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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Bangalore 2024

Fast-track your visa process with Kansas 2.0 services. We offer a 360 ° relocation services including visa assistance, job search assistance, resume creation and more. Know more.

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The immigration consultants can help make the process faster. The immigration experts will help you throughout the application process and also provide post-immigration service .

Kansas Overseas is among the leading RCICs in Bangalore. Registered and licensed to provide Canadian immigration advice, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are mentioned in the online public register of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Effective November 23, 2021, ICCRC is now CICC.

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How can a Canada immigration consultant help in the visa process?


As mentioned earlier, the best immigration consultant is there in every step until you get the immigration Visa. Here are some of the services offered by immigration consultants:

How to choose the best immigration consultant for Canada?


The best Canada Immigration Consultants have:

  • A direct, or inter-related connection with IRCC
  • Registration with College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) 
  • An experience of 5000+ visa filings
  • The ability to provide pre-visa and post-visa services
  • Full knowledge of documentation

Kansas Career Overseas is your best choice if you are seeking all the features given above. Thousands of Indians have migrated overseas to other countries with complete and comprehensive visa and immigration support by Kansas Overseas in the previous 8+ years.

Why choose Kansas Overseas as your immigration consultant?

How to settle down in Canada from India in 2024?

Canada has been the first choice for Indians who want to migrate. While we receive applications for Australia and USA Immigration as well, the process with Canada is easier. Unlike Australia, the categories are adequately defined. 

Here is the list of categories for PR Visa Of  Canada:

Major Permanent Resident Visa Categories Other Canada PR visa Categories Temporary Visa Categories
Federal Skilled Worker Family Class Work Visa
Provincial Nominee Program Business Investors Student visa
Canadian Experience Class Business Entrepreneur Tourist Visa
Quebec Immigration Business Self-Employed  
Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program    
Federal Skilled Trades Class    


To settle down in Canada, in 2024, you have to apply for a permanent visa under Express Entry program. For most PR visas, you need to get into the express entry system . There are sub-categories under the major permanent visa categories, as well.

How many points are required for Canada PR 2024?


The following table shows you the point requirement for different visa programs in Canada.

Visa Type Without Spouse With Spouse
Federal Skilled Worker 67 NA
Provincial Nominee Program 60 NA
Canadian Experience Class NA NA
Quebec Immigration 50 59
Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program NA NA
Federal Skilled Trades Class 67 NA


The points are allocated based on the following factors:

How is IELTS Score important for Canada PR?

If you are going to stay in Canada for long, you need to speak their language. Canada has two federal languages, French or English. You need to prove your efficiency in one of the languages. You can sit for the IELTS test and score based on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The Language section has the highest points under Express Entry point system.

What is the minimum IELTS score required for Canada PNP 2024?


The Canadian language benchmark or CBL 7 is the minimum score required for PNP. This requires you to score at least 6 in every department. While staying in a province, your language abilities will help you survive.

What are the core services that the best immigration companies in India offer?

The core services offered by immigration companies in India are:

How to choose the right consultant for your permanent Immigration?

The best immigration companies in Bangalore offer immigration services for Canada, Australia, the USA, and many other countries. While choosing the company for Immigration, you need to check their core competencies.

Here is the list of the core competencies:

Represented by RCIC Consultant #R706995

I am a Cybersecurity person by profession and ever since I immigrated to Canada I helped 100s of people with their questions about immigration and helped review their applications. My vision as an Immigration Consultant is to bring families together on their immigration journey.

--Sriram Kumar Bikkina


With the changing world economic scenario, Indians are finding great work opportunities outside. Countries like America, Canada, and Australia are welcoming Indian immigrants in many sectors. 

Bangalore visa consultants for Canada can help smoothen the immigration process for you.

Canada immigration process has several factors:

      • There is a right immigration Canada program for everyone
      • Permanent residency with Kansas can be thrice faster
      • You need to rely on the right company to reach your dream destination
      • The point requirement for each program is different
      • Experience of the migration consultant counts
      • You can get work permits or tourist visa with valid work experience

The immigration policy is changing for Canada. The same holds for Australia and the United States. If you are willing to migrate and settle in another country in 2024, we are your valid advisors.

Are you looking for an Australian PR or Canadian PR?

You just need to make a call to us for a free consultation. Our immigration experts who understand immigration law will be by your side till you get a Canada or Australia PR ,Student visa, Visitor Visa, Work Permit or any other visa.

Other Important FAQs

What is a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant (RCIC)?

A Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant, commonly referred to as simply an RCIC, is a professional that has been duly licensed to provide Canadian immigration advice. An RCIC can work for you and on your behalf, taking care of the paperwork, submissions, and application submission deadlines.

Meeting stringent educational, ethical, and professional standards, an RCIC is someone that is mentioned in the online public register of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), a Canada Regulatory Council

RCICs are officially licensed professionals that help people come to Canada. Being regulated by the College ensures that the consultants operate ethically and competently, in the public interest.

Kansas as an immigration expert works with the ICCRC Registered immigration Consultant.

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