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Top 7 Facts Of South Africa Critical Skills Visa

South Africa is one of the key players in the economic boom of Africa. This economic development has created a demand for skilled workers in the country.

If you wish to participate in the economic boom of this one of the significant job seeker visa countries, the Critical Skills Work Visa is your gateway to the country.

The Top 7 facts of this visa are

1. What is the South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa?

The Critical Skills Visa of South Africa is aimed towards attracted skilled workers and professionals towards the country whose occupation falls under the critical shortage occupations list.

This job seeker visa allows foreign workers to migrate to South Africa and search for a job. The applicant can convert the visa into a work permit once they find a job.

2. What is the processing time for the Critical Skills Visa?

The processing time for the Critical Skills visa can take between 30-40 days, depending upon the place of application.

3. What is the Fees involved in Applying for a Critical Skills Visa?

You need to pay an application fee of Rs. 1520 to apply for a South African Critical Skills Visa. You might have to incur an additional biometrics fee, depending upon your nationality and the country you are applying from.

4. What are the Documents Required for Applying for South African Critical Skills Visa?

You will require to prepare and submit the following set of documents while applying for a Critical Skills Visa application.

1. Passport and Travel History

Your passport is a travel document which allows you to travel overseas and abroad. You need to submit your passport details which include your passport number, date of issue, expiry period, place of issue etc.

Further, you also require to submit the details of our past and previous travels abroad. This includes providing a copy of all your valid and expired visas.

We recommend you to scan all the pages of your passport while making an application for a temporary visa under Critical Skills Visa.

2. Educational Credentials and Qualifications

You will also need to provide evidence of your educational credentials and qualifications. This includes submitting your high school diplomas, degrees, transcripts, certificates, etc. which were awarded to you during your education.

You might need to translate and submit certified copy/copies of your educational qualification documents into English or another acceptable language in case your documents are in your regional language.

3. Professional Credentials

As you are applying for a temporary visa to work in South Africa under the critical shortage occupations list, you need to prove your professional and employment credentials under the applied field.

You can submit the following documents as evidence of your professional credentials:

  • Reference letters from your current and previous employers.
  • Experience letters from your current and previous employers.
  • Appointment letters issued by your current and previous employers.
  • Relieving letter issued by your previous employers.
  • Recent payslips or salary slips.
  • Proof of membership with a professional organisation.

4. Documentation Proving Identity and Civil Status

These documents help in determining your identity and civil status in your native country.

You can submit the following government-issued documents along with your application for critical skills visa:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhar Card

However, we recommend to submit you to submit your passport as it is a mandatory document and the most recognised government-issued document all over the world.

5. Recent Medical Reports

You will also be required to undergo a medical test to determine your health and fitness.

This medical test also ensures that you do not pose any medical threat in South Africa, and you are in good enough health to fulfil the jobs, roles and responsibilities in your field.

You will be required to undergo blood tests, X-rays, eye check-ups, medical tests testing for STD and venereal disease etc. at an approved hospital or pathological testing centres as listed by the immigration authorities of South Africa.

6. Police Clearance Certificate

This document helps the immigration office to ensure that you have not been involved or convicted in any criminal or terrorism-related activities in your native country.

You also might require to obtain a police clearance certificate from each country you might have resided in for more than six months.

This certificate cannot be more than six months older than your date of application and also should have your latest photograph attached as well.

7. Other Supporting Documents

You will also be required to submit the following supporting documents to apply for your temporary residence visa under the Critical Skills Visa:

  • A duly filled online form. Please note that hand-filled forms will not be accepted.
  • Marriage certificate proving the spousal relationship in case you are planning to immigrate with your spouse.
  • Birth certificate or any other government-issued documents which contain the name of the parents can be submitted in case you are planning to immigrate with your dependent children.
  • Proof of Payment of visa application fees.

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5. What is the List of Skills Under The Critical Shortage Occupations List?

  • Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Scientist and Forestry Technician.
  • Sheep Shearer.
  • Architect, Construction Project Manager, Land Surveyor, Quantity Supervisor, Urban and Regional Planner.
  • Actuaries and Risk Assessors, Corporate General Managers, External Auditors, Financial Investment Advisor.
  • Information Technology and Communication Specialist Which Includes CISCO Solutions, Specialist, Integrated Developers, IT Security Specialist, Enterprise Architecture, Network Specialist, Microsoft Systems Engineers, Anti-Virus Specialist, Desktop Support Engineer, Etc.
  • Engineers in The Field Of Energy, Metallurgy, Civil And Electrical Engineering, Geologist, Productions and Operations, Mining, Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Quality Control and Assurance, Research and Development, Telecommunications, etc.
  • Engineering technicians such as fitters, turners, metal fabricators, welders, diesel mechanic, air conditioning and mechanical services plumbing, energy engineering, ship engineering, etc.
  • Engineering technologist in electrical engineering, technological engineering, metallurgical engineering, mining engineering, electronics engineering, etc.
  • Healthcare and clinical sciences professionals such as physicians, general and specialist medical practitioners, nursing professionals, pharmacist, veterinarian, etc.
  • Life and Earth Sciences specialist such as environmental engineers and managers, archaeologist and paleontological specialist, biochemist, geochemist, food scientist, chemical scientist, ecological scientist, botanical scientist, etc.
  • Professionals such as land and engineering surveyors, material engineering technologist, draughtsperson, mechanical engineering technicians, civil engineering technicians, aeronautical engineers, solar physicist, radio frequency engineering, astronomer, etc.
  • Tradespersons such as millwright, pipefitter, riggers, moulders, raise-bore operators and foreman, boilermakers, welders, boilermakers etc.
  • Business Process Outsourcing professionals
  • Academics and Researchers in various fields
  • Post-Graduates in various fields

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6. What are the other facts of South Africa CSW visa?

The visa also acts as a job search visa. This means you can stay and find jobs in South Africa till a period of 12-months.

You need to find a job within this validity of the visa, and once you find a job, you need to convert it into a 5-year South Africa Work Permit.

You can bypass the tedious labour certification process which is required for a General South African Work Permit.

Before you apply for a Critical Skills Work Visa, ensure that there is a demand for your profession in the South African job and labour market, and your job skills are listed in critical shortage occupations skills list.

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