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Top 5 Eligibility Criteria of Global Talent Visa

The new UK global talent visa started from Feb 2020 is great news for professionals (especially from STEM backgrounds). This permit has one of the fastest visa processing (04 months) timeline & it doesn't require you to clear the IELTS exam.

However, not everyone is qualified for this visa category. Professionals from the selected domain of work and experience can get the visa successfully .

What are the Global Talent Visa eligibility criteria?

To apply under the Global talent visa, you need to meet below eligibility criteria:

  1. You need to have education and work experience in the field of science, research, Engineering, or Information technology.
  2. You need to provide three recommendation letters from the seniors.
  3. You should have either work experience in the latest technologies, or you should have published a book or completed a project outside of your job like GITHUB.
  4. You need to provide a "statement of purpose" and how it will impact UK stem sectors.
  5. You should be able to produce all the work experience and education

Who is preferred for UK Global Talent Visa?

UK is keen on accepting foreign researchers with new concepts and aspects which will further boost the UK's research and innovation industry.

Through this visa, the UK is increasing collaboration at an international level, bring investors, establish trade and links for diplomatic purposes, etc.

This helps in broadening the society for improving the individual's contribution to applicants in the science and technology field.

What is the difference between UK Global Talent Visa (GTV) and Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa (ETV)?

GTV is an improvised version of ETV, and from 20th February 2020, it is going to replace ETV. GTV is providing fast track and flexible routes for researchers to immigrate to the UK.

The present individuals can also change to GTV from the current UK visa. This application is mainly for researchers, employees, entrepreneurs who are highly skilled workers.

What are the 4 ways through which you can apply for a UK Global Talent Visa?

The 4 ways display different parts in research for Global Talent Visa. This widens up the criteria for the applicant who is eligible to Global talent visa compared to current Exceptional Talent visas:

  1. Peer Review
  2. Endorsed Funders
  3. Fellowships
  4. Senior Appointments

What these 4 ways benefit the UK?

Firstly, for Global Talent Visa, there is no specific number of visa applicants to apply for this process. This shows that the government is committed to supporting in this regard.

Mr. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of British, was proud while announcing the Global Talent Visa program and was sure about talent program success in getting migrants to the UK.

The Global Talent Visa has replaced with Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa for all the right reasons to attract applicants from the scientific and research community. By this way:

  • The UK-based research projects managed by UKRI will receive prestigious awards and grants, which includes:
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • European Space Agency Who would like to enroll top talents for higher education and research institutes helping in the establishment of public sector research by fast-tracked visa application?
  • Fastening the process for individuals with the double number of fellowships eligibility from:
  • Human Frontier Science
  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions
  • The European Research Council
  • Dependents have a full approach to the labour market
  • No requirements of employment or job offer before coming to the UK
  • Scientists and researchers will be given with a settlement plan who are under the process

How much funding is provided for the program?

The government has invested £300 million to fund the Global Talent sector as a benefits plan for 5 years in science research, Mathematics (Imaginative and experimental sector).

Per year, funding is £60 million, and this will double up the investment for new PhDs to increase the number of fellowships in Math and research projects. This will incline the group of mathematicians in the UK and have the liberty to develop new ideas.

This will also result in having a cutting edge real-world technology for the prevention of crime, proper traffic flow, safe air travel, using artificial intelligence in phone technology, and having greener systems.

What is the senior appointments route under the talent sector?

The applicants who are ready to take up the role of a senior group leader, reader, associate professor, professor for higher UK educational institutions upon meeting the requirements. It is taken care of by:

  • The British Academy
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering
  • The Royal Society

What is the fellowship route under the talent sector?

This application process is for the applicant who received an award as independent fellowship under the list of approved by The British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and Royal Society.

The fellowship should be in the last 12 months maximum.

What is endorsed funder route under the talent sector?

This path, where UK Research and Innovation will be taken care of, is given to the researchers and specialists with name and job title is provided in the grant application from the recognized funder.

What is the peer review route under the talent sector?

This is for the successful applicants whose official endorsement is reviewed their innovation by The British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, or The Royal Society.

Frequently Asked Question

1.What is the Global Talent Visa?

This visa is for individuals who are talented and have promising in arts and culture, science, and digital technology sector to apply as scientists.

This visa is similar to the Australian temporary foreign worker program in Australia.

2.When can an applicant apply for permanent residency on Global Talent Visa?

The applicants qualifying under a global talent visa can apply for permanent residents after 3 years of stay in the UK. The applicants are required to be in the science and technology field.

Global Talent visa is given for 5 years if the applicants want to leave before 5 years, i.e., after 1-2 years, they do not require to pay the 5-year Immigration Health Surcharge payment.

3.How is the applicant's categorized into promising and talented sectors?

Talented applicants are the ones with proven leadership in their sector, and Promising applicants are the ones who have the potential to be a leader.

4.What are the processing times for endorsement?

The time taken is 8 weeks, and if you are a digital technology applicant, you may receive the endorsement letter faster than any other sector endorsement.

5.What is the occupations list for Global Talent Visa?

There are no specific occupations list provided, but the employer is looking for workers to apply under science, business, and science engineering who can attract applicants as scientists and other business purposes.