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Reasons to Hire a Consultant for Canada PR Visa Process


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Helen Keller’s quote, "Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much" goes precisely well with the Canadian immigration process.

We are saying this because though the process is easy, only a part of the result can be experienced positively when the visa process is done alone.

It has been proved through Canada immigration reviews that candidates who apply for a visa on their own undergo huge stress and often rejection too than those who take the help of a PR consultant for Canada immigration.

Here you will know what are the benefits of hiring an immigration consultant.

7 Reasons Why You Must Hire PR Consultant for Canada

Is a consultant required for Canada immigration?

If you want a smooth, stress-free, and quick visa success, then you require a Canada immigration consultant.

Immigration consultants are specializing in the Canada visa process for guiding to make the process a success.

They also fight through all the challenges of rejection that may arise as hurdles in your case.

If you believe that you should not spend long years on your visa process and waste both your time and money, taking the help of an immigration consultant is always recommended.

Can you apply for Canada PR without the Consultant?

Yes, you can apply for a Canada PR without a consultant, but you have to face all the challenges on your own.

Sometimes in several cases, the applications are not even considered by Canadian authorities if a trusted agent does not verify them.

Besides this, there are several other reasons why you must not apply for a PR visa without a consultant:

  1. There’s a risk of visa rejection
  2. You may go wrong in the procedure
  3. You may follow an old immigration law (unaware of the changed policies)
  4. You may find difficulty in selecting the right visa program
  5. Determining a relatively similar NOC may be challenging
  6. You may miss out on the deadlines of submission
  7. Not able to understand how to proceed if the application is not selected

Why Hire the Best Immigration Consultants for Your Canadian PR Applications – 7 Reasons

As you hire lawyers, financial advisors, and any other professional services for the important matters of your life.

Similarly, you need an immigration consultant for the big change of your career. Migration is not just a journey from one country to another.

It is a fresh start in your whole career, lifestyle, and place of stay, environment, and finances and must go more.

You need to be sure that you are stepping in the right direction during this life-changing aspect.

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Hence, an immigration consultant will be your advisor, mentor, and guide throughout the process.

Here are 7 reasons why you must hire the best immigration consultant when planning for Canada immigration:

Why Hire the Best Immigration Consultants for Your Canadian PR Applications – 7 Reasons

1. Guidance in Visa Selection

When you research and read through the immigration procedures of different Canada visas, your brain may fill with all sorts of information. This will, of course, confuse you too.

As every visa category is different and you may be eligible even for more than 2 programs at once, it may be difficult for you to make the best choice. Here the role of a PR consultant becomes significant.

An immigration consultant or a PR consultant helps you understand which visa program is best for you based on your profile and its demand in Canada.

We also help you understand your accurate score, which otherwise is difficult with the help of free online assessment forms.

2. Understanding and Resolve Complex Issues

The first stage of Canada visa (after eligibility check) is Educational Credential Assessment.

At this stage, most candidates get stuck because of the sealed transcripts requirements.

Though there is nothing complicated about this stage, getting help from a PR consultant will save your time consumed in understanding the procedure.

Similarly, during issues where GCkey is revoked, or your NOC is not correct, a consultant may help you with the best possible solutions.

3. Well-prepared and well-presented Application

Your application needs to be well-presented to be considered by both the Canadian immigration authorities and Canadian employers seeking candidates in the Express Entry pool.

Immigration consultants are experts in preparing visa applications in a professionally acceptable manner. Hence, this adds to another reason of why you need them by your side during your Canada immigration process.

4. Verified Documentation and Process

Do you know that even one mismatch of documents and details can stop you from going to Canada forever?

Sometimes the Canadian authorities may declare you fraud if they find that your documents are not relating to the information you shared.

A Canada immigration consultant will help in verifying your documents before submission by a trusted and expert agent.

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5. Up to date about laws and efficient in follow-ups

After you submit your application, there may be a clear two-way communication required between the applicant and immigration authorities.

As PR visa consultants act as a representative of your application, we ensure that communication is done smoothly.

In addition, if any changes in immigration law or procedures occur, PR visa consultants keep you updated about the same.

6. Suggest Alternative Options (wherever required)

Sometimes, despite meeting all the eligibility requirements and submitting the application in the best manner, you may not be lucky to meet visa success.

In such a scenario, immigration consultants aid your hopes with alternative options.

We suggest you with options that help you migrate to Canada through other visa programs or by increasing the scope of the current visa process.

7. Every Detail is Considered

An important factor in Canada immigration application that most of the clients' miss is changing details as per situations in life.

If you get married or change your job, or have a new kid, etc. must be timely updated in your application. We ensure to do this on your behalf, once you update us.

Similarly, when we explain to you the process, we are keen on letting you know every minute detail of the process so that it does not arise as an obstacle in the future.

How much do Canadian Immigration Consultants Charge?

The fees of the Canada immigration process vary from consultant to consultant and often differ by profile.

This fee is fixed based on the services offered and expenses that the consultant has to incur on processing formalities.

Alongside this, there are additional fees that are fixed, and you are required to pay for your Canada PR requirements. These include:

  • IELTS examination fee – 13,250 INR (subjected to change)
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – 250-500 CAD (13,000-28,000 INR approx.)
  • Canada PR processing Fee:
  • Primary Candidate fee – 825 CAD (44,660 INR approx.)
  • Secondary Candidate fee – 825 CAD (44,660 INR approx.)
  • Child fee (under 22 years of age) – 225 CAD (12,180 INR approx.)
  • Medical fee and Police verification – 5000 – 8000 INR approximately
  • Right to Permanent Resident fee (each applicant) – 500 CAD (27,066 INR approx.)
  • Provincial Nomination Free- Varies by province

To understand the fee structure and packages offered by Kansas Overseas Careers, feel free to write to us on info@kansaz.com or call toll free: 1800-102-0109