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The 7 Aspects of the UK Global Talent Visa (+Process Time)

The UK government accepts applications to Global Talent Visa from 20th February 2020.

This UK visa enables exceptionally talented individuals to migrate to the UK even without a job offer.

The Global Talent Visa is the Fast Track Visa for the immigration of highly skilled workers

1. What is the Global Talent Visa processing time?

The Global Talent Visa processing time is between 4 to 8 weeks.

The GTV processes the visas faster than the Tier-1 Exceptional Talent Visa.

2. What are endorsements?

  • The UK government issued the authority to certain organizations to endorse highly skilled visa applicants.
  • These organizations issue endorsements to skilled labour.
  • The endorsements are given to enhance a specific sector with the talent of these people.
  • The endorsements are valid for 3 months from the date they are issued.

3. How to settle in the UK as permanent residents with GTV?

  • You and your family can settle as permanent residents in the UK with a Global Talent Visa.
  • Foreign nationals can apply for the UK "Indefinite Leave to Remain" after living in the country for 3 years.
  • If you are a scientist or a researcher, who has an official work permit in other countries, that time in other countries will not be deducted from this period.

4. What are the eligibility criteria to get a Global Talent Visa?

The below list gives the eligibility criteria to get the Global Talent Visa:

  • You have to be either highly talented or have highly promising talent to get a Global Talent Visa.
  • Highly talented people are those who have already proved that they are exceptional in their occupations.
  • Highly promising candidates are those who show that they have the potential of talent in their occupations in their post-secondary institutions.
  • The occupations of your expertise could be science and research, engineering, tech talent, etc.

5. Who issue the endorsements to the highly talented individuals?

Endorsements are necessary to get the Global Talent Visa.

The UK government has given the below institutions to endorse individuals from different fields:

  • Tech nation-digital technology
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) - science and research
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering-Engineering
  • The British Academy- Humanities and Social science
  • The Royal Society- Natural and Medical sciences
  • Arts Council England- Arts, Culture, Fashion, Architecture, Film, and Television

6. What are the benefits of the Global Talent Visa?

There are several benefits of the Global Talent Visa:

  • You do not need to have a job offer in hand to get the Global Talent Visa.
  • Your dependents will be given work permits and full access to the labor market (if they fulfill all the requirements).
  • Your dependents can thus seek employment while they are in the UK with you.
  • You can shift companies, move between different locations, and change employers with this visa.
  • You can collaborate with businesses and startups, which was impossible with the previous visa type.
  • The visa type has no cap or limit to the number of foreign people coming to the UK per year.
  • The UK immigration rules have become far less strict than the Tier-1 Visa for foreign immigrants.
  • Foreign nationals can get permanent residency after staying for 3 years in the UK. Thus this visa promotes immigration too.

7. In how many ways can I go to the UK with GTV?

There are 4 routes under which you can go to the UK with the Global Talent Visa. They are:

  • Senior appointments- under this program, professors, readers, associate professors, senior group leaders, or employees with such posts in UK higher education institutes or research facilities can go.
  • Fellowships- fast track endorsements will be given under this program, to individuals who got fellowships from the approved institutes of the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and Royal Society.
  • Endorsed funders- under this program, those individuals whose name or employment title is given in any grant that is given by a recognized funder can go to the UK.
    • The person applying must have an employment or invitation or a job offer from a recognized research institute.
    • There are 21 endorsed funders right now, and the government may update their list from time to time.
  • Peer-review- under this program, the visa is given to applicants who successfully submit an application to the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, or The Royal Society for review.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, your spouse can file work permit applications and get a work permit (if they fulfill all the requirements).

Yes, the dependents of foreign nationals will have access to the full labour market in the UK. They can work for any employers with this short-term work visa. They can even work under temporary foreign worker programs if they satisfy the requirements of the employers.

Yes, foreign nationals can collaborate with UK employers and start-up businesses if they come with a Global Talent Visa.

Yes, the new Global Talent Visa is points-based one, just like the work visa systems in Australia and Canada.

Yes, immigration programs are seeking exceptionally talented people in many foreign nationals like Canada and Australia. The Australian and Canadian employers want the immigration of highly skilled labour to their countries.

Both the UK migration system and the Canadian system are unique in their way. For better understanding, you can ask an immigration lawyer in reputed law firms. But you need to search the best immigration solicitors to get exact information about the immigration laws.