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Secrets to Canada PR Success - 5 Super Tips by Experts


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The misconception most Indians have about Canada immigration is that the process is complicated and difficult to be completed within 1 year.

Today we are going to clear this myth and help you understand ways that can get you a Canada PR in the least possible time.

Secrets to Canada PR Success-5 Super Tips by Experts

How can you apply for Canada PR visa?

The first step to applying for a Canada PR visa is to understand the system and its process. The best way to do so is to consult a Canada immigration consultant.

They will help you understand the process and its requirements in a detailed manner.

However, to give you a glimpse of the process here is an overview of how to apply for Canada PR:

  • First, check your eligibility for Canada immigration
  • Check your points for Express Entry
  • Check your CRS points for selection of the visa
  • Create a profile with Express Entry
  • After you receive an ITA, submit PR fee and other documents
  • Undergo medicals and submit Police Clearance Certificate
  • Once the visa is approved, go for passport stamping

While the step by step process of Canada PR mentioned here seems quick and simple, there could be some complications if you don’t follow several aspects correctly.

Hence, in our expert consultation, we will help you with tips that can get you a PR visa in a quicker fashion.

5 Super Tips for Canada PR:

Tip 1: Evaluate Chances Using Expert Guidance:

You may often see online Canada Points Calculators and try to check your score through the same. You must avoid doing so. This is because these calculators are robotic and may not give you accurate results.

Instead, taking the assistance of evaluation experts is the best solution.

How to Do this:

Evaluation experts are consultants who have expertise in the evaluation of the Canadian immigration points.

  • They do this by adhering to the Canadian immigration rules and about the Canada immigration points calculator.
  • Approaching them will help you in evaluating your score the right way.
  • We at Kansas Overseas Careers hire India’s best evaluation experts to help you calculate your Canada points and CRS points.
  • Over the years, we have made a remarkable achievement of helping thousands of aspirants get their evaluated report for Canada PR visa.
  • You can get in touch with our evaluation experts online or visit our office nearest to you.

Tip 2: Be Quick in Lodging Your Express Entry Application:

Express Entry program is an initiative to invite skilled workers to Canada faster than the quota system.

  • The skilled workers are specifically those who have a high demand in Canada’s labour market.
  • However, the predictions are that this system may end once the demand is filled.
  • This is estimated by the examples of the UK, Denmark, the US, who have halted their immigration systems once the demand is met.
  • So aspirants of Canada PR visas who have eligible skills and belong to any of the most in-demand professions of Canada must apply for the Canada visa at the earliest.
  • This will help in staying safe from becoming ineligible and losing the chance of Canada permanent residency forever.

What Service to Signup:

  • Contact us for our Visa Documentation Service
  • This helps you understand the different stages of Express Entry, the checklist of documents required for Canada PR.
  • This service would also get you an expert case officer to file your visa for Canada.
  • In this service, the terms are clearly stated before the process, and a detailed agreement is proposed in favour of mutual interest.
  • Our case officer makes every effort to create your application, assist you in gathering documents, verify the documents, submit them to the Express Entry, follow-up on your behalf, and many more activities.
  • Updates on rule changes and draws are given to you from time to time during this service.

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Tip 3: Prepare for IELTS before you Attempt:

IELTS is one of the most important factors that determine the speed and success of your Canada visa process. Higher IELTS would assure chances of getting you more CRS points and faster selection.

Hence, strive for thorough preparation for the IELTS before you attempt it.

How to Do this:

  • Preparing for IELTS with the help of the right resources is necessary to score the best IELTS results for Canada PR.
  • For this, seek guidance from IELTS preparation material.
  • When you sign up for our visa documentation service, we will help you with online material to prepare for the IELTS.
  • This material is verified and highly resourceful.
  • The preparation material has often helped aspirants in preparing for IELTS and getting higher scores.
  • Hence, when you sign up for our visa documentation service under the regular terms, don’t forget to ask for your IELTS preparation material from your assigned case officer!

Tip 4: Search for a Job While Your Visa is still in Process:

A skilled worker who wants to migrate to Canada does not need a job offer to obtain his visa, but having one will add up the score.

  • If you have arranged for a job in Canada on beforehand, you can earn both FSW points and CRS points.
  • So, start looking for a job when you plan for Canada immigration.
  • When you search for a job while your visa is in the process your profile can gain credibility in the Canadian labour market.

What Service to Signup:

  • Since we know the importance of a job offer in the process of Canada permanent resident visa, we have included the Job Search and Advanced Job Search Services in our services.
  • In this service, a team of job search experts modifies your profile in a way that impresses Canadian employers
  • They apply for jobs in Canada and market your profile for employment.
  • When you start receiving offers from Canadian employers, we also assist you in preparing for the telephonic rounds of interviews.
  • This service is often offered as complementary, based on the visa program you choose to apply.

Tip5: Apply for Provincial Nomination Program for Quicker Success:

Provincial Nomination Programs hold an impeccable strength to speed up your Canada immigration process.

  • If you have the skills and talent that are most required by any Canadian province and can meet their immigration rules, then you must apply for a PNP.
  • As provinces have a limited quota and specific period of opening for new applications, you have to ensure that you keep your application ready before they open.

How to Do this:

  • Consult our team of Canada PNP experts and get information about the provincial nomination programs that you can apply for.
  • Also, ask for the process to apply for PNP programs, documents required, processing time, and much more.
  • Our PNP consultants are specialized in helping you with all types of information on PNPs.
  • Along with guidance, you also get assistance in application procedures and documentation.
  • Sign up for our PNP service to cut down on the length of the processing time of your Canada PR.

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How Long Does the Canada PR process take?

The general time taken for Canada PR is between 8-12 months. However, this time may vary based upon certain factors like:

  • Time is taken by you to submit the documents for WES
  • Your ability to reach the current CRS for Express Entry Draw
  • The frequency at which Express Entry Draws are conducted by IRCC
  • The decision-making process on the final PR visa application
  • Besides documents, you also need to pay the relevant fee of Canada PR visa on time to ensure your process does not prolong.
  • This fee is to be paid after you receive your Invitation to Apply.
  • A time of 60 days is granted for you to make the fee payment and show up the required funds.

How much does it Cost to get PR in Canada?

The cost of Canada PR can be broken down into several stages. Here are the following stages:

ECA Fee to WES: CAD 323 (does not include courier charges)

IELTS Fee: Approx. INR 11,300

PCC Fee: INR 500

Visa Fee: CAD 825 per head for the primary applicant and accompanying spouse; CAD 225 for dependent children below 22 years

Right to PR Fee: CAD 500

Note: Fees for medicals may also be applicable.

Along with these costs, you need to show proof of funds in the last stage of the Canada PR visa process. This is done to ensure that you have financial stability and can live in Canada without any dependency on the government for financial support.

The funds must be shown in the following manner:

Number of Family Members Accompanying Fund Maintenance (in Canadian Dollars)
1 $12,475
2 $15,531
3 $19,093
4 $23, 181
5 $26,292
6 $29,652
7 $33,014
  • For every additional family member, the fund maintenance of CAD3361 has to be shown.
  • Besides these, there are several other requirements of Canada PR.
  • If you want to understand what the requirements of PR in Canada are, consult our expert for thorough guidance.

From the initial guidance to everything about the process, our immigration consultants will guide you in everything!

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