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Northwest Territories PNP - All You Need to Know about PNP

The Northwest Territories of Canada invite millions of immigrant applications every year to fill their workforce gap. This region located in the northern part of Canada offers some excellent work opportunities to foreign workers.

As per statistics, the territory reports the highest median household income in the country, while the capital city Yellowknife boasts of the highest rate of employment in Canada. Reports suggest that Northwest Territories hosted about 111 new permanent residents in 2014.

Northwest Territories

And this was made possible through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for the Northwest Territories, a government initiative to speed up the processing time of permanent residency applications for the territory. Here's all you need to know about Northwest Territories PNP and how you too can avail advantage of this immigration program.

1. What is the Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program?

As mentioned above, it's an immigration program run by the Government of the Northwest Territories in collaboration with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, aimed at bolstering the region's economy.

The program invites applications from eligible qualified and skilled individuals from different parts of the world to come and avail the numerous employment prospects in the Northwest Territories region. This helps in two ways - fills up critical gaps in labour and also contributes to business development in the region.

Besides, the program is also beneficial to the foreign workers, assisting them in gaining permanent residence in the territory for themselves and their families. This is possible through the nominations extended by the region to eligible individuals as part of the Provincial Nominee stream.

All applicants who are successfully nominated under the program receive a Northwest Territories Nominee Certificate, which facilitates lesser processing time relatively to other immigration applications for permanent residency.

Benefits of Northwest Territories PNP

A large number of foreign nationals apply to the program every year, which has the following benefits for the candidate and their respective families:

  • High standard of living for the applicant and their family in one of the prosperous and well-developed regions of Canada
  • Opportunity to experience a multi-cultural environment with a strong Indian diaspora
  • Opportunity to gain considerable amount of work experience in Canada and fully enjoy all facilities availed by Canadian citizens
  • Excellent prospects at getting entry into the work industry in Northwest Territories on account of huge demand and low supply of skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers in the region

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2. How Can You Apply to Northwest Territories PNP?

The Northwest Territories PNP invites applications under the following streams :

1. Skilled Worker Stream: This is meant for qualified and skilled working professionals from the world over. The stream accepts applications from such individuals who have received a job offer for a skilled position from an employer in the Northwest Territories. Sponsorship for the applicant's permanent residency from their respective employers is a must for this category.

The applicant must satisfy the following criteria :

  • Possess the necessary certification or accreditation for the trade specified
  • Possess a license or gain acceptance from the Territorial body governing the occupation or trade
  • Possess the work experience required for the specific job
  • Should not be a refugee claimant

The employer sponsoring the application should :

  • Have been a registered business, industry association, or a local, municipal, First Nation, or Territorial government in the region, and been in operation in the territory for at least a year
  • Prove that they tried to recruit Canadian citizens or permanent residents for the job and also submit a summary of the results
  • Be able to identify a prospective nominee for the application
  • Show that the compensation for the job is at par with local standards

The job for which the application is being submitted must :

  • Be for a permanent full-time vacancy (minimum 30 hours/week)
  • Fall under the high-skill level category
  • Not conflict with the existing collective bargaining agreements
  • Be in compliance with the Northwest Territories Employment Standards Act
  • Offer a competitive industry rate

2) Critical Impact Worker Stream: Particularly targeting semi-skilled and unskilled workers to fill in critical labour shortages in such occupations which cannot be addressed by local or Canadian residents.

The applicant should be able to satisfy the following requirements :

  • Possess a temporary work permit and should have worked in the same job position for 6 months
  • Submit proof of funds for self-financial support in the territory
  • Possess the required work experience for the job
  • Communicate in the official language of the workplace
  • Is not a refugee claimant

The employer needs to :

  • Have a job vacancy at the time of the application
  • Identify a prospective nominee
  • Be on good terms with the Worker's Safety and Compensation Commission
  • Submit proof of recruitment efforts made both locally and nationally and provide a summary of the results
  • Procure a positive HRSDC Service Canada Labour Market Opinion
  • Be a registered business, industry association, or local, municipal, First Nation, or Territorial government in the territory registered and operational since a minimum period of 6 months

The job on offer should :

  • Be for a permanent full-time position (minimum 30 hours/week)
  • Offer a competitive pay rate
  • Fall in the category of NOC skill levels C or D
  • Be in good standing with the Worker's Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) and NWT Employment Standards Office

3) Self-Employed Business Category - This stream includes entrepreneurs and/or owner-operators of businesses with the intent to set up a business in the Northwest Territories. Priority is assigned to businesses that intend to launch a new product or one with significant benefit to the region's economy.

The self-employed entrepreneur needs to :

  • Make an investment of $300,000 equity into starting or buying a business enterprise within the corporate boundaries of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • Make an investment of a minimum $150,000 equity to start or buy a business outside of the corporate boundaries of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • Have a personal net worth of at least $500,000 if starting or buying a business outside the corporate boundaries of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • Have an extra $75,000 saved in a trust account and released upon completion of Performance Agreement based on a business proposal
  • Have basic knowledge and understanding of the territory and its economy
  • Show basic communication skills as required in the region
  • Possess the required experience and educational qualification to successfully execute the business proposal

3. What is Express Entry Northwest Territories?

The Express Entry stream includes foreign nationals accepted into the Express Entry Pool of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Only such candidates are issued an Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code, and stand eligible for this stream.

Requirements for the stream include the following:

  • The candidate must be eligible for at least one of the three federal economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience Class
  • The candidate should be able to satisfy all the requirements of the Skilled Worker Stream under the Northwest Territories PNP
  • The candidate must satisfy the criteria for Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Express Entry Pool

Upon successful completion of the above eligibility criteria, an employer can submit an application to the Northwest Territories Express Entry System.

Requirements for the employer for the Express Entry stream:

  • The employer must be a registered business, industry association, or local, municipal, First Nation, or territorial government, with an office or establishment in the Northwest Territories
  • He must be registered and operating full-time for at least a year before submitting an application
  • He must submit valid documents to prove registration and good standing with the Northwest Territories Worker's Safety and Compensation Commission
  • He must submit a description of their business operation along with the application
  • He must offer the foreign national a permanent, full-time position (minimum 37.5 hours per week) at a competitive industry-standard pay rate. They are required to submit a detailed job description or employment contract with the application
  • He needs to submit either a positive LMIA for the employee's position or proof of local, national, or industry advertising (optional) with a summary of the results.

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4. Why Hire Us to Help with Your Northwest Territories PNP Application?

PNP requirements for the Northwest Territories require careful completion of legal forms and submission of all documentation in the correct and proper order. For this, expert legal advice may be required to minimise error and prevent the chances of refusal/denial of your immigrant visa application.

We have a large team of legal experts available to serve you with the highest efficiency and the most competitive market rates. Our professional consultants would be happy to guide you at every step of the visa application process, right from filling out the form to submitting the documents, simplifying the whole process and making it absolutely hassle-free for you.

FAQs on Canadian Immigration (PNP)

1. How much time will it take to process my visa application?

The processing time taken depends on the stream chosen for application as well as the specific details of your personal profile. Higher the accuracy of your information submitted, faster would be the processing done.

2. How does the Northwest Territories PNP work?

The Northwest Territories nomination program accepts applications from candidates across the world under two immigration programs -

  1. Employer-driven Program
  2. Business Stream

Applicants are invited to submit their applications duly filled with the necessary documentation attached under any of the above two streams.

3. How do I get provincial nomination in Canada?

There are 2 stages involved in the process:

  1. You first need to decide a place to live in Canada (of your choice) and then apply to that province or territory for nomination
  2. Once you're successfully nominated by the province/territory, you're required to apply to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residency at the place chosen in Canada.

4. Which province is easy to get PNP in Canada?

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) has gained immense popularity among immigrants with the launch of its new Express Entry stream last year. Besides, the Northwest Territories is a relatively good option.

5. Which is the best PNP program in Canada?

Based on statistics, following are the top choices among immigrant applicants for PNP in Canada:

  1. Business Investor Stream (BIS)
  2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program(SINP)
  3. International Skilled Worker Category
  4. Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience
  5. Farm Owner and Operator Application
  6. Entrepreneur Program

6. How many PNP programs are there in Canada?

Nine provinces and two territories in Canada have the authority to select foreign immigrants for meeting local labour market shortages.

7. Which province in Canada has the most immigrants?

Ontario tops the list with the maximum number of immigrants - 132,417 -living within its boundaries in 2018.

8. Which province in Canada has more job opportunities?

The Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta report the highest employment rate for immigrants than any other place in Canada!

9. Which city in Canada has the highest salary?

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is renowned as the country's richest city based on average annual income.

10. Which is the cheapest city in Canada?

Quebec is believed to offer the highest affordability to foreign immigrants who come to Canada for work and stay.

11. Which city in Canada is the best to live and work?

The top three places for work and stay in Canada include Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Canada is one of the widely sought-after nations in the world for immigration purposes and a number of its provinces and territories, including Northwest Territories, have excellent opportunities to offer.

For more details on each of the streams to apply for Northwest Territories PNP, reach out to our consultant. We shall help you understand specific requirements of each category in detail and you may choose the one the most appropriate to your situation. Our consultant make your job easier, faster, and hassle-free. We'd be happy to partner you on this dream journey.

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