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About Canada Immigration

Canada migration is a dream country for many skilled professionals. Canada offers multiple benefits to qualified specialists. The country is facing an acute shortage of experts in many sectors. Since 2015, Canada has introduced a program called Canada express entry program.
Under this system, Canada has created a fast track process for qualified professionals to get a visa in the shortest span of time. This plan has many visa program including the Federal skilled worker visa.

About Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program
About Canada Immigration

If you are planning to migrate to Canada with hopes of a quicker success, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is a great option for you. Even if you do not have a sponsorship from a Canadian employer or a relative, this visa program can be your route towards a permanent residency status in Canada.

This visa helps you get the PR rights of Canada through a simple, points-based immigration process. You are required to file an online application for this visa after determining your eligibility, which majorly depends upon your age, education, language proficiency, and related factors. Once your application is approved, you receive an Invitation to Apply, followed by the PR visa.

To help you understand the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program and its process here is well-researched information drawn from the official sources of Canada immigration.

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How does Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program operate?
Points Based System

The Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is the name of a PR visa category of Canada. By applying for your PR visa through this program, you will be able to settle in Canada as a permanent resident and enjoy benefits similar to its citizens.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program gives you a chance to obtain the Canadian permanent residency status solely based upon your skilled work experience and the ability to score the required immigration points.

However, similar to a work permit, it also demands that your occupational experience must be in any of the professions listed on the National Occupation Classifieds. This list is primarily a series of occupations that have a high demand in Canada and professionals that are most needed by Canada.

Who can apply for this program?

A skilled and experienced professional can apply for this visa program. This means that if you hold a graduation degree or higher and can prove a work experience of over 2 years, then congratulations. You meet the basic criteria of applying for the PR visa.

The next step is to determine whether you are eligible to apply or not. This can be done by taking up the following measures:

  • Determine Your Immigration Score: Canada is the first country in the world to issue a PR visa based on points. Immigration points are granted to you based on various factors like age, education, work experience, language skills, etc

    You are required to use the Canada Immigration Points Calculator and determine the score for each factor. Overall, your points must be able to reach at least 67 out of 100.
    Once you reach this score, you are deemed eligible to apply for the PR visa

  • Find Out Your Occupation Code: Canada will accept your immigration only if you have occupational experience in a profession of the NOC. Each profession has a designated code and the details of the job role. You need to determine which of those closely relate to your profile and nominate for the same.

    Generally, these occupations are from the following sectors:

    Information, Communications, and TechnologyHealth and MedicalBanking, Finance, and AccountingSales and MarketingEngineering (all streams)EducationLegalConstruction and Real Estate

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  • Analyze Your English Language Proficiency: Canada will judge your English language skills before giving you an entry into the country as a permanent resident. For this, it has made the IELTS a standard parameter to judge your language skills.

    After determining your score and occupation code, you can apply for the visa, but to proceed with the application till the end, you will have to write the IELTS exam and prove your efficiency in the English language. A CLB 7 is what you need in order to qualify.

  • Check on Your Health & Conduct: Canada will grant you a PR visa only if you have no criminal history. Likewise, you should not have any major disease that could cause a challenge to the Canadian healthcare system. This factor is one of the most important eligibility essentials for Canada to welcome you as legal immigration

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for a PR Visa as a Federal Skilled Worker?

The below information details the requirements of each stage of the Canadian immigration process. Only upon meeting these requirements, you will be eligible to enter Canada as a permanent resident.

  1. You must be a graduate with at least 2 years of proven work experience.
  2. You must be able to score 67 points in Canada’s points-based immigration test.
  3. You are required to clear the IELTS examination with CLB 7, so as to prove your English language skills.
  4. You must nominate an occupation from the National Occupational Classification (Skill level 0 A or B).
  5. You must submit sealed transcripts to the World Education Services for Educational Credential Assessment. This is to determine whether your qualification matches the Canadian education standards.
  6. You must create a profile with the Express Entry portal, under Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program. This profile must feature all the information related to you. From time to time this information, has to be updated as per the changes that happen in your life.
  7. In case you plan to incorporate spouse skills in your application, you must add all details related to your spouse as well.

What is the Canada visa Fee?

Stage Primary applicant Spouse Child
Education Assessment 285 Canadian dollars 285 Canadian dollars(optional) NA
Express Entry Pool Nil Nil Nil
Right to PR 490 Canadian dollars 490 Canadian dollars 150 Canadian dollars
Fees for Final Visa Application 550 Canadian dollars 550 Canadian dollars NA

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What is the Processing time for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program?

The Canada PR process generally takes a processing time of 6-8 months. However, for better understanding let us discuss the activities of each phase and the time is taken to complete them

  • Educational Credential Assessment: The ECA is a mandatory step of the Canada immigration process. During this phase of the visa process, your educational credentials are sent to the World Education Services for an assessment to determine their relativity with Canadian standards.

    Time Period:
    The entire process of ECA is completed within a span of 25-30 days.
    However, in several cases where speedy service is applicable, this activity is completed within 10 days.

  • Expression of Interest: The EOI is an initial profile you create with the Express Entry. Once all the details are properly filled and submitted, the Express Entry pushes your profile into a pool. This Express Entry pool consists of all the applications that are submitted to the Express Entry under federal economic immigration programs.

    Regular draws are conducted to select profiles to form this pool. The ones with the highest CRS score are selected faster

    Time Period: The time period of this phase is non-predictable.
    However, aspects like how early you create the Expression of Interest profile and how high is you CRS score greatly help in determining an approximate time.

  • Invitation to Apply: Once you are selected from the EE pool based on your CRS, you receive an Invitation to Apply for the PR visa. You are then required to pay the visa fee and file your final PR visa application.

    Time period: A time of 60 days is given to complete all the related activities.

  • Passport Stamping: Once you have successfully finished all the visa formalities, you will get your visa. You are required to get this stamped from an Embassy nearest to you.

    Time period: The time period may vary from profile to profile. The given visa will feature the time period, within which you are required to immigrate to Canada.

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