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Subclass 482 – Top Australian visa you need to know about

Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa for Australia was introduced in March 2018 to replace the earlier 457 visa. The TSS visa is issued to candidates who can cover temporary shortage of skills in a specific occupation.

Subclass 482

It allows them to live andwork full-time for theirrespective sponsoring employer in a nominated occupation listed on the Short Skilled List or Medium Long-Term Skilled List.

1. What Benefits does TSS Visa Grant to You and Your Family?

If the visa has been granted as a primary application, the holder is authorised to travel to and from Australia up to the valid duration of the visa. Besides, they will also be entitled to work in Australia, only for an approved sponsor though who has nominated you in your chosen field of occupation.

Your family members too are entitled to travel to and from Australia for the entire duration of the visa and can work or study in Australia without any restriction.

2. How Can You Get 482 Visa?

The TSS visa specifies the following criteria to be satisfied by the applicant –

  • They must have a job offer in Australia
  • They must possess at least two years of relevant work experienceduring the past five years
  • They must be able to meet other criteria associated with this subclass, such as those regarding educational qualification, English language proficiency, and health and character requirements

TSS visa does not specify any age limit criteria but Permanent Residency (PR) visa does. For instance, if an applicant successfully obtains a TSSvisa in an MLTSSL occupation and upon completion of three years of work with the same sponsor, they intend to apply for PR, they should be below 45 years of age at the time of filing a PR application.

482 TSS visa is granted to the applicants who apply under the following three streams:

  1. Short-Term stream – Applicants under the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) category are eligible to apply for Subclass 482 for a duration of up to two years. The visa can also be renewed onsite, only once for anextended period of two years.If applied from offshore, it can potentially be renewed for additional two years, provided it satisfies the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements.
  2. Medium-Term stream – Applicants applying under the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL) are eligible to apply visa for up to four years.Upon completion of three years,the applicant stands eligible to apply for PR, provided they’re able to satisfy all other requirements such as age, proficiency in English, and health and character requirements.
  3. Labour Agreement stream – It intends to target skilled workers who’ve been nominated by an employer to temporarily live and work in Australia under the Labour Agreement.

In order to obtain the 482 visa, an applicant needs to follow the below-mentioned procedure detailed in three simple steps:

  1. The proposed employee obtains a sponsorship application from the employer
  2. The proposed employee obtains a nomination application from the employer for a skilled position
  3. The proposed employee duly fills out the visa application

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3. Where Can You Apply From for this Visa?

TSS visa can be filed from both within or outside Australia. However, the applicant is required to be offshore only if they’re filing their third visa application in the Short-term stream.

4. Which Documents are required to apply for TSS?

Filing of TSS visa requires submission of the following documents in proper order –

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of proficiency in English language
  • Proof of occupation
  • Proof of requisite skills for the said occupation
  • Health insurance cover, if applicable
  • Testimony of family members
  • Character certificate, wherever required

5. Which Family Members can be Included in this TSS 482 Visa?

The visa does make provision for inclusion of family members, such as spouses/partners and childrenat the time of lodging the visa application. Also, your family is allowed to work unlimited and also avail study options in Australia.

However, the applicant would need to submit appropriate proof of relationship with the proposed members of the family.

6. How Much Does 482 Visa Cost?

Any visa application to Australia or any other country for that matter involves a certain specific amount of cost to the applicant in the form of visa processing fee. In case of TSS 482, the cost forapplications filed under short-term stream is AUD 1,150,while those lodged under medium-term and labour agreement is AUD 2,400.

Besides, the applicant may also be required to bear a few other costs related to getting the visa, such as obtaining police certificate and undergoing health examination.

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7. What are the Requirements for 482 Visa?

In order to stand eligible to obtain the TSS visa, the applicant must ensure the following:

  • Your employer has applied for approval of nomination for the occupation stated in the visa application
  • Depending on your occupation and nationality,the relevant Skills Assessment has been duly completed, if applicable
  • Your employer is an Approved Work Sponsor
  • You genuinely intend to perform the nominated occupation and hold a genuine position in the labour market during your stay in Australia
  • You possess the desired skills, qualifications and employment background required to perform the tasks stated in the nominated occupation
  • You have made appropriate arrangements for health insurance
  • You satisfy certain Public Interest criteria as well as Special Return criteria
  • You satisfy all health and character requirements
  • You satisfy certain specific Nomination Criteria with regard to the specific visa stream chosen, such as having an occupation on the specified list of eligible occupations

8. What is the Processing Time for 482 Visa for Australia?

Different visa streams require different processing times. For those submitting application under the Short-term stream, visa processing may take about 11 to 18 days after successful submission of all required documentation.

For the Medium-term stream, the visa may be processed within 11 to 17 days, or even earlier in certain cases. However, visa processing times and standard procedures followed keep changing regularly as per departmental workload. You may check the latest update on processing time required on the official immigration website of Australia.

9. How long is 482 Visa Valid For?

Once the visa has been granted, its holders are permitted to stay and work in Australia between 1 and 4 years, based on the visa stream and nominated occupation. The total valid duration for the visa is generally mentioned in the visa grant notification issued by the immigration office.

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10. What are the Obligations of TSS Visa Holders?

Once the visa has been granted, you would be expected to ensure the following at all times –

  1. Maintain adequate health insurance during your stay in Australia
  2. The primary visa holder is expected to engage in approved work. This refers only to the occupation for which the visa has been approved and only the employer who nominated the position you are working in.If you wish to work in a different occupation, you need to apply for and be granted a new TSS visa.
    • You must immediately notify the Department of Immigration in case of any change in your employment situation. If your approved sponsordecides to terminate your 482 employment, you would be required to find another 482 employer willing to sponsor you (in which case you need to obtain the approval before starting work with the new sponsoring employer), or apply for a different type of visa, or may even be asked to leave Australia within 60 days of your visa grant date.

11. How to Transit from Subclass 482 to Permanent Residency?

If you have been nominated in an MLTSSL occupation, you may be able to transit to PR through 186 visa subclass. This may be possible in certain cases when:

  • You’ve worked for the same sponsoron your TSS visa for a total of three years
  • You’ve worked in the same occupation for three years
  • You have competency in English language(scored at least 6 in all parts of IELTS or secured an equivalent test score)
  • You’ve been paid at least the salary in conformance with your 482 application
  • You are under 45 years of age at the time of lodging your PR visa

Note that a visa nominated in an STSOL occupation does not lead to permanent residency, barring the condition when the applicant falls under the transitional arrangements for those who applied on their behalf or held their 457 visa on or before 18 April 2017.

12. How Can We Help?

Getting a TSS visa to Australia may require undergoing some legal formalities, for which reliable and professional help may be required. Count on us for the best services in the industry at the most competitive market rates. We’d only be too happy to oblige in offering you the required guidance on all visa matters at every step of your journey.

We can also help you guide smoothly from Subclass 482 to permanent residency taking care of all necessary formalities in the process. Try us today!

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