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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring (Authorized) Canada Immigration Consultants


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Anything that is available in plenty makes the choice tough. Same goes with choosing immigration consultants in India for skilled worker.

With the rise in interest of young workers to settle in Canada and become a permanent resident, experienced immigration agents are coming forward to offer visa process assistance.

In such a scenario, you too may often find it difficult to select the best Canada immigration consultant.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring (Authorized) Canada Immigration Consultants

Well, all you have to do is this – look for a regulated Canadian immigration consultant (or someone who is directly or independently associated with ICCRC agent to provide Canada immigration services.

Canada immigration consultant and regulated Canadian immigration consultant may seem a similar term but have a huge difference.

Over any other Canada immigration consultant, a regulated Canada immigration consultancy (ICCRC) have a more significant role to play in your Canada PR visa process.

number of immigrants in canada 2000 to 2018

Who Are Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Consultants?

The ICCRC consultants are an authorized representative to lodge visa application for Canada. These consultants study the immigration law of Canada and file visa application for:

  1. Permanent Residency for Canada (Under Express Entry)
  2. Canadian Work Permit
  3. Temporary Resident Permit
  4. Study Permit
  5. Citizenship by Investment
  6. And provide other Immigration Services

Top 5 Benefits of hiring a regulated Canadian immigration consultant

  1. You get certified and verified visa process: When you apply for Canada immigration process, there are stages where you will need verification help. A sound immigration advice will be required before visa lodgement.
    Hiring a regulated Canadian immigration consultant for visa services will help you seek a certified help in claiming your verification and proceed smoothly with the immigration process.
  2. Services are trusted and true to the fullest: As regulated immigration consultants are directly associated with the immigration law, there is no chance of fraud or scam in their services.
  3. Process is in safe hands: As regulated Canadian immigration consultants are well-aware of what causes an application to get rejected, their assistance will help you experience a safe visa process.
  4. Regular suggestions and updates on process: Regulated Canadian immigration consultants or agents who work with independent IRCC consultants are well-versed with every recent immigration news. You will be able to receive instant updates or suggestions about your visa process.
  5. No hidden costs to be incurred later: One of the most prevailing scams in any industry is hidden costs. Having a regulated immigration consultants in Canada (ICCRC) by your side will help you immigrating to Canada, understand the overall costs of the process, chances of success for your visa before you initiate the process and keep you away from the hidden cost.

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How to find a regulated Canadian immigration consultant?

  • Refer the Regulatory of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants(ICCRC): The first and foremost step to finding a regulated Canadian immigration consultant is to refer the Regulatory of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.
    This list features the list of all registered lawyers and consultants who can represent IRCC or associated with any visa consultant for Canada immigration services.
  • Check the IRCC Accreditation brand name: Regulated consultants of Canada immigration generally accredited the brand they are associated with to provide immigration services.
    Finding out the accreditation will also help you determine the best regulated immigration consultants of Canada.
  • Read online reviews about immigration consultants of Canada: The best way to understand what a consultant can do for you or their authenticity of their services is to read online reviews.
    Canada immigration consultant reviews tell a lot about what people have experienced with the respective consultant and what’s in store for you.
  • Visit them in-person to check their office setup: Every regulated Canadian immigration consultant or any visa agent associated with an independent Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) agent must have a well set-up office.
    They must be willing to welcome clients to their location for a personalized consultation and must have all the basic amenities of an immigration office.
  • Take suggestions from friends or peers: If you already have any friends or relatives who have migrated to Canada with the help of regulated Canada immigration consultant in India, you can seek for their suggestions or references.

Kansas Overseas Careers is an immigration consultant in India who specialises in Canada immigration consultant, under the guidance of regulated immigration consultant(ICCRC). Our services are verified, trusted and aided by independent IRCC agent.

From the first step of the visa process till last stage of immigration, all the documentation procedures are verified by an independent IRCC consultant.

What does a Canadian immigration consultant(ICCRC) do?

  • Assessing your chances of visa for immigration to Canada
  • Analysis profile and suggest relatively best visa options
  • Guide and assistance in preparing applications, paperwork, documents etc.
  • Verify the documents and make them error-free
  • Assist in all facets of Canada immigration (includes Express Entry profile creation, nomination application, sponsorship, medical and PCC guidance, IELTS preparation help and more)

Fees for hiring a Canadian immigration consultant

Canada immigration is very economical in terms of immigration fee and the service charges one has to pay to immigration consultants of Canada.

A reliable consultant will always charge a nominal fee for Canada immigration services. This generally includes their service fee plus a small amount of remuneration for the services they have given.

While the fee differs from consultant to consultant, ideally it is worth of pay between CAD$1500- CAD$3000 to an authorized representatives.

But, before doing so, you have to take a note of the following aspects:

  • Check out their expertise and years of experience in the immigration industry
  • Check out the success rate of the consultant
  • Find out whether they have any miscellaneous services involved in the package

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Ideally, regulated immigration consultants of Canada provide the following services in the range of package mentioned above for immigration application:

  • Creation of Express of Interest (under Federal Skilled Worker program)
  • PNP program (eligibility check and process)
  • Visa process for individual or family
  • Regular update of profile and follow up with consulate
  • After "Invitation to Apply" formalities
  • Assistance in preparation for IELTS
  • Guidance in obtaining PCC and Medical Certificate
  • Post-landing services

Questions Most Asked About Hiring Canadian Immigration Consultants in India

What are the advantages of hiring a Canadian immigration consultant(ICCRC)?

  • Trusted Application
  • Safe Process
  • Lesser chances of rejection
  • Customized checklist of documents
  • Time taken to process is less

Are the services of immigration consultants expensive?

The services of immigration consultants are a one-time investment for lifetime returns. By spending the minimal amount as service fee for Canada immigration, you make your way to a success at the first attempt.

Hence, the services of immigrations are inexpensive and worth the go.

Who are the best Canada immigration consultant in India?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the best immigration consultants in India, especially for Canada immigration services.

With a team of over 100 qualified immigration consultants, we provide efficient and effect visa processing services to professionals and families seeking a Canada PR visa.

Our strength is derived from the additional services we provide along with visa process so as to make your relocation a smooth experience for you.

Having successfully processed over 1500+ immigration visas till date, we are noted among Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India.

Which places do our clients belongs from?

The process to apply for Canada Visa is online. This process provides a lot of flexibility to Kansas to cater to the clients in all parts of India, USA, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, UK etc.

In India, we have offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore/Bengaluru, Chennai, Thane, and Vizag, while we have been serving the clients from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala, Noida, Gurugram /Gurgaon, Bhuvneshwar, etc.

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