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How to Enroll for Australia Student Visa

Australia is one of the best countries across the world if you wish to pursue your studies. It is a country that has diversified options for both Bachelor’s degree as well as Master’s degree.

However, to study in Australia, you would need to apply for an Australia student visa. There are several guidelines for applying for student visa for Australia that need to be followed.

How to Enroll for Australia Student Visa

The procedure for getting the student visa varies and seems a bit complicated since it depends on where you hail from. But worry not, we are here to make your studying in Australia easier.

Is there an age limit for student visa in Australia?

First things first - many people are very much worried about this factor when they plan to study in Australia.

The good news is there is no age limit for applying for a student visa in Australia. You can apply for the visa at any age.

However, if you are under the age of 18, there are a certain conditions that are applied.

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How many years gap is acceptable in Australia?

What if you have an education gap? Will Australia accept your migration as a student. Well, there are certain conditions to it.

If you are planning for higher studies in Australia, then ideally you must have only a year’s gap. However, in case you work in between and have enough proofs to show about your salaries, then year gaps aren’t a matter of concern.

Is there any interview for Australian student visa?

Attending Australia Study visa interview process

Yes, you have to attend an interview and it is an integral part to get an Australian student visa. It is one of the most difficult steps in the visa application process and students get rejected here most of the times.

Once you convince the officers at the admission department about what your calibre is, you also have to convince the officers at the immigration department as to why you prefer studying in Australia.

Well, worry not, we are here to assist you with some of the interview aspects that you need to focus on so that you get a student visa stamp on your passport. Keep in mind these few tips and your interview process will go smooth.

  1. English language: Unlike any other type of visa such as a holiday visa or a tourist visa, you would be expected to attend the interview only in English. You must converse with the person in charge in English so that they are convinced that you can attend and follow the academic lectures of your course in English.
    This is one of most important reasons most of the universities across the world ask international students to take up a standardEnglish test. Based on this assessment level you are eligible to get admitted in Universities.
  2. Have a positive approach: Greet the interviewer with a warm hi or hello when it’s your turn to attend the interview. Always make sure that you answer them politely and thank them when they ask how you are.
    When your visa is accepted, do not forget to thank them, in case you are not granted with the visa, don’t behave rudely and politely ask them the reason so that you don’t face rejection next time.
  3. Look professional: You must look and act like you are a professional by wearing formals, just like you would wear to your work. Also, make sure to reach the destination at least half an hour before your interview.
    Patiently wait for your turn to come and stand in the queue. You will be given a number and have to wait your turn accordingly.
  4. Convince about returning to India: It might seem off the beat, but it is essential for you to know that all the immigrants wishing to migrate to Australia are seen intending. You have to convince the officer taking your interview about your plans to return to India as soon as you complete your studies.
    If you are not able to convince, chances are that you might not be granted with the visa approval and might be seen as a threat. Therefore, you must show important and valid reasons.
  5. Know the details about your program: It is essential for you to know the details about the course or program you are willing to take in Australia. You must answer the questions asked to you regarding your course without any hesitations.
    You can do a primary research about the college or university to answer. Also, do explain the officer about how studying that particular course would be beneficial for you to work in future.
  6. Have all the documents: Make sure that you keep all your documents ready and check thoroughly that you have all the required ones before you attend the interview.

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What documents will I need to get for the student visa?

Australia Study visa documents requirements

There are several documents that you would require to get your student visa:

  1. Identity proof: You must have a valid identity proof of yourself. The best option is a passport.
  2. Intended study program evidence: You must show valid evidence about the study program you are willing to take up in Australia.
  3. Health insurance: Overseas student health is a matter of importance in most of the countries abroad when it comes to student visas.
    It is hence essential for you to have a health insurance if you are willing to study in Australia. For your health cover, you must possess OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover at least a week prior to your commencement of program
  4. Financial capacity evidence: It is essential for you to show that you have enough funds for your course of study, living costs, and tuition fees.
  5. Health documents: To get the Australian student visa, you must show the officers that you do not suffer from any illnesses and are physically fit.
  6. GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant: You must have an evidence that you are willing to migrate to Australia only for the duration of your course and will return to India once your course gets over.
  7. English proficiency: One of the most important visa requirements is an English proficiency test proof. You must take up tests like IELTS or TOEFL to show your English language skills.
  8. Qualifications: You must have enough proofs of your qualifications.

How long does it take to get aAustralia student visa?

The application processing times depend upon several factors. No matter what your nationality is, you must check out these requirements and follow them accordingly so that your immigration process can be as fast as possible.

  1. The authorities of Australian visa recommend that you start the visa application procedure as soon as possible. This will ensure that you get enough time to make all your documents ready and prepare for your trip to Australia.
  2. In case required, you would have to take up a student health examination and pay for the application fee.
  3. You also have to provide a proof that you possess sufficient funds, i.e., 1800 AUD per month and additional tuition fees.
  4. Take up the medical examination in case you have to.
  5. You then have to apply for your visa in Australia using the external affairs website of Australia that would include enrolment for your higher education as well as getting your Australian immigration process started.
  6. Once you start the application process, you might also be asked for attending an interview.
  7. It might take 21 to 37 days for your visa application to process.
  8. However, the average visa application procedure time is 28 days.
  9. The student visa that you would get would be valid till you finish your studies and an additional duration of 2 to 3 months.

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How long can you stay in Australia with your student visa?

You can stay in Australia with your student visa till you complete your degree program. However, you will have to renew your visa every year so that you can stay in the country during the entire duration of your study.

You would also get an additional stay for the duration of 2 to 3 months once you are done with your degree.

Can you work in Australia on a student visa?

So many international students want to work in Australia while they continue their study in Australia. But you must be aware of certain rules which regulate your work and come under your Australian student visa.

International student visa holders can work in Australia for up to 20 hours in a week while they complete their studies if they possess a valid student visa.

But there is no limit of working hours for you if you are on vacations that are recognized by your university.

You are allowed to arrive in Australia for up to 90 days before your course of study begins, however, you can’t start to work unless your study begins.

Make sure that you don’t work for more than what you are allowed, else your visa would be cancelled. There is however no special working holiday visa.

How to extend the student visa if I want to continue studying in Australia?

The Australian student visa has a validity for the duration of your study period. You would also get an additional time of 2 to 3 months apart from the time of your course of study.

However, it is required for you to renew your visa every year so that you can stay in Australia during the entire period of your study program.

In case you want to study in Australia even after you are done completing your current study program, you would have to reapply for a new visa or renew your current one.

With the utmost serenity and on par education, Australia is a great place for Indian students. If you are one among those who want to study in Australia through a smooth and successful visa process, consult our student visa experts right away.

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