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Subclass 187 – Move to Australian Region for Permanent Stay

Not every nook and corner of a country is covered by skilled talent. However, there’s always a dire need for some at all times to contribute to the economic growth of the region and to bolster financial support to the business in the area.

This is where the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa Subclass 187 comes into play. This post intends to share all known details in the matter to help those interested in obtaining this visa move ahead with the process. Keep reading.

1. What is Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme?

What is Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme?

The Regional Skilled or Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa Subclass 187 enables employers in remote and thinly populated areas of Australia to hire high-skilled foreign workers or temporary recruits within their own country. This is because the employers need to fill the vacant job positions in their business permanently but owing to the remote location of the business or lack of skilled talent in the area, they aren’t able to do so.

2. Is Visa 187 Permanent Residency?

Yes, Subclass 187 or RSMS visa offers permanent residence to skilled workers from overseas interested to work in regional Australia to fill in vacant job positions on a permanent basis.

3. How to Apply Skilled Migration to Australia?

The RSMS visa can be applied in the following four steps –

  1. The employer in a specific region in Australia nominates a vacant job position in his business and applies to the Regional Certifying Body (RCB).
  2. The RCB evaluates the application against certain specific criteria such as an authentic requirement for a paid employee from another country or the need for a temporary worker within Australia.
  3. If the application deems convincing to the RCB, it issues a certificate.
  4. The employee, upon acceptance of the job offer from the employer, applies for approval of the visa.

Also, RSMS can be applied for under the following streams:

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream – If the applicant has been in Australia on 457 visa, worked in Australia for a minimum period of 2 years (excluding the period of unpaid leave) in the same occupation with the nominating employer, and if the employer is willing to offer the applicant a permanent position in the said occupation, the applicant is eligible to apply for visa 186 under this stream.
    Note that the temporary residence transition stream does not require any skill assessment criteria. However, the applicant would be required to testify their skills in the Englishlevel equivalent to IELTS 5 (each module) unless exempted. In addition, any secondary applicant over 18 years of age would be required to satisfy Functional English ability with an overall score of IELTS 4.5 or equivalent in the last 1 year, unless exempted.
  • Direct Entry Stream – If the applicant is eligible to be sponsored under the temporary residence transition stream but is nominated by the regional employer for a permanent job position, they are eligible to apply under the direct entry stream.
    This category mandates skill assessment and Englishlevel equivalent to IELTS 6 (each module).
  • Agreement Stream– Applicants sponsored by an employer via labour agreement are eligible to apply under this category.

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4. What Occupations are Eligible for this Visa?

What Occupations are Eligible for this Visa?

Before applying to the RSMS visa, check for the eligibility requirements of the RSMS skilled occupation from the list below. Note that the list is too long comprising different occupations; however, we’ve only listed out some of the top ones here to give you a fair idea:

  1. Chief Executive or Managing Director
  2. Corporate General Manager
  3. Defence Force Senior Officer
  4. Local Government Legislator
  5. Aquaculture Farmer

This list is not comprehensive; please check the official website of the immigration office for the complete list of occupations.

5. Who is Eligible for Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme?

To secure legal eligibility for the RSMS visa, the employer filing the application must satisfy the following criteria:

  • They must be legally and actively functional in Australia
  • They must provide full-time permanent employment offer
  • They must indicate an authentic need for the employee with specific skills from abroad
  • Must be in compliance of the local and immigration laws of the country
  • Their business must be established and actively operational in the specific activity for which it has been registered in the regional area

The position for which the RSMS visa is applied for must satisfy the criteria below:

  • It should be full-time and ongoing for a minimum period of 2 years from the employment date specified in the application
  • It should provide favourable working conditions in accordance with the Australian legislation laws
  • It should fall under the scope of SOL
  • It should indicate requirement of a candidate with at least an Australian equivalent trade, diploma, or higher qualification

The employee sought under the RSMS visa needs to satisfy the following requirements to be considered for the post -

  • They should have positive skill assessment for the nominated occupation from the relevant assessing authorities
  • They should have a minimum work experience of 3 years in the nominated occupation
  • They should have an employer who’s willing to sponsor them on a permanent basis
  • They should be able to prove that they possess the required skills for the occupation mentioned
  • They must be able to provide the relevant licensing/registration, if applicable for the occupation in question
  • They should be 45 years and below
  • They should be able to manage at least functional English
  • They must have already worked in Australia for the last 2 years on a valid temporary visa in the said occupation for which they’ve been nominated. This includes at least the past 1 year for the nominating employer under the existing market salary rate.
  • They must undergo health and character exam before applying for the visa

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6. What is the Processing Duration for this Visa?

The processing time for each visa application under the same category may greatly differ at times on a case-to-case basis. All individual applications are carefully analysed based on their specific situation. It’s best to check the status of your application online at the immigration office’s official website address.

However, applications submitted under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream may take 12-13 months to get processed, while those under the Direct Entry Stream may take longer – about 21-23 months.

7. Which Family Members can be Included in the Visa Application?

Which Family Members can be Included in the Visa Application?

The RSMS visa allows for certain family members to be included in the visa application. They include the applicant’s spouse/partner and child(ren) of you or your partner, and/or step child(ren), if any.

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8. What are the Regional Areas in Australia for the Purposes of the RSMS Visa?

The regional areas of Australia include all parts of Australia except the following:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Newcastle
  • Sydney
  • Wollongong
  • Melbourne

9. How Long will I be Able to Stay in Australia on this Visa?

The RSMS visa subclass 187 guarantees successful applicants the privilege to live, study, and work in Australia for an indefinite period of time.

Benefits of RSMS Visa

Once granted, the visa enables the applicant to:

  • Live and work in Australia on a permanent basis
  • Study in a recognised school or university in Australia
  • Receive subsidised healthcare facilities through Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  • Gain access to certain social security payments
  • Gain eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship
  • Be able to sponsor people for permanent residence in Australia
  • Visit Australia for up to 5 years from the date the visa has been granted

10. What are the New Visa Subclasses?

With effect from 1 July 2012, there will be only 2 permanent visa subclasses that are employer sponsored. This is a reduction from the original 6 that currently apply. Following are the two classes –

  1. ENS Subclass 186 visa which will replace both the offshore subclass 121 visa and the onshore subclass 856 visa
  2. RSMS Subclass 187 visa which will replace both the offshore subclass 119 visa and the onshore subclass 857 visa

Also, the Labour agreement subclasses 120 and 855 visas will be incorporated into the new subclasses 186 and 187, respectively.

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11. What will be the New Age Limit for Visa Eligibility?

The current maximum age limit for ENS and RSMS is 45 years and below. This will be modified and increased to 50 years under the new law arrangement.

12. Why Hire Us for Assistance?

Visa-application processes aren’t generally straightforward and may involve a degree of legal complexities which may be difficult to handle at times. Besides, any misunderstanding in a specific visa requirement or any small error in an application may result in rejection/denial of the visa.

Therefore, it’s important to hire the services of professional visa consultants like us to help you through the visa application processes and navigate your journey from the beginning to the very end. Trust us to be your partner in obtaining the RSMS visa for Australia and we shall offer you the best services at highly competitive rates.

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