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What is Australia PR Visa?

The PR Visa for Australia allows you to work, stay and settle in Australia for a period five years stretch and change the status to citizen after 4 years of stay or 3years of formal work. The PR visa also allows you to move along with family, where the spouse can work full time.

What are the benefits of having a PR in Australia?

  • Freedom to live work and settle in any part of the country
  • Official permission for the family members to accompany
  • Free education for children up to a certain age
  • Eligibility to sponsor relatives for permanent residential status
  • Work and health benefits for self and family
  • Unrestricted travel within the country

What is the process of applying for an Australian PR visa from India?

  • Step 1- Check your eligibility
  • Step 2- Apply for migration skill assessment through the designated authority
  • Step 3- Submit Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Step 4- Within 60 days of acceptance of your EOI, you have to apply for your visa online with all the required documents.

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Visa Subclass *

Which of the following subclasses are you applying for?
Skilled Independent Subclass 189
Skilled Nominated Subclass 190
Skilled Regional Subclass 489

Age *

Which age band do you fit into?
Under 18
18 to 24
25 to 32
33 to 39
40 to 44

English Language Ability *

How would you rate your English language ability?
Competent English
Proficient English
Superior English

Australian Educational Qualification *

Yes: Degree, diploma advanced diploma or trade qualification(s) taking at least 2 years of full-time study in Australia.

Study in Regional Australia or a Low Population Growth Area *

Have you
Met the requirements for the award of degree, diploma, advanced diploma or trade qualification(s); AND
The qualification(s) were not in English language proficiency; AND
The qualification(s) took at least 2 years of full-time study in Australia; AND
The qualification(s) were taught in English; AND
The campus of your institution is in a regional or low population growth area; AND
You have spent at least 2 years living in the regional or low population growth area; AND
You did not complete the qualification(s) via distance education?

Professional Year *

Have you completed a Professional Year in Australia in your occupation following your studies - currently available for accountants, engineers and IT professionals:

Overseas Qualifications *

What is your highest Qualification?
Recognised PhD (Doctorate)
Recognised Masters degree
Recognised Bachelor degree
Recognised Trade Qualification including
    • Diploma or Trade Certificate completed at an Australian educational institution
    • Other award or qualification recognised by the skills assessing authority
No Recognised Qualifications

Overseas Work Experience *

8 Years or more
5 Years or more
3 Years or more
Less than 3 years

Australian Work Experience *

8 Years or more
5 Years or more
3 Years or more
1 Year or more
Less than one year

Partner Skill Qualifications *

Check any boxes which apply to your partner or spouse
My partner has Competent English
My partner has Proficient English
My partner has Superior English
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What is the fee for Australia PR visa?

  • The processing fee for Australia PR visa for the primary applicant is 3757 Australian dollars or 1,90,000 Indian rupees
  • The visa fees for Australia dependent visa applicant over 18years is 1876 Australian dollar or 95,180 Indian Rupees
  • The visa fees for Australia dependent visa applicant under 18years is 940 Australian dollars or 48,000 Indian rupees

Note: This fee doesn’t include the skill assessment fee, which varies depending on your occupation. Check the overall cost for Australia PR visa

What is the process time of Australia PR visa?

What is the point system?

For each candidate who has applied for the PR visa of Australia are evaluated based on certain criteria like age, proficiency in English, qualification, work experience etc. You shall be allotted points on these. You need at least 65 points to qualify for Australia PR visa

How many points are required to qualify for a PR visa in Australia?

You need to score a minimum of 65points to qualify for Australia, based on your Age, Education work experiance language ability, partner skills, etc

Check Eligibility

What is the eligibility criteria for Australian PR?

The key eligibilities of the PR for Australia are:

  • Age- You should be under the age of 45 years
  • Qualification– You must have a degree that is globally accredited including in Australia.
  • Language Proficiency– You be proficient in English and have cleared the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with a score of minimum 6 bands
  • Visa Category– Select and appropriate program from the various types of Australia PR Visa (Skill sets– Your skill set matches the present highly rated skill set list in Australia
  • Job Experience- You have considerable experience in a profession listed in one of the occupation list (MLTSSL, STSOL or ROL)
  • Medical status- You are physically and mentally fit
  • Point Test- You have scored at least 65 points in the point-based selection system

What are Australia PR key requirements for Indians?

An Indian citizen can apply for Australian PR visaif he/she is a businessman or skilled professional, match all the above mentioned requirements, has obtained at least 60 points in the Australia Point Calculation System and show sufficient settlement funds as a proof of the ability to sustain themselves and their family in Australia. Here are some key requirements for Indian citizens to migrate to Australia

  • Educational certificates
  • English language proficiency
  • Work experience certificates (if applicable)
  • Travel documents (passports, permission to migrate from relevant authorities)
  • Medical and police verification certificates
  • Proof of settlement funds (bonds, bank accounts, cash, shares etc.)

What is the overall cost of getting a permanent resident visa of Australia from India?

The total expected cost for Australian PR visa from India is around INR 300,00/- to INR 400,000/- depending on the number of family members. Here is the breakup of the cost

Government Visa Processing Fees for Primary, Secondary and Child applicants
  • 190.617/$3757.23AUD for primary applicant
  • 95,181/$1876.10AUD for secondary applicant (if applicable)
  •  47,717/$940.54 AUD for each child applicants (if applicable)
Skill Assessment (may vary according to authority and occupational fees)
  • 15,141/$298.44AUD to 47,948/$945.10AUD
English Language Assessment
  • 12,650/$249.34 AUD
State Sponsorship (If applicable)
  • 15,141/$298.44AUD
Medical Test Fees
  • 1500/$29.57AUD-5000/$98.55 AUD
Visa Label Fees
  • 3,535/$69.68 AUD

What is the Australian PR Visa Categories which Indian Citizens can choose?

Based on their requirements and eligibility, the Indian citizens can apply under these visa categories. Choosing the right visa category will help in faster processing.

  • For Skilled independent Visa you can apply for Subclass 189
  • For State Sponsored Visa you can apply for Subclass 190
  • For Skilled Regional Visa you can apply for Subclass 489
  • For Business Visa you can apply for Subclass 890
  • For Business talent Visa you can apply for Subclass 132
  • For Investor Visa you can apply for Subclass 891
  • You can also apply for Spouse visa, child visa and parent visa.

What is the Australian PR Visa Categories which Indian Citizens can choose?

Based on their requirements and eligibility, the Indian citizens can apply under these visa categories. Choosing the right visa category will help in faster processing.

Job Titles

Average salary per annum


AU$53,011 or INR 2688846.30

Bank Manager

AU$86,945 or INR 4410060.96

Civil Engineers

AU$72,576 or INR 3681230.48

Management Consultants

AU$87,654 or INR 4446023.16

IT Consultants

AU$81,424 or INR. 4130022.47

Business Analysts, IT

AU$85,576 or INR. 4340621.96

Project Manager, IT

AU$117,021 or INR. 5935588.52

SAP Consultants

AU $ 96,772 or INR. 4908510.20

Solution Architect 

AU$122,801 or INR. 6228764.11

Service Delivery Manager

AU$102,173 or INR. 5182462.00

Software Engineer

AU$79,849 or INR 4050134.65

Network Engineer

AU$80,665 or INR. 4091524.15