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With Hyderabad being home to many consultants, it can be difficult to find the best immigration consultant. However, there are a few basic requirements that all consultants should have to provide for the best possible services.

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Canada is a dream destination for many. It has the best weather all-year-round and it is also the friendliest country when it comes to cultural and racial diversity. Canada Immigration is in every skill worker’s mind today.

When you choose a good PR consultant, 96% of the load is taken-off of you! And this makes it extremely important that you choose the Best Immigration Consultant In Hyderabad - someone who is trustworthy and well-experienced in the visa and immigration sector.

Is a Consultant required for Canada Immigration?



Consultants who offer paid visas and other services are required to be an associated member (or tied up with them) of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). IRCC is the Canadian department that handles all the legal processes worldwide for Visa to Canada.

It is always best to choose a registered IRCC agent.

Who is an Independent IRCC Agent?

IRCC or the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is the Canadian Federal Department managing immigrants entry, protection of refugees, and new Canadian settlement activities.

An Independent IRCC Agent is an experienced professional who holds a license from the IRCC to support and verify Canada Immigration applications.

Advantages of working with a registered IRCC agent

  • The immigration agent is authorized and licensed to help you with the entire process.
  • The agent is updated with the current laws governing the visa process to Canada.
  • The agent can provide end-to-end process guidance as well as help you with the best practices.
  • The documents are scrutinized by the agent to make sure they conform to the norms.

Consultants, with years of experience, offer verified guidance to candidates.

How much do Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad charge?


On an average, the cost varies from 49,000 Indian Rupees to 1,50,000 Indian Rupees. The fee varies depending on the brand you enroll with. A consultant with over a decade of experience may charge around 80,000INR - 1,50,000INR, whereas a start-up consultant may charge a few thousand rupees.

It is important to choose a consultant that provides quality services and is authorized.

How many points are required for Canada PR 2020?

The minimum points required to qualify for the Canada PR is 67points out of 100. Bur scoring 67points will only help you to lodge the application under the Express Entry program. To get the PR visa successfully, you need to get over 470+ points under the CRS system.

Can I get assistance in resume writing and IELTS exam services?

When applying for a visa, you might need some additional services to make your application more eligible for Canada. This might involve resume writing, IELTS exam, and many more. Running around to different places for each part of the process might be time-consuming. You should ideally look for a consultancy which can offer all the services under one roof.

Look at the services offered by Kansas.

How to choose the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad?

Here are 8 tips to help you out:

How do you know the reputation of a consultation company?

The ability of a company to process your application effectively depends on the following factors.

  • Date of establishment, clients served, and success rate
  • Feedback of the company on social platforms
  • Locations of office.

A well-established company has more experience serving customers. It has a good idea of what kinds of applications have the most success rate, which is the best time to apply for a visa.

Companies with good feedback generally mean that people were satisfied with the services of the company. It means that the counselors were helpful, and the process, error-free.

Consultancies with multiple offices can provide you with the convenience of availing their services from the nearest location to wherever you are. A consultancy with multiple offices also means that it is well-established and has so many customers trusting their services.

Which is the Best Canada Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad?

Kansas is recognized as one of the prime immigration service providers in the country. Our mission is to provide honest, competent, and result-oriented immigration services through effective consultation and visa processing.

We aspire to expand the scope of our services by offering an integrated approach to counsel and create opportunities for those aiming for flourishing career prospects overseas.

Is there a Refund Policy at Kansas Overseas?

Consultancies that ask you to pay the entire fee upfront without any refund policy are looking for your money. They are not even confident with their own services. There might be some rare cases where the visa and immigration authorities reject your application despite your best efforts. A good consultancy company would subtract the charges incurred and reimburse you for the rest of the money. Make sure to take a look at the refund policy to find out which company is the most confident with the services it provides.

Why Kansas? What makes us good?

Why is Kansas Overseas Careers the Best Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad?

Google reviews of Kansas Overseas Careers claim us to be a top-rated and best immigration consultancy in Hyderabad.

This is primarily because of the fact that we are a registered immigration services provider offering services under the guidance of an independent IRCC agent.

All the immigration process is done in Hyderabad and other locations of Kansas Overseas are authentic and approved by the Independent IRCC agent.

Why People Choose us as their Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad over Self-Application?

Factors On Self Application With Our Immigration Consultants
Determine Visa Pathways Finding a visa pathway for your profile needs a lot of research and patience. We scrutinize your profile and suggest multiple pathways for Canadian permanent residence.
Calculate Points Though online calculating tools may be quick, but chances remain of not updating the changes. Abiding the latest immigration laws, we determine your score with our real-time points calculator.
Gain Knowledge of the Process Through online, information cannot be found easily. Need to browse on various sources. With a personal approach, we help your process from initial to final stage.
Verified Documentation No online tool can verify and check your documents acceptance level. We verify every document of yours and update every immigration change.
Notary and Related Services Process is often delayed due to lack of knowledge. We boost your visa process by never missing any submission deadline.


Did you know?

Each year over 3 lakh people migrate to Canada from all over the world. The recent data of Canada Immigration shows that a majority of migrants come from India.

With the demand for skilled workers increasing in Canada, especially for Indians, Canada Immigration has become more prominent among Indian professionals.

At Kansas Overseas Careers, we help such aspirants to find pathways that lead them to settle in Canada easily under permanent residence schemes and enjoy benefits similar to the Canadian citizens.

Having been in the Immigration and Visa Service for years, Kansas Overseas Careers has pioneered as the best immigration consultant for Canada and Australia visa process.

Our expertise is strong and our visa services are supported by an independent ICCRC agent.

How can Kansas assist with your Canada PR visa application from Hyderabad?


Kansas is a leading Canada Immigration Consultant in the city. Our dedicated process team (in Begumpet Branch) creates the maximum possibilities for every application we handle.

Below are the services we offer in 2020.

Top 4 Immigration Services That Increases Your Visa Chances in 2020


Kansas Overseas Career is the best Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad with our glorious years of experience and 98% success rate. And guess what? We have our branches in Bangalore, Mumbai, Vizag and Chennai as well! Our experts are waiting to fulfil your dream to migrate to Canada!

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