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How to get Australia Skilled Nominated Visa (Sub Class 190)?

Australian Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 allows skilled workers to immigrate to Australia if they are nominated by a state in the country.

This visa is typically based on skills possessed by the immigrants and works on a points-based system. It is a kind of state-sponsored visa.

Skilled Area Sponsored Visa -190 subclass - Australia

How to get Australia Skilled Nomination Visa?

how to get australia skilled nomination visa

Choosing any of the nomination programs is not that difficult as it seems.

Follow these easy steps that would guide you to choose the right state for you.

  1. Check if your job profile or occupation is listed in the list of occupations in demand for the general skilled migration to that particular state.
  2. Submit an EOI or Expression of Interest to DIBP once you confirm that your job profile is listed in the demanding occupations list to fulfill the shortage of labour.
  3. EOI or Expression of Interest is to be submitted online via the SkillSelect program.
  4. While submitting the EOI, make sure that you mention the territory or state of Australia which you are willing to get nominated from.
  5. If your profile is selected, you'll be provided an Invitation to Apply.
  6. When you submit EOI, your approval for the state for which you showed interest is subject to:
    • Occupation demand of the job profile in that state
    • Occupation ceiling of the job in that state
  7. When you receive your Invitation to Apply, you will have 60 days’ time to apply for the Australia permanent residence.

How long does it take for the Australia Visa Subclass 190 to process?

Department of Immigration and Border Protection process all the Visa Subclass 190 visas.

The general processing time varies from application to application.

  • 75 % of the applications take 5 months to process
  • 90 % of the applications take 8 months for processing

However, these periods are approximate and can vary on several factors like:

  1. The number of visa applications received by the government
  2. The simplicity as well as the complexity of your Subclass 190 Visa
  3. Delaying of procedure in case any documents are missing from the list
  4. Immigration officials conducting any inquiries

Eligibility criteria to apply for a skilled nominated visa (subclass 190)?

Meeting all the eligibility criteria is a must when it comes to applying for the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190).

Below are the eligibility requirements that you must consider and check if you meet them or not.

1. Check if the occupation for which you are nominated falls under the CSOL of Australia:

The primary essential thing is to check if your nominated occupation is listed in the Consolidated Occupational List of Australia.

This is a list that consists of several occupations that make for the requirement in the economy of Australia in order to fulfill labour gaps in the labour market of the country.

2. Score minimum points according to the eligibility requirements:

Australia immigration points test is conducted to check your score based on which your eligibility is decided. You have to score a minimum of 65 skilled migration points based on several factors like educational qualifications, age, skills, work experience, etc.

3. Your skill assessment report must be positive:

The Australia immigration authority in charge conducts a skill assessment report based on how your profile is based on your nomination.

For proceeding further in the visa application, the skill assessment report that you receive has to be positive.

4. A territory or state agency should nominate you:

Since the Visa Subclass 190 visa is a kind of state nominated visa, a state or territory of Australia needs to provide you with a nomination.

The applicant possessing a high score for the Australia migration is eligible for the nomination.

5. Other eligibility requirements:

Other than these eligibility requirements, there are still more eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled by you, which are as much as important as the others.

1. Age: Your age should not be over 45 years when you apply for the visa.

2. Language Requirements: To get the Australian Permanent Residency, you must check if you meet the English language requirements, and if you are competent enough or not. You must have a good score in IELTS that determines your English language abilities.

3. Working experience: You must be possessing a minimum of 2 years of work experience in your area of expertise. Also, your work experience must be in a similar field to the occupation for which you get nominated.

4. Educational qualification: You should be a holder of a graduate degree, which has an equivalent value according to the Australian qualification standards.

5. Character: When you apply for the visa, you have to submit proof that you possess good moral character and behavior. You also have to submit a police certificate for each country you've resided in your past 10 years.

6. Health examination:

Your family and you, irrespective of them accompanying you to Australia, have to undergo health and medical tests.

7. Cancelled visa:

In case your visa got refused or cancelled by the Australian government when you were residing in the country, then you wouldn't be allowed to apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190.

8. Debts:

In case you have any debts to the government of Australia, you must have cleared them out or arranged the amount for repaying.

Different state nomination programs in Australia

There are 8 different state nomination programs that you can choose from.

  1. Canberra Nomination Program
  2. New South Wales Nomination Program
  3. Northern Territory Nomination Program
  4. Queensland Nomination Program
  5. South Australia Nomination Program
  6. Tasmania Nomination Program
  7. Victoria Nomination Program
  8. Western Australia Nomination Program

Can I move from the state that nominated me to other states after going to Australia?

Once you receive the Visa Subclass 190 visa, you must stay in any of these states that have nominated you for a minimum of 2 years span. Once you complete this duration, you can shift to whichever place you want in the country.

Although it is not mandatory for you to accomplish this, doing so will make an impact on your ethical behaviour and duty towards the territory that provided you with a nomination.

More facts about Subclass-190 visa of Australia

If you are willing to live and work in Australia permanently, you must receive sponsorship or nomination from any Australian territory.

Here are the other important things that you need to know about Australian Subclass-190 visa:

  • To be the Australia permanent resident Visa holder, you have to score a minimum of 65 points and be eligible to apply for a permanent visa.
  • The Visa Subclass 190 is for the skilled workers and trades possessing specific skills and getting nominated by a state.
  • A skilled worker having his or her occupation listed in the occupations demand list according to the Australia labour market is eligible.
  • In case you want to apply for the 190 Visa Australia, the first and foremost step you have to do is choose an occupation that suits you the best.
  • The occupation you choose has to be listed in the occupations demand list of Australia.
  • Once the choice of your occupation is made, you have to submit an Expression of Interest, or EOI via a program called SkillSelect.
  • This online application procedure will aid in the confirmation of the visa you will receive the state nomination from the Australian government agency.
  • If your profile is liked by the government of Australia, an ITA or Invitation to Apply will be sent to you to get the Australian Visa Subclass 190.
  • You will have roughly 60 days for applying for the PR visa once you receive the Invitation to Apply.
  • On receiving the Australia PR, you must stay for at least 2 years in the territory or state that provided you with a nomination for the Visa Subclass 190.
  • In case you want your family members to stay in Australia with you, you can include all their names and process them for the application of the visa.
  • Since Australia has different states or territories, each state has its state nominee program that allows visa applicants to apply for the Australia PR.
  • Each nomination program has its different requirements and eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to get nominated by that particular state.
  • These different state nomination programs are for the skilled migrants possessing high educational qualifications and meet the requirements according to the Australian labour market.

In case you have further doubts about the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190, you can get in touch with us, and our immigration agent will get back to you to solve all your queries.

We will make sure that your application process goes smoothly and you get awarded for the Australian permanent residency as soon as possible.

Also, to get further knowledge about the Visa Subclass 190, we would suggest you get your consultation done with us, and our team of professionals and migration agents having years of experience in the immigration field will guide you in the best way possible.