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A Simple Guide To Apply For Canada Visit Visa in 2020 {+ Document Checklist}

Canada is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Generally, people travel to Canada for tourism purposes, business-related activities or to meet their friends or relatives.

For traveling to Canada for the above reasons, a visit visa is mandatory. Before you apply, you need to know a few important facts of Canada's visit visa.

Applying for a Canadian Visit Visa from India

1. What is a visit visa for Canada?

The Canadian tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa. It is usually granted for a period of 6months, however, it also is approved for 10years in certain cases.

The applicants do not receive any healthcare or benefits that citizens of Canada get.

2. What Is the Visa Officer Looking for?

Besides the necessary documentation stating your financial stability and the purpose of the visit, the visa officer is only really looking for the answer to one question:

Whether the visa applicant will return to their home country?

There are many people who, once they get the license to enter Canada, do not leave. This has made the embassy or consulate overly cautious now.

3. Is it easy to get a visitor visa in Canada?

Obtaining a visitor visa for Canada is easy as long as you can prove strong home ties. Which means that you need to demonstrate that you have high earning in India, family dependents, property or assets etc.

4. What is the cost of the Canada visa fee?

The fee for a single or multiple entry visa is C$100. If you are applying as a family, the maximum fee is C$500.

5. What is the Canada visitor visa processing time?

The processing time for India for the tourist visa of Canada is 2weeks time.

6. How much money do you need to show for Canada tourist visa?

The funds for a single applicant should be over 3.54lakhs (INR). However, the fund's requirements vary depending on the number of days or months, you are planning to stay in Canada

7. What are the documents required to apply for a Canada tourist visa from India?

The basic documents that are required to apply for a visitor visa are:

What are the documents required to apply for a Canada tourist visa from India?
  • A valid passport.
  • The completely filled and signed the Canada visa application form.
  • Two recent passport size photos, sized 35mm x 45mm, with sufficient face coverage and white background.
  • Original covering letter from the applicant on company letterhead mentioning their name, designation, purpose, and duration of the visit.
  • The letter should be signed by authorized personnel and must include the company stamp to be valid.
  • Bank statement showing transactions of the past 6 months, with copies of the applicant’s credit card, traveller’s check, fixed deposits, property paper, and Occupational Viability.
  • Proof of employment like Salary Slip or Appointment Letter.
  • Birth Certificate

Check Your Eligibility - Visit Visa

What is the reason for your visit?*

What is your current employment status? *

Do you have any sponsor from the country you intend to visit? *

Do you have enough funds to support your stay abroad?*

Do you have Income Tax returns of the past 3 years?*

8. How can you apply for a Canada tourist visa from India?

The step by step process to apply for a Canadian visit visa are:

  1. Determine your application method: The first step of the visitor visa application is deciding whether to apply online or on paper.

    If you decide to apply on paper (India), download the application form from the Canadian Government’s website.

  2. Fill out the application form: Fill out the visitor visa application form. Make sure to read the instructions and fill out the form carefully.

    Incorrect or missing information may cause your application to be rejected.

  3. Pay the processing fee: This is the expense of your visa application. You can pay the fee through a bank transfer or a certifiable check.

    Keep up-to-date about the latest visa processing fee through the Canadian visa website.

  4. Necessary Documents Submission: If you applied on paper, you have to visit the nearest Canada Visa application centre (VFS office) to submit your photographs, travel permits, and all other supporting documents for a visitor visa.
  5. If you applied online, you can attach all your supporting documents online and don’t have to go through the hassle anymore. You will also be asked to submit your biometrics.
  6. Submit the Application: Turn in the completed application to the application centre and your work is done. You will be given a receipt that contains the unique following number that you will need to track the status of your application on the web.
  7. Online applicants are already given this number when they submit their application online.
  8. Wait for the Results: There is nothing more you can do. Keep checking your application’s status with tracking number provided by Canada visa application centre and be patient.

    Applicants usually hear back in approximately a month after applying.

The application process for any visa is a cumbersome process. There are a lot of details that you need to know about, and some technical and legal terms that you might be unfamiliar with.

It is suggested that you take the help of competent visa consultants, like Kansas Overseas Careers, if you want to improve your chances of success.

9. What are the Canada tourist visa eligibility criteria?

You are healthy and fit to travel

  • You have the finances to travel to Canada and back
  • You have a sound job and family ties that will require you to come back
  • You will not overstay the specified duration of your visit
  • You will leave Canada by the expiry of the visa
  • You will not undertake employment in Canada
  • You have no criminal records
  • You swear to abide by the laws of Canada
  • You do not pose a threat to anybody

10. What Can You Do to Strengthen Your Application?

If you do everything by the book, had responsibly completed and submitted all your relevant documents, had a sound bank account to show, and held no criminal records, and then there can only be one reason for the rejection; you were unable to persuade the visa officers that you will return to India.

It is strongly advised to hire the best Canada immigration consultants so you can minimize the risk of your visa getting rejected. Applying again takes time, and you have to pay the visa application fee again.

What can you do to turn that rejection around and get the result that you were hoping for? Here are some ways you can strengthen your visa, allay the officer's reservations, and get that visit visa you need.

Convince Them That You Intend to Come Back to India

The rejection rate for Indian nationals, or any other developing nations, applicants has gone up.

This is primarily because they are the most likely to violate the permit and extend their stay even when their visa expires.

If you can manage to convince them that you will be heading back to your country after the specified time, it will increase your chances tenfold, of being successful.

Bring along proof of work, property, and family to show them that you have responsibilities here that you will need to tend to and you can’t afford to stay away from it too long.

Carry Additional Documents to the Ones Specified by IRCC

Bring additional documents that prove your connection to your home country. Include lease agreements, and detailed employment letters that state the role of your employment, and the expected arrival date back at work.

This would strengthen their belief that you do, in fact, intend to come back home.

Include an Affidavit:

An affidavit by your friend or family claiming that you have a reason to come back to India can make your application more substantial.

There are repercussions for the people swearing on an affidavit if it turns out to be false; thus it holds a lot more credibility than a simple letter.

Incorporate an Invitation Letter:

An invitation letter from a friend or acquaintance in Canada, inviting you to visit, stating the purpose of your visit, the duration of your stay and a promise to provide you with food and lodging will help.

This will put to rest their fears of you not having the resources to afford food and housing in Canada, which is another reason for application getting rejected.

Is there any visa waiver program for Indians for Canada?

Currently, there is no visa waiver program

Are You Interested in Applying for a Canadian Visit Visa?

If you have any plans of applying for a Canadian visit visa, keep the details mentioned above in mind. It is recommended to visit consultants who are well-versed and experienced in the visa application process for Indian applicants.

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