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How to Get Australia Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)?

Learn about the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa, SubClass 190 is a state-sponsored visa where the state nominates the candidate.

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The skilled nominated visa is for the skilled workforce that Australia requires. The subclass 190 is a point-based visa where the person needs to score at least 65 points. The permanent residency as such is provided once the person gets a skilled nominated subclass by a state Government and meets the eligibility criteria required.

The eligible skilled occupation holders need to qualify under other categories in order to get a skilled nominated work visa. It is important to understand that a skilled nominated visa is much different from a skilled independent visa. To understand what a skilled nominated visa can be acquired, read on.

Eligibility to Apply for Australian Subclass 190 Visa?

The following list shows the eligibility criteria for those who can apply for the subclass 190 visa application. While this is a specific category, many will qualify in this section. 

  • Comes from an occupation under the 190 subclass visa nomination occupation list
  • Suitable skill assessment of the occupation is possible.
  • As of June 2020, they should score at least 65 points.
  • A state or an Australian territory nominates the person.
  • Lodge an EOI and gets an invite to apply
  • Age falls between 18 and 44
  • You have competent English.
  • One who meets health and character requirements

Points table for Australian Subclass 190 Visa

Points criteria are assessed at the time of invitation.

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Documents Required for an Australian Subclass 190 Visa

Once you receive a state nomination for visa subclass 190 meant for skilled workers, you need to submit a set of documents within 60 days. Prior to that, too, there would be some documentation requirements. Here is a list of all documents required. 

  • Your identity proof
  • A report by a recognized assessing authority that assesses your skill
  • Your proof of age certificate, namely, passport or birth certification
  • IELTS or PTE test results to assess your ability to communicate in English.
  • Two, color, most recent, passport size photographs
  • Educational qualification degree
  • Skilled employment documents
  • Australian study requirement document
  • Partner skills

Documents that show your relationship status

  • In case you are married, provide a copy of your marriage certificate. 
  • If in a de-facto relationship, a document to prove you have been in the relationship for the last 12 months. 
  • If divorced/widowed, proof of divorce certificate or death certificate of the spouse.
    • Health and Character documents
    • Essential application form
    • Employment reference letters
    • There can be more documents asked by the immigration department.

How to Apply for an Australian Subclass 190 Visa?

How Much Does an Australian Subclass 190 Visa Cost?

The cost of processing a Subclass 190 visa may change from time to time without much intimidation. The current fees are given below. 


Fees in AUD

Main Visa Applicant


Additional Applicant (More than 18 years)


Additional Applicant (Less than 18 years)



There can be some additional fees over and above these fees. Here is a list of the expenses that can cost you more. 

  • Medical Examination
  • Police Check
  • Spouse’s English Proficiency improvement

Processing Time for an Australian Subclass 190

Processing Time for an Australian Subclass 190 Under the State Nomination Program:

The Australian visa processing time depends on the time of completion of all the steps mentioned above. 

  • 75% of the visa application is processed within seven months
  • 90% of the visa applications may take nine months

Factors that affect the processing time of your visa:

Certain factors that can differ the processing time of the subclass 190 visa’s state nomination:

  • The number of visa application that the Government received
  • Preparing application on your behalf, for review
  • Missing documents.
  • An inquiry conducted on you for any reason.
  • The time you need to be ready with all the documents

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