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Hassle free steps to get a New Zealand visitor visa

There are many reasons why one would want to get into New Zealand, like education, trade, internships or for visiting its beautiful landscapes and explore its adventure sports.

New Zealand is one of the cleanest and greenest countries on earth. Hence visiting New Zealand would be one of the things to be ticked off the bucket list of so many travel enthusiasts.

Here are points to know before planning to get New Zealand visitor visa this visa is different from work visa, which would allow you to work in New Zealand in any form.

Visitor visa for New Zealand is something that is required by anyone other than the permanent residents of Australia and a few visa-waiver countries to visit the country for short term.

How to apply for New Zealand tourist visa?

You can apply to New Zealand visitor visa through both online mode and offline mode.

Online mode:

  • To apply online, you need to have a RealMe account at the New Zealand government. This will help to arrange the electronic travel mode.
  • After setting up the account, before starting to apply in online mode, you need to keep all the mentioned documents ready to be uploaded. Lack of even one mentioned document can cause the visa to be rejected by the visa officer.
  • The application fee can be sent in online payment mode.
  • After uploading, you got to wait for the immigration officer’s stamp of approval.
  • In online mode, the approval comes in the form of a letter.

Offline mode:

  • It is the conventional method of applying to travel to anything.
  • You got to go to the New Zealand visa application center and wait for your turn and submit the application with everything filled up.
  • Then you got to submit all the documents mentioned at the embassy.

Once the visa is approved, you get a stamp on the passport and the date, until which the visa is valid, would also be mentioned in the obtained visa, after which you cannot stay in the country without another visa or an extension or transiting to another country.

What are the requirements to get New Zealand tourist visa?

The visa requirements to get immigration to New Zealand are as follows:

  • Original valid passport whose validity doesn’t expire until 6 months of entering into New Zealand. Any old passports if present.
  • Two passport size photographs with white background
  • Duly filled visa application form.
  • Travel documents supporting the visiting purpose. For example, letter from employer stating the work and time needed to get the work done, if it is a work related visa.
  • Last three months’ pay slips from employer to support the cause.
  • Letter confirming the permission of employer to leave work and enter New Zealand.
  • Bank statements with entries from the last 6 months.
  • Credit card statements.
  • International credit card statements (if any).
  • Travel insurance bills.
  • The proof that you can financially support yourself in the duration of the entire trip must be submitted.
  • If you are entering into New Zealand because you are invited, the invitation letter must be attested.
  • You need to prove that you are of good character without any criminal records. Even if there are any, you need to let the officer know about convictions or charges or times in prison. With all this information, if the officer believes you are trust worthy to enter the country, you would get the visa approved. If the officer believes that you may become a threat once entering into the country, your visa would be rejected instantly.
  • Any medical conditions that have to be attended after the entry should also be mentioned to the visa officer.
  • The forms supporting that the travelling would not harm your condition should be submitted by obtaining from the doctor.
  • If you are going to get treatment after the entry into New Zealand, required prescription letter and subsequent documents should be submitted beforehand.
  • The travel authorization is given if the officer gets satisfied by the medical condition.
  • If one wants to take dependents like spouse and children (the age of the child must be less than 19 years) to travel with them, it is possible but one needs to submit the documents showing that they have enough money to get all of them through the entire trip.

How much does New Zealand tourist visa cost?

The cost for applying the immigration to New Zealand would depend upon the country from which they are applying.

Generally the types of countries are differentiated into three bands, Band A, Band B and Band C.

The countries which are waived off the visa to get into New Zealand are free of fee. India is not exempted from visa of visa fee to New Zealand. Hence to travel to New Zealand, Indian passport holders have to obtain a travel visa.

How long can you stay in New Zealand with a tourist visa?

There are different types of visas to enter into New Zealand.

General visitor visa:

The visitor visa is given to anyone who wants entry from countries which are not included in the visa waiver list of countries to New Zealand or to anyone from countries which are included in the list, who wants to stay longer than the permitted time.

The maximum stretch of time that a person can stay in New Zealand with visitor visa is 9 months.

Group visa:

If you are going as a group, the visa applicants need to apply together to get entry into New Zealand. The group must enter and leave New Zealand together if they are to get a group visa.

Each applicant must submit all the required documents and each candidate must fulfill the entire criterion to get the visa. The maximum period for a group visa is 1 month.

Holiday visa:

There is something called a holiday visa applicable only to people belonging to the age group of 18 and 30 or 35 (depending on the situation and where they are from), which would allow young people to get the holidaying experience New Zealand.

This visa should be obtained by anyone who has enjoyment in mind rather than getting a work visa. Since New Zealand is one of the countries, famous for its beautiful landscapes and adventure sports, this type of visa would be convenient to anyone to just enjoy the trip.

The Maximum period for a working holiday visa is 12 months for all country citizens except to people belonging to UK or Canada (for them it may be extended up to 23 months).

How long does it take to process a tourist visa?

It is pretty simple to get visitor visa of New Zealand. Hence it is one of the most visited tourist country by most of the world tourists.

The processing can be done pretty quickly provided you submitted all the mentioned documents reducing the processing time.

The fee can be paid online using a debit or credit card. The status of visa can be checked online by putting up a request.

Which counties are visa free to New Zealand?

The following are the visa waiver countries, i.e. the countries that are exempted from the visa taking process to New Zealand. The people from these countries can directly travel to New Zealand without any service fee.

Andorra Argentina Austria
Bahrain Belgium Brazil
Brunei Bulgaria Canada
Chile Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia (only it nationals)
Finland France Germany
Greece Hong Kong (applicable only to HKSAR or British National Overseas passports) Hungary
Iceland Ireland Israel
Italy Japan Kuwait
Latvia (only to its citizens) Liechtenstein Lithuania (only to its citizens)
Luxembourg Macau (only for those who have Macau Special Administrative Region passport) Malaysia
Malta Mauritius Mexico
Monaco Netherlands Norway
Oman Poland Portugal (only people with Portugal nationality )
Qatar Romania San Mario
Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore
Slovak republic Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland Taiwan (only to residents)
UAE United Kingdom (only to residents) USA
Uruguay The city of Vatican

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