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Improving trade relations between India and foreign countries have not only helped the Indian economy but also paved pathways for immigration.

India's skilled workers with good work experience and the ability to meet the skilled labor needs of these countries are being welcomed with open arms. This eventually led to a rapid rise in the interest of immigration.

What is immigration?

What is immigration?

The process of moving from one country to another country is termed as immigration.

Immigration is generally opted by people who want to move to a foreign land and settle for the long-term in the selected nation. When people immigrate to other nations, they usually gain a status of permanent residency and are termed as either permanent residents or immigrants.

Often immigration is confused with emigration, which is also a component of the migration process. While immigration primarily means entering a new country, emigration means leaving home country.

What’s the similarity between immigration and emigration?

  • Both emigration and immigration are components of migration, which means to move or travel to another country.
  • Both aspects usually result in permanent settlement in a foreign country.
  • The acts and related process are protected by immigration laws of the selected country and monitored by Immigration and Emigration Departments of the respective country.

What is the difference between immigration and emigration?

What is the difference between immigration and emigration?

Why do people migrate?

According to Wikipedia, people migrate majorly attracted by the work opportunities a foreign country provides. As per the statistics of the UN report, nearly 17 million Indians have chosen migration, marking India at no 1 on the list of migrants living abroad.

When surveyed with our international clients, here are a few reasons they stated why they wanted to immigrate.

  1. Better standard of living
  2. Improved salaries and better prospects
  3. The more stable political environment
  4. Better future of children
  5. Superior and free healthcare for family
  6. Free education for children
  7. Attracted by business opportunities
  8. International citizenship
  9. Global recognition of skills
  10. Enjoy living in various cultures

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What is the main reason for immigration?

While everyone has their reason for immigration, often everyone highlights permanent residency status as of the major reason. This is because it is only through permanent residency status one can enjoy all other above-mentioned reason.

Therefore the fact that foreign countries have made obtaining permanent residency status and accompanied it with plentiful benefits is the main reason for immigration.

As foreign countries are making their immigration policies flexible, we can witness the numbers in immigration increasing. Be it student migration, economic immigration, business immigration or family immigration, the goal is common – to obtain an international permanent residency status and enjoy living abroad as PR holders.

What are the minimum requirements to immigrate?

Every country has its own requirements for immigration. However, the common among all is the need to overcome the shortage of skills supply.

International countries invite skilled workers primarily because they are unable to overcome the labour market challenges with the domestic. Moreover, the low birth rate and fast-paced retiring of existing workers is an equal challenge.

Therefore foreign countries commonly look for the below aspects when considering your immigration:

  • Young age: You should be of a young age so that you can be of an economic benefit to a foreign country for a long time.
  • Education: It is important that you are educated. Most foreign countries seek Bachelor degree holders or higher qualified candidates for permanent residency status.
  • Work Experience: You must hold work experience in an occupation that has a high demand in the applying country. It is very rare (unless you have foreign education factors) that you may qualify for immigration without work experience.
  • Language proficiency: The English language is a core factor foreign countries look into when inviting immigration. As skilled workers are invited to work and support economic development, it is important that they are able to communicate with the English natives easily. Hence, prospective immigrants are asked to attempt an officially approved English assessment and reach a standard score.
  • Good health: It is equally important that the immigrant does not bring any medical threat to the nation nor proves to be a burden on the country’s healthcare system.
    That is why the applying immigrant is asked to submit a medical certificate before he can get an immigration entry into the selected country. Also, his family members (irrespective of whether they are migrating or not) are also asked to undergo medicals and prove health conditions.
  • Moral Character: Immigrants are required to obtain permanent residency status on legal grounds. If the authorities sense any kind of threat or criminal concerns associated with the applicant, he may be permanently banned from applying for immigration. In order to support legal entry and no criminal history record, applicants are required to submit a police clearance certificate.
  • Sufficient funds: Immigrants must be able to manage their stay on their own. Irrespective of whether they have a job or not, they must be financially stable.
    That is why they are asked to show sufficient funds before their immigration application is accepted. They must not be a financial burden to the country they migrate.

Along with meeting these requirements, immigrants are also required to meet score criteria (if applicable), application submission criteria, and health insurance criteria and submit all required documents accordingly.

If they fail to do so, they may either be accused of crossing the border illegally or termed as undocumented immigrants or unauthorized immigrants. This eventually leads to a permanent ban of entry into the selected country.

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How long does it take to migrate?

The Migration process varies from country to country and also depends upon the visa type. While some immigration visas are processed quickly some take time.

Also, the ability of a candidate to meet the requirements, reach the desired score and follow all procedures within the given deadline is counted in determining the processing time.

In general, top immigration countries take about 6-12 months to process an immigration visa.

Which is the best country to migrate from India?

Based upon immigration rule changes and the ease of migration, preferences of Indians keep changing each year. This year, these are top countries Indians are choosing to immigrate to upon meeting the required criteria.

Top 5 Countries to Immigrate 2020-2021

Top 5 Countries to Immigrate 2020-2021
  • Canada: This country is No.1 in the list of top immigration countries primarily because of its federal immigration system. This country is first in the world to follow a points-based system and issue immigration visas to candidates based on his skills and points.
  • Australia: Similar to Canada, Australia also follows a point’s based system. This country uses a list of occupations to invite skilled talent. Each year based upon the occupational demand, candidates are invited on high or low priority.
  • Hong Kong: This country also follows a points-based system. However, the procedure is different. Immigrants are required to initially obtain an entrant visa, attend an interview with Hong Kong immigration officials and then obtain their permanent residency status.
  • New Zealand: This country is an equally great country for immigration. The only challenge here is that you cannot apply for an immigration visa without hiring a licensed immigration consultant.
  • United States: Though the preference for US immigration since Trump administration has decreased, it is still in the list for the opportunities it has for immigrants. Once you are able to obtain the Green Card Status of the United States, there are plentiful benefits that you get to enjoy.

What are the immigration services provided by consultants of Kansas Overseas Careers?

Kansas Overseas Careers is a pioneer in the field of immigration and visa processing. Since our establishment we have been a backbone to thousands of successful immigrants from India and other nations.

The most unique aspect of our immigration services is that they are not confined to the only visa process. We are a top consultant in India who offers 360-degree settlement assistance to you in achieving your settle abroad goals.

Our range of services includes the following;

  1. Consultation: We assist you in understanding the procedures and requirements of various immigrant-friendly nations that have a high demand for your profile. A thorough analysis of each country is given so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right nation. Also, we help you in choosing the right visa type based upon your eligibility traits.
  2. Evaluation: We have India’s best evaluation experts on board who help prospective immigrants understand their eligibility factors, profile loopholes and genuine chances of visa success before making an investment in the process. Only if we see that you have a fair chance, we suggest you to proceed.
  3. Visa Process: From visa application to document verification, from submission to follow-up with consulate, we take care of everything. Updates on changing rules, stages improvement, and submission deadlines are given to you as and when required.
  4. Resume Writing: This service is offered as complimentary so as to increase your profile value and views among international employers, even before you move to the selected destination. We create a professional resume as per international standards along with an excellent cover. Our resume is keyword optimized and created in a manner that increases responses by 4 times.
  5. Job Search Help: While your visa is in its processing, we help you search for a qualifying job. We help you filter out the companies that have a high demand for your profile, submit job applications, market you're CV and arrange telephonic interviews. We also assist in preparing for interviews through mock sessions.
  6. Settlement Services: At the end stage of your process, we start the assistance of finding affordable accommodation for you in the selected country. Best of areas are selected and through our agents, we get you help that serves benefits.
  7. Post Landing Services: We are with you even after you migrate. From the time you land into your selected nation to fulfilling all its initial formalities like registration, bank account opening etc. we are at your help. We promise support of up to 6 months after your migration.
  8. IELTS Preparation Help*: To candidates who seek for trusted and tested support in preparing for their IELTS exam, we offer resources that are of a proven help. This service is given to clients on demand.

How do I contact immigration consult?

How do I contact immigration consult?

The best way to contact an immigration consultant is to meet the consultant at the office. This gives a chance for in-person consultation wherein you can ask open-ended questions and engage in discussion beyond time limits.

Another way to reach out to an immigration consultant is through a free telephonic consultation. If you are unable to visit the consultant office for any reason, you can speak to experts on call and understand all procedures related to immigration.


What is immigration?

Immigration is the act of settling permanently in a foreign country. You call someone immigrant if he/she hailed from a country and staying in another permanently.

Countries where immigration is easy (1000)

In the present day, Canada, Australia, USA are considered to be the best countries to settle along with family.

What is the difference between immigration and emigration?

Immigration is coming to a foreign country to settle there permanently. Emigration means leaving a country to live and settle in another country.

Which country is good for immigrants?

Canada is considered as the best country to migrate as the country values its immigrants as much as it values its citizens.

Which country gives the fastest citizenship?

Canada processes citizenship requests faster than most of the countries.

What country accepts the most immigrants?

Canada accepts more numbers or immigrants when compared to any other country. The country sets targets to welcome as many immigrants as possible.

Which country gives a work visa easily?

Many developed countries give work visas easily as they can fill their skilled occupation vacancies easily with immigrants.

Which country is easy to get permanent residence?

As per the experts, Canada provided PR easily.

Which is the best country in the world to live and work?

Advanced Countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, UK are best for work and living.

What is the best country to live in financially?

To get financial benefits, you have to choose a country where you cannot get unemployed. Canada, Australia, UK have very low unemployment rates and thus good financial benefits.