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How To Migrate To Québec in 2024?

The Federal Skilled worker program has a very high threshold. This makes it difficult for many skilled professionals to immigrate to Canada. Whereas, Québec Skilled Immigration Program offers an easier path to Canada.

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The Quebec Skilled worker Immigration Program

The Federal Skilled worker visa or the FSW visa is difficult to obtain. So for most foreign nationals, the Québec Skilled worker program is the easier Plan-B. The Québec Government introduced this program. The main aim was to create a hassle-free and less tedious immigration procedure so that skilled professionals could easily move to the province.

Eligibility for Québec Skilled Worker Immigration

To check your eligibility as per Quebec Immigration laws, you can avail our free points calculator:

 The Quebec immigration selection factors are:

  • Your age should be under 40.
  • You need a Bachelor’s degree in any stream.
  • You need to have work experience of at least 2 years.
  • You need to score at least 50 points (for solo applicants only). 
  • You should have competent skills in English or French.
  • Education in Quebec, like a Quebec diploma or degree is always an advantage. This is not mandatory.
  • You must not have any criminal records.
  • You should be in good health.

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Documents required for the Quebec immigration skilled worker program

The comprehensive checklist of documents required for the Quebec immigration skilled worker program are:

These are the documents that help in recognizing your identity and civil status from your home country.

The documents which are valid for this purpose are:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhar Card

For permanent residency, you need to submit these documents with your application form.

However, the passport is the most globally recognized mandatory document. Therefore, we recommend you to submit your passport.

Suggestive to the name, these documents provide proof of your employment for the last ten years.

The following documents act as your employment proof:

    • Experience letters from your present and previous employers.
    • Appointment letters issued by your current and previous employers.
    • Revising letter issued by your previous employers.
    • Pay-slips for the last six months.

You need to submit proof of language proficiency in English or French.

The following exam scores are accepted as proof of proficiency:

  • For proficiency in English language - The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • For proficiency in French - Test d'Évaluation de Français (TEF)

These tests assess you in four areas: speaking, reading, writing, and hearing skills.

The following table is the minimum scores that you need to get in each section:






















Your test scores will be counted as invalid if they are older than 24 months. Irrespective of these exams, your employee might ask you to take another language proficiency test.

When applying for a permanent residence visa, you need to have a valid passport or a travel document from the Government of your country.

Your passport is your ticket for traveling abroad. You need to submit your passport details like - passport number, date of issue, place of issue, expiry date, etc.

It’s best to keep every page of your document scanned.

A marriage certificate for your spouse and birth certificates for dependent children are required. 

This document ensures you do not have a criminal or terrorist background in your country.

  • You need to provide a police clearance certificate from every country that you have stayed in for more than 6 months.
  • This certificate will be held invalid if it is collected more than 6 months before your application date

You need to provide evidence that you have enough finances to allow you and your family to settle in Quebec.

The prices vary depending on several factors. The following table will give you an estimate of the financial proof that you need to show:

No of People

Funds Required

1 Adult

$ 3016

1 Adult and 1 minor child

$ 4052

1 Adult and 2 minor children

$ 4574

1 Adult and 3 minor children

$ 5096

1 Adult and more than 3 minor children

$ 522 per child

1 Adult and 1 adult child or more

$ 1406 per child

2 Adults

$ 4222

2 Adults and 1 minor child

$ 4954

2 Adults and 2 minor children

$ 5347

2 Adults and 3 minor children

$ 5739

2 Adults and more than 3 minor children

$ 393 per child

2 Adults and 1 adult child

$ 1406 per child

Application Process for Quebec Immigration

The complete application process of Quebec immigration is as follows:

Step1 - Checking eligibility
  • Passing score - The minimum score needed is 50 and 59 if you are married.
  • Age - You need to be 18 years or older than that.
  • Language proficiency - You need to show competent skills in English or French.
  • Job offer - A job offer increases your Quebec immigration points.
  • Work experience - You need work experience of three years in the last five years. It should be well documented with supporting documents.
  • Valid documents - You need to provide documents of your educational qualifications, transcripts, certificates, and other necessary proofs. Diplomas or diplome d’etudes professionnelles are valid.
  • Funds - You also need to show financial proof that you have adequate amounts to settle in Canada.

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Quebec Immigration Cost 

There are several costs involved in immigration through the Quebec Skilled Workers program.

Let’s begin with the application fee:

  • Principal Applicant: $785
  • Spouse: $168
  • Dependent Child(each): $168

We then have the Visa fees:

  • Principal Applicant and Spouse: CAD 550
  • Dependent: CAD 150

Following this, we have the Right to Permanent Residence Fee:

  • Principal Applicant and Spouse: CAD 490

There are also costs involved for medical examinations, police clearance certificates and language testing.

Processing Time for Quebec Immigration

What is the processing time of PEQ? The PEQ (Quebec Experience Program) has had a processing standard of 20 days, however the province is now committing to processing applications within a maximum of 6 months. The reason for this is Quebec wants to ensure it is treating PEQ and Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) candidates equally.

The shift to Quebec is a two stage process.

The first stage can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Verification of documents
  • Preliminary review
  • Selection review 

The second stage is a federal application process. It involves police clearing, medicals and visa stamping. The process may take upto 12 months once the documents are verified.

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