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Best UK Global Talent Visa Consultant (Fast Track Process)


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Anusha stands out for in-depth knowledge of Canada, UK and Australia visa process. With 7+years of experience, she adds a lot of worth to the team.

Unlike a standard Canada or Australia PR process, the UK Global talent visa requires a great amount of time and effort. The process includes convincing the reviewer (UK case officer) about your specialization and how will your skills help the UK market.

A personalized effort needs to be made by the consultants to project your application in a way that gets the visa approval.

How does Kansas help you in getting the UK Global Talent Visa?

Since the UK Global Talent visa is a new type of visa, you need thorough guidance in every step. Kansas Overseas provides the following services:

1. Evaluation: Canada and Australia's visa success is dependent on whether you can meet the points-based eligibility.

Whereas, the UK visa success is dependent on whether you are able to represent yourself as a very high skilled individual. Our immigration experts will evaluate your skills and tell you whether you can get this visa or not.

2. Documentation: The paperwork includes:

  1. A personal statement
  2. CV as per UK standard.
  3. Formats of recommendation letters from seniors of your company.
  4. Roles and responsibility etc.

Each of which requires individual attention. We provide support with the entire documentation processing.

3. Dependent Visa Processing: If your spouse and children are eligible, we can arrange their dependent visas too.

4. A-Z assistance: We will give you immigration advice from evaluation to getting settled in the UK with our post-landing services.


1. Why was the Global Talent visa category introduced?

The UK Global Talent visa is the new visa type, introduced after the Brexit-agreement.

  • The Global Talent visa is introduced to attract a highly talented workforce (like scientists and researchers) from all countries.
  • The UK introduced this visa to simplify the immigration of these workers.
  • The visa reduces the restrictions on visa processing.
  • This visa type replaces the UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa.

2. Can you bring dependants under the Global Talent category?

Yes, you can bring dependants under the Global Talent visa category if they meet specified requirements.

The dependent family members (spouse and children below 18 years) will have the work permit UK.

3. How long do Global Talent visa applications take?

Britain government launched this visa to fast track the visa processing of exceptionally talented people (like scientists and researchers).

  • The Tier 1 Exceptionally Talented visa had many restrictions.
  • Hence the visa application processing used to take a lot of time.
  • The new visa will have fewer restrictions and would be issued faster than the Tier 1 visa.

4. Will the Global Talent visa lead to settlement?

Yes, the Global Talent visa facilitates the applicants to settle permanently.

  • After you live with this visa for 3 years in the UK, you can apply for permanent residency.
  • The Permanent Residence is called “Indefinite Leave to Remain” in the UK.
  • The country wants highly talented people to settle in it as easily as possible.

5. What are the eligibility criteria to obtain a Global Talent visa?

To be eligible to get the Global Talent visa, you need to:

  • Be highly talented (researcher level) in your field of study
  • The field of study needs to be one among science,digital technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • You need to have an endorsement from the designated body of the UK before filing an application.
  • This visa is not meant for normal skilled workers.

6. When can you apply for the Global Talent visa?

The applications to the Global Talent visa starts from 20 February 2020.

  • The prime minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, announced that the government is going to launch a fast track visa for the migration of talented minds.
  • This visa would enable talented individuals from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEMs) to fill labour market in the UK.
  • As soon as the UK left the EU, Britain started making arrangements to launch this visa in the place of the previous Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa.

7. How is this visa helpful for immigration to the UK?

The Global Talent visa is very helpful due to the following features:

  • It promotes the migration of highly talented individuals to the UK without a job offer.
  • The visa reduces the number of restrictions on the applicants.
  • It does not ask for a minimum salary requirement.
  • There is no cap or limit to the number of people who can migrate to the UK under this visa.
  • It means that any number of people can enter the UK under this visa per year.
  • After just 3 years of living in the UK, you can apply for "UK Indefinite Leave to Remain."
  • You do not need to pass an official English language test.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. After how many years can I apply for the UK residency if I go with a Global Talent visa?

A: You can apply to UK residency after 3 years of your stay in the country if you go through a Global Talent visa.

2. How many members can go to the UK per year under a Global Talent visa?

A: there is no cap to this visa. That is, there is no limit on the number of persons who can go to the UK per year under Global Talent visa (for Tier 1, exceptional visa, only 2000 applicants could go to the UK per year).

3. Is this visa open to anyone?

A: Yes, people from EU and non-EU nationalities can go to the UK with this visa. The UK announced that this visa is a "Global offer" to anyone with the right amount of skills.

4. Is this visa going to be easier than Tier 1, Exceptionally Talented Visa?

A: Yes, the UK government introduced the Global Talent visa to facilitate faster processing of visas. The Home Office managed the previous visa, and there were scores of restrictions on the interested applicants.

The new visa type will be overseen by the UK Research and Innovation and not the Home Office, thereby decreasing the number of restrictions.

5. Is there a minimum salary requirement to get a Global Talent visa?

A: No, there is not a minimum salary requirement to get a Global Talent visa.

6. Do I need to have a readymade job offer to get the Global Talent visa?

A: No, you do not need a job offer letter to go to the UK through a Global Talent visa.

7. What are the endorsing bodies of the UK Global Talent visa?

A: Tech Nation is the endorsing body of the digital technology stream.

  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is the endorsing body for science and research streams.
  • For the remaining streams, the endorsing bodies would be the same as the Tier 1's, i.e., the Royal Society, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, Tech Nation, and Arts Council England.

8. Can I change organizations after going to the UK with a Global Talent visa?

A: Yes, you can change organizations or companies after going to the UK with Global Talent visa

9. Who comes under the senior appointment route on this visa?

A: Applicants who have accepted a job offer at any recognized UK higher educational institution as a senior group leader, reader, professor, associate professor come under senior appointment route.

10. Can I apply under Tier 1 Exceptional Visa after 20 February 2020?

A: No, you cannot apply under the Tier 1 visa. You need to apply under the Global Talent visa if you want to apply after 20 February 2020.

11. What is the maximum time I can stay in the UK with a Global Talent visa?

A: The Global Talent visa is valid for a maximum period of 5 years.

12. I want to go to the UK for 2 years period. Can I go with a Global Talent visa?

A: The UK Global Talent visa is issued for periods of 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years. So, yes, you can go to the UK for 2 years with Global Talent visa, if you satisfy all its eligibility criteria.

13. Can I collaborate with the business under the Global Talent visa?

A: Yes, you can collaborate with businesses/companies in the UK with a Global Talent visa. It is one of the major advantages of this visa. This was not possible with the Tier-1 Exceptional Talent Visa.

14. Can I go to the UK without giving the English test?

A: Yes, you can go to the UK without giving an official English test with a Global Talent visa. But if the organization that employs or endorses you asks for a test, then you need to take the test and pass it as per the organizations' standards.

15. How many days before the date I want to travel, should I apply for the Global Talent visa?

A: If you get an endorsement, you can file and application for a Global Talent visa 3 months before you travel.

16. Who are the endorsed funders?

A: UK Research and Innovation administer the Endorsed Funders pathway of Global Talent visas. These funders provide fast track endorsements, for specialists and researchers, who get their name in a successful grant application, by a funder who is recognized by the UK.

17. What is STEM?

A: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The Global Talent visa is primarily meant to bring researchers from all across the world to the United Kingdom to continue their research work in the STEM fields.

Which countries or cities do we have our offices in?

Although Kansas has its offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Thane, and Vizag, we do offer services to clients across India and abroad. Our clients belong from Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Kolkata and other cities of India.

We offer our services also to clients based in the USA, UK, Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai, etc.