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Top 5 Reason Why Visa Consultants for Germany Suggest Job Seeker Visa

Germany is as good as Canada and Australia for any skilled worker. In terms of attracting immigrants, it is one of the fastest growing nations.

According to a recently released news by The Times (UK), German population hit a record of 83 million this year.

With an ageing society and a traditionally low fertility rate, the German government majorly relies upon skilled workers for its economic growth and this population increase is a result of a large number of immigrants entering Germany.

Especially in the sectors like IT, healthcare and teaching, immigrant skilled workers are finding highest scope.

This is a graphical representation of how immigrant numbers are increasing in Germany each year:

how immigrant numbers are increasing in Germany each year

However, the only challenge skilled workers face in this country is a non-direct permanent residency.

This means that candidates who are interested to settle in Germany for a long term cannot obtain German permanent residency status directly.

They are required to migrate to Germany on a temporary resident visa, search for a job in Germany, gain German work experience and then apply for a PR status.

Is it easy to get Germany (job seeker) visa?

Germany job seeker visa is indeed easy to obtain, provided that you meet all the requirements well and submit the required documents within the deadlines.

For Indian nationals, obtaining a Germany job seeker visa can lead to flourishing opportunities and abroad and prove a beneficial means of gaining global identity.

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What are the benefits of going in on a Germany job seeker visa?

Here are top 5 Benefits of Job Seeker Visa:

  1. No job constraints to apply – The best aspect of a Germany job seeker is that it does not require a job offer to apply.
  2. No Language Test Required – Unlike the visas of Canada, Australia, etc. you do not require to pass any English language test. This a great benefit for candidates who are unable to score well in the English language.
  3. Work in Strongest Economy – Germany is a country with the strongest economy. Working in the German economy gives you ample opportunities to flourish.
  4. Search for a Job in Germany – This visa gives you a direct access to Germany’s job market. You can personally visit offices, interact with employers, attend interviews and explore opportunities that best suit your profile.
  5. Explore the nation for 6 months – While you are given an entry to seek a job in Germany through this visa, you are allowed to enjoy all travel rights.
    You can visit famous places, experience sight-seeing and shop/eat at places of your choice. You are allowed all visitor and job hunt rights till 6 months.

Who can apply for Germany job seeker visa?

Alike any visa, the Germany job seeker visa requires you to meet certain criteria before applying.

  1. You must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher from a University equivalent to German standards.
  2. You must possess at least 5 years of work experience in an occupation related to your field of study (the occupation must be listed in Germany’s high demand list).
  3. You must have a travel or medical insurance that covers your stay in Germany until your work permit is approved.
  4. You must be able to prove your financial stable with sufficient funds (to manage stay in Germany till you find a job).

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What is the process of applying for a Germany job seeker visa?

5 Steps to get a Germany Job Seeker Visa in India

What is the visa fee for Germany?

The process of Germany job seeker visa involves fees that is to be paid at different stages.

Here is the detailed information of the fees (in INR), when it is to be paid and why:

Stage 1: Document Verification Fees

Before you apply for a visa, you are required to pass your documents through a verification process. This verification is conducted by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

You’re educational and occupation credentials are verified during this stage.

Fees: INR 30,000

Stage 2: Visa Fees

This fee is to be paid the German Embassy. This visa may increase or decrease from time to time. Hence, applicants interested to move to Germany must stay updated about the latest Germany visa fee.

Another alternative is to get the visa processed under expert guidance. Any rule changes or updates are well-known to consultants immediately after they are made official by respective authorities.

Fees: INR 5,800

Stage 3: Insurance

You are required to undertake a travel or medical insurance of approx. 6 months. The cost of this varies depending upon the scheme you select.

This is asked so as to ensure that you are not a financial burden to the Germany economy.

Stage 4: Fund Maintenance

You are also required to have a stable fund maintenance so as to prove that you can stay in Germany without any dependency on the German government.

Approx. Funds Required: INR 3,17,152.64 (4000€)

Besides these, there may be several miscellaneous fees that may be applicable.

How can you get German visa fast?

Though the standard procedure of applying for a Germany job seeker visa cannot change, you can speed up the paperwork by the help of a Germany visa consultant in Hyderabad.

Visa consultants in Hyderabad know exactly what it takes to file a visa the right way and overcome any challenges that may arise during the visa process.

Approaching a visa consultant for the process not only saves time but also helps you in completing all steps of the process in a timely manner.

From assessment of your profile to final documentation, our Germany job seeker visa consultants in India take care of everything.

You can reach out to our consultants toll free on 1800-102-0109 or visit our office nearest to you in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Thane.

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