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UK Visas: The Ultimate Guide for You in 2024!

In this article, you will learn all about the eligibility, documentation, application process, fees and more, for the most important types of UK visas.

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Indians prefer to study and work in the UK for ages. Indian students and skilled workers migrate to this country in the hope of a bright future. Indian travelers also love to visit the UK to have a wonderful holiday trip. More than 500,000 Indians have been granted visitors visas by the end of June 2019. This was about 11% more than the previous year.

Major Categories of UK Visa

There are several visa categories available for the UK visit. Some of the sought-after categories are:

  1. UK Global Talent Visa
  2. Standard Visitor Visa
  3. Spouse Visa
  4. Student Visa
  5. Work Visa
  6. Ancestry Visa

1. UK Global Talent Visa

UK Global Talent Visa is a special and esteemed category of visa for skilled leaders who wish to move to the UK, work there and settle.

However, this visa is only available for leaders of specific sectors: 

  • Academics/Research
  • Arts and Culture
  • Digital Technology

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2. UK Standard Visitor Visa

UK Standard Visitor is granted if you want to visit the UK:

  • For leisure and holiday
  • To see your family and friends in the UK
  • For business purpose
  • To take part in sports or creative events
  • To receive private medical treatment

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3. UK Spouse Visa

A citizenship holder of Britain or a UK resident is allowed to apply for Spouse Visa to bring their spouse to the UK.

You can also apply for this family visa if you are:

  • Lawfully married to a British citizen
  • In a long-term relationship with a British citizen
  • Are willing to get married or become a civil partner of a British citizen within 6 months

4. UK Student Visa (previously known as Tier 4 General Student Visa)

This category is meant for non-EEA students who wish to study in the UK. Applicants must secure a place at a registered UK educational institute before they can apply for a UK Student Visa.

If you are under 18 and willing to study at an independent school in the UK, you will be granted an eligible Child Student visa instead.

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5. UK Work Visa (Tier 2 General Visa)

Tier 2 General Visa is the most prominent UK Work Visa category. Tier 2 General Visa is for skilled workers coming from outside the EEA and Switzerland.

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6. UK Ancestry Visa

The UK Ancestry visa is one of the most popular routes to get the UK Permanent Residency status. This visa is granted to people who have some kind of family connection to the UK.

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