are not required to pay any additional charges for the same.

12. How to apply for extension of visas?

If your visa is about to expire and you intend to apply for an extension, you’d need to travel to New Zealand within the specified validity of your visa. Failure to do so would require you to submit a fresh application along with processing fee and all required information to obtain a fresh visa.

13. How Can We Help You in Understanding New Zealand Immigration?

We provide free consultation on New Zealand immigration process. However, to apply for the visa we will help you connect to a registered lawyer who can carry out the process on your behalf and complete your visa application. Remember, to apply for New Zealand it is always important that you have a registered lawyer helping you with the process.

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