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  • I got in touch with Kansas through Mohsin. He called me up and offered to help me in getting a Canadian visa. I was not thrilled in the beginning. But I said, "Yes".
    I have been very lucky to have been appointed Nagraj as my consultant. Nagraj is a very smart person. He knows how much effort needs to be given in all areas. He guided me in the process of the visa and also helped me prepare the required legal documents. He went to the extent of providing me a format of a legal letter to be printed on a stamp paper. I believe that this is what gives Nagraj a professional edge over his competitors. He takes care of all the big and little things.

    Nagraj told me that I will be getting my visa within April 2016 and he was absolutely spot on! He predicted very accurately. I got my PR visa by mid-April. I believe that Nagraj knows the workings of Canadian High Commission too well.

    Kansas should be proud of having a team of Mohsin and Nagraj to take them ahead of the competition. Kansas has also even promised to help me find a job and accommodation in Canada, which I'm very excited about.

    Navmeet Singh - India

  • The Case Officer is efficient, professional and helpful at all times. With Swathi's help and efforts I was able to get the Australia visa within 8 months. I appreciate all the support extended to me during the application stage and I would definitely recommend Swathi and Kansas (by extension) to my colleagues for the great services provided by her!

    Ad***a Na**k - Hyderabad

  • So far the journey is fantastic. I take this opportunity thank you Kansas team and specially my process consultant, I appreciate the way you guys explain about the process and documents required, you guys patience in handling clients. Keep it up, you guys doing great job. Thanking you.

    Manj***** Re*** - Delhi

  • I got my passport stamped, thanks for the effort you guys had put into guide us on every point during this whole process.

    Thanks Again

    Mr.Ga***v Maha***n - Delhi

  • So Far So Good. Thanks for your help and keep going.-Mr.N.R*** A***

    Mr.N.R*** A*** - Hyderabad

  • I would rate him (Case Officer) 10/10-Mr. C***** K****

    Mr. C***** K**** - Hyderabad

  • Kansas has been so professional, with well experienced and qualified employees, who have actively responsive for any queries. Kansas makes the process easiest.-Mr. R**** S****

    Mr. R**** S**** - Haryana

  • My experience with Kansas was good. Very helpful in guiding for the process in a systematic and orderly way, each and every step is informed to me. The service done by your consultancy is excellent.-Mr.D**** P*****

    Mr.D**** P***** - Hyderabad

  • Every time the process team and case officers is trying to resolve all my queries . I just want to give one advice that try to open one more branch in North Zone (especially in New Delhi)-Mr.F****** J***

    Mr.F****** J*** - New Delhi

  • Helpful and aware.Nice work-S***** G*****

    S***** G***** - Hyderabad

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