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Australia Subclass 491 Visa: Eligibility, Documents, Process, and more!

Australia Regional Skilled Visa (Subclass 491) November 2019 onwards, the Regional skilled visa under visa subclass 489, a temporary visa, was replaced by the Regional skilled visa under visa subclass 491.

With Australia being the top destination for foreign nationals today, the Subclass 491 is a blessing! Immigrants are being welcomed to Australia’s beautiful landscapes with open arms. You can now work, settle, and become a resident of Australia for 5 years with the help of this Visa. Read along. 

What is a Subclass 491 visa?

The new skilled work regional 491 visa((Subclass 491 Visa) is a provisional visa that enables all skilled workers to live, pursue education, and work in appointed areas of Australia and their families. This visa is valid for a tenure of 5 years.
The applicant for this visa has to be either state nominated or sponsored by an eligible family member who is a permanent resident in Australia.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a 491 visa?

For becoming eligible for a 491 visa, you need to meet the following criteria:

    • You need to get nomination from region or a relative.
    • Need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
    • Need to have a competent English
    • Need to have a good health and character
    • Need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
    • Need to receive an EOI nomination invitation email in response
    • Your age should be under 45 years.

What are the documents required for visa subclass 491?

You need to provide all the supporting documents for the information provided in your EOI:

  • Passport
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Language Competency Report

For applicants between the age of 18-23, there is a requirement for the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Evidence for financial dependency
  • Adoption papers (case specific)

Applicants above the age of 23, but are still dependent on their parents because of some physical impairment or cognitive issues.

There is a requirement of the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Evidence for financial dependency
  • Adoption papers (case specific)
  • Medical reports addressing the condition of the applicant

The following are the documents associated with your claims on EOI that you need to provide:

  • Skill Assessment
  • Language Assessment
  • Australian skilled employment
  • Education Qualification (as per Australian standards)
  • Specialist education
  • Study in regional Australia
  • Partner skills
  • Work experience in Australia

If you have a sponsor, then your sponsor needs to provide the following:

  • Age proof (18 years and above)
  • Declaration by your sponsor
  • Proof of being an eligible relative
  • Permanent residency proof

What is the total expense involved in the application for visa 491?

The Skilled work Regional visa subclass 491 has an application cost of AUD 4115 for the primary applicant. For each subsequent entrant of eligible family members, there is a separate cost involved. 

Let us now take a look at the prices involved in the application process:


Fees Factor


Primary Applicant

Subclass 491


Reliant 18 years and above

Subclass 491


Reliant 18 years and below

Subclass 491


For each applicant and dependent



Medical Test


Police Clearance Certificate


What is the processing time for visa subclass 491?

There is no specific time for processing the application of visa 491. But the regional application processes are given more priority.

How to apply for the Regional skilled visa subclass 491?

There are multiple steps involved in applying for a subclass 491 visa starting right from checking if your occupation is a part of the Skilled Occupation List, collecting your documents, getting your skill assessed, to applying for your visa.

Let’s go through the whole process one step at a time:

How long can you stay with visa subclass 491?

You can stay for 5years with a visa in subclass 491 in Australia. There is no extension given to the Skilled Regional visa. However, after the 3rd year, if you would like to continue living there, you can start applying for a PR visa after three years of fulfilling the necessary conditions.

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