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Most Popular Canada Immigration Programs of 2020

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Canada immigration has gained a tremendous preference among skilled professionals. The opportunities and benefits Canada is offering is attracting millions of immigrants to call this nation their new home.

According to the census by Statistics Canada, nearly 21.9% of Canada’s population represent the immigrant group. While candidates are attracted by the future scope, immigration programs of Canada are making their migration plans a bigger success.

how to apply for canada immigration 5 most popular visa programs

How Can You Migrate to Canada in 2020?

Canada is one of the few nations that offer a range of immigration programs. If you do not qualify for one, there is a scope to check your chances for the others and apply under the same.

This factor is keeping up the hopes of skilled professionals. Also, the documentation process of Canada immigration visa and requirements to obtain it are easier comparatively to other nations.

It is stated that in 2020, a larger number of immigrants are expected to enter Canada and obtain its permanent residency status. In fact in 2021, this number will increase to a higher ratio.

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Do You Need an eTA to Fly to Canada?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry authorization given to nationals of visa exempt countries who are flying to Canada. However, this is applicable only if you are flying to Canada for a short duration.

Skilled professionals of India, irrespective of whether they are migrating for short term or long-term require a visa to enter Canada.

In case of short-time entry, a visit/tourist visa is mandatory. If you are migrating to Canada for long-term stay or as a permanent resident, you need to apply for a PR visa.

How Can You Apply for PR in Canada?

The process to apply for PR in Canada is easy and completely online based. However, depending upon the visa program you choose, the application procedure and related criteria may differ.

Among the range of visa programs Canada offers to apply for immigration, these 5 are most commonly applied.

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5 Types of Canada Visas You Can Apply from India

5 Types of Canada Visas You Can Apply from India
  1. FSW Visa Program
  2. Known as a Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program. Points based visa that can be applied by only skilled professionals and families.

  3. FSTW Visa Program
  4. Known as the Federal Skilled Trades Visa Program. This visa requires experience in a specific trade and a trade certification to apply.

  5. Provincial Nominee Programs
  6. This program can be applied by candidates who have skills most-in demand by a specific province. Each province has a different criteria for selecting candidates.

  7. QSW Visa Program
  8. Known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program. This can be applied by candidates who want to live and work in the Quebec province.

  9. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  10. This program can be applied by candidates who have a valid job offer from an employer of Atlantic provinces.

Can You Immigrate to Canada without a Job Offer?

When you apply for a visa under Federal Skilled Visa Program, Federal Trades Visa Program and Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program, you will not need a job offer. In case of several provincial nominee programs also, you may not be asked for a job offer.

What is the Easiest Way to immigrate to Canada?

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada is through the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program. This is because this visa is granted to you solely based upon your skills and ability to score the required immigration points.

Moreover, there are several other benefits of migrating to Canada from India under the FSW visa program.

  • You can include your spouse in the application
  • You do not require any sponsorship or nomination to migrate through this PR visa program
  • You do not require any job offer to apply for this visa
  • There is no restriction of living in a specific province when your apply PR through this program
  • This visa program does not demand first-come first serve application; hence, you can apply for the PR visa under FSW anytime you wish you

Be it skilled professionals or families, most Indians choose to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker visa program.

If you have special skills and are able to meet requirements of provincial nominee programs, this is also another easy way to migrate to Canada.

However, both these programs demand Bachelor’s degree, sufficient work experience and proficient English language skills (eligible IELTS score).

Can You Immigrate to Canada without IELTS?

As Canada’s official language is English (besides French), the country is very particular of inviting skilled candidates who are able to interact and communicate with the locals.

Therefore, English language skills play a significant role in Canada’s immigration system.

IELTS is an English Language Test that is approved by Canadian immigration Department. To apply for the PR visa, you can only attempt IELTS and no other English language test.

What is the Minimum IELTS Score Required for Canada Permanent Residency?

You need to be proficient in understanding, reading, writing and speaking the English language. For this, you must be able to reach at least CLB 7 in the IELTS in order to apply for Canada PR visa.

For a higher score on your FSW points and CRS score, it is best advised to strive for a higher IELTS result.

How to get started with the visa process?

After you have chosen the visa program, you may wonder how to get started.

Every visa program has its own criteria and you must be able to meet the criteria of your selected program. Taking assistance of a trusted immigration is advised in order to understand the requirements of each visa program.

In fact, when you reach out to an immigration consultant, you also get advice on which visa program to choose.

Kansas Overseas Careers has qualified immigration experts from all over India who have in-depth knowledge about every Canada immigration program. You can connect to us to understand your best visa option, eligibility and points, job demand and a lot more.

We will help you in processing your visa under the guidance of authorized immigration consultant and also provide a range of services that make your Canada immigration a lot easier.

Click here to book an online consultation or reach out to us on our toll-free number: 1800-102-0109

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