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International Resume Writing: 5 Reasons why you should use a professional resume writing service

1. You are not updated of the current trends

With revolution comes the need for innovation. This also applies in the context of resume creation. By the time, employers adapt to improved styles of writing. As a layman, not everyone is aware of styles, patterns, and structure of resumes which are trending. Hiring a professional will keep your resume up to date.

2. The challenge of Application Tracking Systems

Did you know that sometimes your resume may be sent but not reach the employer’s mailbox? This happens when the employer is using an applicant tracking system. If your resume does not reach the standards of the applicant tracking system, chances are that your resume is blocked and not received by the employer.

Professional resume writers are well aware of this fact. Hence, they use strategies, phrases, and content that pass through the spam filters safely and get in view of the employer.

3. Defining yourself in just a few words is indeed difficult

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, defining yourself in just a few words is indeed a challenging task. Often fresher’s lack of words and phrases that can get them impression while experienced professionals end up creating lengthy resumes that are a bore to the reader.

This is when professional resume writers can help you. They know exactly what is required in a resume and what’s to be eliminated.

4. Format, style and finer details are equally important

Let us tell you that every country follows a different format and style when it comes to resume writing. Knowing the standards of a specific country you are targeting for job applications is difficult.

Resume writers are well-aware of standards of almost every country. They ensure that your resume is created adhering to the selected country's standards.

5. You need a perfect CV along with a resume

A Curriculum vitae or CV is an equally important element in your job search process. A cover letter acts as an overview of you to the employer before he can actually read the entire resume. That is why some employers give importance to a well-written cover letter over a resume.

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What is the difference between CV and resume?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about resume preparation. To prepare both a CV and a resume in its required format, understanding the finer differences between each is important.

The below image shows a quick differentiation between a CV and a resume.

What is the difference between CV and resume?

Is a resume writing service worth it?

A professionally written resume is undoubtedly but does it really create an impact. The answer is 100%.

A resume that has been created by a professional writer is always impactful over the one that is made by self. This is because a professional resume writer ensures to follow the below aspects when offering resume writing services.

  • Understands your strengths and competencies and present them in a crisp manner.
  • They understand country standards and ensure that the resume they create meets the standards.
  • They make your simple resume a marketing document. This means they add value to your resume by making it click-bait.
  • Keywords that trigger impressions and responses are well known to resume writers. They use the keywords according to the industry or profile.
  • Overall they make your resume reader-friendly and easy-to-understand.

Can professional executive resume writers truly help?

Professional resume writing services or executives offering resume creation services help you majorly in the following ways:

Top 5 Benefits of Resume Writing Service in India

How much does a professional resume writer cost?

A professional resume is a one-time investment for a long-term benefit. Once you have your resume created by an expert, you can keep updating it accordingly every time you apply for a new job. You will have a well-structured format that can go on for years.

In India, getting a professional resume is often expensive. Writers generally charged between INR 2000 to INR 5000 for a resume. The cost is either calculated based on the candidate’s years of experience or the length of a resume.

However, Kansas Overseas Careers offers such expensive and efficient service as complementary to its client. We believe that immigration is not limited to visa experience. Immigration in itself is a huge shift in your career.

Hence, we want everything related to being smooth and easy on your pockets.

How do you find a professional resume service?

Finding a professional resume writing service is a big challenge. In India, there are hundreds of agencies as well as freelance resume writers who claim to offer the best resume writing service. It is your duty to thoroughly inspect and understand which one to choose.

The below tips will help you in finding professional resume writing service offering top-notch assistance:

  1. They focus on quality rather than quantity.
  2. They have knowledge and understanding of the global job market.
  3. Ask them for samples so that you understand their work.
  4. Check out if they are offering you career advice.
  5. They are not clerical in terms of price.

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What is the best resume writing service?

Many job portals like Monster, Indeed, Shine, and etc. offer resume writing service. Their services are often costly. If you are looking for a resume writing service that is not only professional, efficient but also inexpensive, Kansas overseas Careers is your place.

We have India's best resume writers who are qualified and perfectly trained to do their job. Their experience in creating international standard resumes is vast and trusted by clients from the Western as well as the Gulf zone.

Here are a few reasons why you must choose Kansas Overseas Careers resume writing services:

1. Complimentary Service: As we said earlier, we do not offer resume writing service as any chargeable service but as an assistance to accomplish your career goals. From an entry-level resume to the resume of a highly experienced candidate, our resume writing service is free of charge for all.

2. Keyword Optimized: A professionally written resume involves keywords that are optimized and free of any spamming words. Our resume writers help you in creating a resume that defeats the application tracking system and safely reaches the inbox of employers.

3. Best Resume Design and Presentation: Resume writing is not just words or content. It is also a design and presentation. Any employer would be initially impressed by how your resume looks. The resume writers of Kansas Overseas Careers adhere to the rule of impressions while creating your resume.

4. 3-Stage Process: Our support for resume writing is vast. We don't just write a resume for you but create it in a manner that satisfies you as well as meets the employer's requirements. For doing so, we follow a 3-stage process.

  • First, we structure your resume and sent a few format samples according to the country selected.
  • When you choose the format, we create your resume in the selected format and share it with you for an initial review.
  • Once you have reviewed, we conduct a final review of format, content, structure, design in the assistance of our Resume Writing Service Head. Once it is a review, we share the resume with you for final confirmation.

5. Open for Revisions and Edits: Our writers are always welcoming you for revisions or edits (if required) in your resume. You can reach out to our writers anytime during business hours and get your resume modified or corrected as per your satisfaction.

6. Resume Marketing Offered: What's a resume when it does not meet is a purpose? To make it easier for you, we offer resume marketing and CV promotion assistance that helps you get your resume in view of top companies of selected nations.

7. Accompanied by Job Search: If you opt for, we also offer job search service as a complimentary service after resume preparation. In this service, we filter our best jobs of your selected country and apply it based on your profile and expected salary range.

8. Additional Assistance of Interview Preparation: While you get in touch with employers for your jobs, we simultaneously train you with interview preparation. We offer mock sessions over call and in-person so that you build confidence and overcome all challenges of facing an interview with top international employers.

9. Spouse Resume Service Support: If you are migrating with your spouse we also help your spouse with a professionally written resume and job search process.

10. Focus on Your Profile up to 2 Months: Our service and support are extended for you up to 2 months. During this period of time, we help you in writing follow-up letters, thank-you letters along with the assistance of following up with employers on your behalf and scheduling online interviews.

International Resume Writing Services

One of the common mistakes applicants generally make during recolation is to neglect the importance of a job offer. Though it is true that you do not need a job offer to apply for many visa, trying to get one for yourself will speed up your visa process.

Wondering how? Canada immigration gives special preference to candidates either with a provincial nomination or a job offer. Both of these aspects add additional CRS score to the candidate’s profile and increase his scope of getting selected faster.

So, how do you get started? By creating a professional resume that is not only impressive but also click-bait!

The quote "Your resume says a lot about you. It determines whether you will be called in for an interview or not" fits exactly in the context of global jobs. To a certain extent, Indian employers may focus on your skills and put aside your resume. But, employers of top immigration countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, US, UK, etc. judge a candidate solely based on his resume.

Therefore, you should focus on making your resume professional, perfect and pitch-building.

How can you make your resume more professional?

You may read through blogs online, watch videos of creating spectacular resumes or what not just to get a resume that impresses international employers, but nothing competes to getting your resume created by a resume writer.

In resume, it’s not just about presenting yourself well but also the experience and expertise of creating resumes that counts. Resume writers are professionals who know tactics of creating impressive, click-bait and professional resumes. Understanding the country's standards and their adapted resume style is the strength of professional resume writers.

To understand more about our resume writing service, you can reach out to our job search executive online.

What’s more? If you are not willing to apply for a visa and just want to enjoy the benefits of our resume writing and job service, you are welcome. We will help you create an affordable resume that features your accomplishments in the best of industry standards.

With the help of our well-designed resume, you are sure to present your skills in the best manner to the hiring authorities and get the job deal within the first round of your interview.

Our turnaround time is quick and our affordable resume writing service benefits you with a professionally written CV and cover-letter too!

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