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Visitor visa to Ireland made easy!

With major tourist spots like the three ‘World Heritage Sites’ and numerous other beautiful landscapes, Ireland catches the eye of huge number of tourists every year.

Ireland has a long list of historic places to choose from, which would also act as a magnet to travelers with a flair for historic monuments and countries.

A visitor visa or a holiday visa is a short term visa given to citizens of certain countries to stay in Ireland for a short span of time, i.e. 90 days. With this, the visa holder can stay in Ireland for holidaying or for visiting family or friends.

Those who visit Ireland with an Irish visitor visa have to come out of Ireland, before the given period is expired. The visitor visa expiry time cannot be extended.

There wouldn’t be any work permit attached to this visa and the visiting visa cannot be considered as a business visa.

How do I apply for Tourist visa to Ireland?

The below points give you a step by step procedure to get Irish visiting visa

  • To get the country’s visiting visa, one has to get the application via online by visiting the official site.
  • Once the application is downloaded, you have to duly fill it with all the correct details, without any incorrect information.
  • Submit the online visa application form in the official website.
  • After submission, you will be provided a declaration, citing that all the information provided by you in the application is accurate without any fraudulent data.
  • Get the declaration printed into a hard copy and sign it and keep it for safeguarding to submit it at the time of verification of required documents.
  • After this you need to be ready with all the documents required and the copy of signed declaration to submit to the immigration officer.
  • The information about where to submit, what all to submit, how to pay the fees and all are available in the copy that has been printed from the web.
  • The fee should also be submitted at the mentioned place and time.
  • All the documents along with photographs and passport have to be submitted in the visa office/Irish consulate/Irish embassy.
  • There is no exception to documents. All the listed documents have to be submitted for the visa to get approval.

Apply for Ireland Visitor Visa

Do I need a visa to visit Ireland?

Except for some countries, to which visa has been waived off, all other countries have to take some form of visa to get into Ireland. If you enter into Ireland without visa, you will be sent back without a second thought.

The citizens of visa waiver countries like EU/EEA state member or Switzerland can enter into Ireland and stay there for a period of three months without any form of visa by just providing the country’s identity card, depicting their nationality.

India doesn’t come under the visa waived off country’s’ list to Ireland. So, if you are an Indian citizen, you have to take a visa. If you take travel visa to Ireland, you can visit, enjoy holiday trip or visit friends or family and return to native land within short period of time.

But for Indians with a British visa, there is a program called, British Irish Visa Scheme, through which one can visit Ireland without taking visa again and these persons can get to some parts of Ireland. To these visitors, some places like Channel Island are prohibited.

How long does it take to get a visiting visa to Ireland?

The Irish visa has to be applied in online form. 8 weeks is the visa processing period which the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service tell you.

That is you have to apply for the Ireland visa at least two months before the period in which you plan to get to Ireland. But it would be better if you applied even before that.

The processing starts after all the relevant documents are submitted at the country’s consulate.

The status of the visa can be enquired from the embassy by giving them the reference number that is given to you, called application number or it can be checked via online mode, for all the approved visas will be updated in the official website regularly.

What are the documents required for Ireland tourist visa?

Given below are the documents considered as the visa requirements to Ireland.

  • Valid passport with six months validity from the date you leave to Ireland.
  • You have to submit the bank statements of the previous six months.
  • Credit card (local and international) statements.
  • Documents supporting that you can financially support yourself throughout your stay in Ireland.
  • If you are going to stay at someone’s house as a guest like family or friends or acquaintances, relevant financial documents can to be provided that they can support you throughout the period in which you are going to stay with them in the place of documents to show that you can support yourself.
  • Travel insurance papers are to be submitted at the entry point of Ireland.
  • The proof has to be given to the relevant officers showing that you fully intend to return to your homeland after the visit instead of staying in Ireland illegally. Documents about employment or papers suggesting familial ties due to which you would return without fail after the given visa period, have to be procured.
  • Hotel booking details or details showing that you are being invited by someone have to be procured in order to given evidence about the dates in which you are going to be in Ireland.
  • The declaration form that has been signed by you has to be submitted at the immigration office.
  • For children below 18 years, a parent should sign this form. If a child below 18 years is leaving for Ireland alone, the form should be signed by both the parents and in the case of a single parent custody, all the relevant forms are to be submitted.
  • The fee depends upon the visa type. The visa fee that has to be paid by a single person is 60 euros and that of a group visa is 100 euros.

Which countries can I visit with an Ireland visa?

If you are an Indian or Chinese passport holder, you can visit United Kingdom using an Irish visa and if you are a UK visa holder, you can visit Ireland.

Can I travel to Ireland without a visa?

To everyone who belongs to visa waiver countries, there is no need to get a visa to enter or stay in Ireland for 3 months. For all other countries, including India, visa is a must commodity to enter Ireland unless you have a UK visa.

Ireland is a very beautiful country with great history as well as beauty that is unmatchable. Hence one can visit Ireland to explore it with a visiting visa, which can be obtained easily by contacting the right people and Kansas immigration and visa services would fit in perfectly for all your foreign related travelling and student visas.