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The 100 – Exclusive Service

For The First Hundred Customers Of 2024

Quick Enquiry

What is “The 100” Exclusive program of Kansas?

The 100  is an initiative by Kansas to provide the best process experience for the first 100 clients of 2024. The benefits of this program are :

1. Fast track process: Process 2X faster than the regular processing time from our end.

2. Best Price: Process at 45% lesser price than the standard processing fee.

3. Add dependents: Your spouse's application processing fee is on us.

4. Value-added services: Get a free visit visa processing of any country (valid until 5 years).

5. You First: As among the most valued clients, our services revolve around making your process journey satisfactory.

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How to enroll under this program?

To be applicable for this program, you need to:

1. Be among the first 100 applicants of 2024

2. Complete your eligibility check for the process.

3. Read and accept the terms of the agreement.

To apply, you can send an email to  info@kansaz.com (with the subject line "The 100").


Does this plan apply to all months of the year?

This is a temporary plan, and we may discontinue it anytime. If you are interested, we recommend starting your process at the earliest.

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What are the terms of this program?

  1. You need to be among the first 100 clients of the month.
  2. This program covers PR visa processing, Study permit, visit and other temporary visas.
  3. The service does not include any placement assistance or job guarantee.
  4. It would be best if you take confirmation from our representative before enrolling.

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