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Top 9 Points Of Australia Visit Visa {Free Eligibility}

Are you looking to obtain a visit visa of Australia without the risk of rejection? Then you should understand the 3 important factors for visa outcome and the facts of visit visa of Australia.

1. What is Australia Tourist Visa?

The Australia Tourist Visa is a permit allowed for non-citizens of Australia to visit or stay in Australia for a short period of time.

The visa is also known as Subclass 600 visa and is issued to valid passport holders on the purpose of tourism and non-work visits.

2. Is it easy to get an Australian tourist visa?

If you meet the basic requirements of a visit visa, it should not be difficult to get a visit visa. Some of the conditions are

  1. A genuine reason to visit Australia.
  2. A strong background ( employment/business)in India or your native country.
  3. Funds for your stay in Australia etc.

3. How many times can you enter Australia on a tourist visa?

You can travel multiple entry visa within the validity of up to 12 months from the visa grant. You can live in the country for up to 3 months on each visit.

4. How much does an Australian tourist visa cost?

For your Australian journey with Australia Visitor Visa (Subclass 600), you need to pay a visa fees of 145 Australian Dollars, i.e., in Indian currency, you need to pay a base application charge of 7,600 Indian Rupees.

If you wish to choose fast track service, then you need to pay an amount of 1000 Australian Dollars, i.e., in Indian Currency, you need to pay 51,900 Indian Rupees. There may be few additional charges if you are requested to provide documents related to your medicals and character. For medicals, you need to consult a doctor

5. How long can you stay in Australia with the Visa?

The visitor visa of Australia is framed for people wishing to visit Australia, and it is a temporary permit. This permit allows you to stay in Australia for up to 6 months or shorter time based on your visit purpose with single or multiple entries to Australia.

6. What are the required documents for Australia Travel Visa?

If you are planning to migrate to Australia with a tourist visa for a specific period and valid purpose, then you need to meet its eligibility requirements. Meeting these will help you to process a hassle-free process.

What are the required documents for Australia Travel Visa?
  1. You need to provide recent passport size photographs.
  2. Need to provide scanned copies related to passport, identification pages, etc.
  3. Should be able to share the documents which relate your visit purpose.
  4. If having any invitation received from family or friends, you need to provide valid proofs of the relationship.
  5. If your visit is related to attend the pregnancy of your daughter or daughter-in-law, then you need to provide valid documents stating as a medical emergency.
  6. If your visit is related to tourism, then you should be able to share your vacation or trip details
  7. Must be able to show enough financial funds to support your travel to Australia.
  8. Need to provide the latest three months bank statements and last three years taxation documents for supporting your application.
  9. Should be able to provide a declaration form stating that your relative or friend supports you during your visit.
  10. If you are an employer, then you need to provide a letter from your administrative as you are allowed to move.
  11. If you are self-employed, then you need to provide your business registration documents.
  12. In case if you are retired, you should provide documentary proofs.
  13. If you are a student, then you need to submit proofs of your enrollment from the institutions.
  14. Must be able to provide evidence that you will return to your home country after the completion of the visit.

Check Your Eligibility - Visit Visa

What is the reason for your visit?*

What is your current employment status? *

Do you have any sponsor from the country you intend to visit? *

Do you have enough funds to support your stay abroad?*

Do you have Income Tax returns of the past 3 years?*

7. What is the processing time for the Australia tourist visa?

The processing time is 3 days if you apply under Subclass 600 on a priority basis. And it takes around 14days under normal processing.

Australia Visit Visa processing time

8. What is the requirements for tourist visa in Australia?

The basic visa requirements are:

  • You must be able to convince the authorities on your visit purpose.
  • Based on your traveling status, i.e., if traveling alone or with family; you need to provide the required amount of funds to support you financially during your stay.
  • Need to submit valid and required proofs to support your intention to return to your country.
  • You have to prove to the Australian Government that you do not have any debts to pay for the government. If you have any, you must be able to determine what you can pay.
  • If you are planning to migrate through the Family Stream Visitor Visa, then, you are in need to have a valid sponsorship from a relative or family member living in the country.
  • You must have good health. However, you should attend a medical check, and provide the documents to the government officials.
  • Need to have good character, and for this, you have to go for a medical check and submit the documents.

9. Is it possible to extend the validity of the tourist visa?

Yes, it is possible for you to extend your tourist visa validity by applying for an extension to the Visitor visa (Subclass 600) by placing upon a “no further stay condition.”

However, in order to be eligible, you need to be a passport holder from the approved list of countries and having a validity of at least six months from the actual traveling date.

Apply for Australia Visitor Visa

What are factors that determines Australia tourist visa outcome?

1. The intent of Visit: The visit visa of Australia is a non-immigrant visa category. The task of the Australia visa officer is to filter out potential immigrants (who want to misuse this visa category) from all the other applications they receive.

The burden of proof lies with the applicant to demonstrate that they are guaranteed to return to the home country.

This can be explained by showing “Strong Home Ties” including:

  • Earning: A well-paid job or high earning business in your home country.
  • Family dependency: If you are married or have children or parents who are dependent on you.
  • Property/assets: Owning a house/land, besides having FD/mutual shares, can help.
  • Previous travel history: If you have traveled earlier for study or visit to other countries (notably the USA, EU, Australia, etc.).

Tip: If your intent is to work or to stay for a long time, then you need to choose other visa categories.

2. Application Form: For the online visit visa process like Australia, the application form becomes the face of the candidate. The information that you provide in the form gives the Australian case officer enough data to make a decision.

While filling the form, it is essential to mention the above “Strong Home Ties” wherever it is required.

Tip: If you are employed or own a business, make sure you elaborate on your roles in the current and previous company. The roles should reflect your importance in the current organization (when you are not available).

3. Duration Of Stay: You need to keep the length of your visit for a minimal number of days. A 5weeks- 3month of stay on a visit visa will appear a non-practical option considering the high cost of living in Australia.

An itinerary with the precise date, along with the details of accommodation and flight, will be required. If you are going to meet your family or friends, you mention their details along with their invitation letter and their visa details.

Tip: If your friend is going to provide the invitation letter, he/she needs to elaborate your relation in-depth like the same school/college you have studies for xx no of years or the same company you have worked for along with number of years.

What are the 6 Categories of Visit visa ?

There are several type of visa for visit offered by Australian Government. You need to choose the appropriate visa category on the basis of the purpose of visa.

  • Visitor Visa or Subclass 651 Visa:

This visa gets processed in one business day. Almost 90% of the applications get processed as received.

  • Visitor Visa or Subclass 600 Visa:

Tourist Stream: This visa is mainly for tourism stream. The applications mainly get processed based on the submission of required documents. In most cases, 75-90% of applications get processed in 20-33 days.

  • Visitor Visa or Subclass 600 Visa:

Business Stream: The processing time for this visa ranges from 9-20 days.

  • Visitor Visa or Subclass 600 Visa:

Frequent Traveler Stream: Usually, the visa time ranges from 5-18 days for this stream.

  • Visitor Visa or Subclass 600 Visa:

Sponsored Family Stream: Under this stream, the applications are usually processed from 50-70 days. However, it can even change according to individual status.

  • Visitor Visa or Subclass 600 Visa:

Approved Destination Status Stream: With this visa stream, you can experience the visa to get processed in 2-5 days.

How can you get Australian tourist visa from India?

The step-by-step process to apply for an Australian traveling visa are:

Step 1: You need to choose an appropriate subclass visa based on your traveling purpose. Then, you can download the visa application form.

Step 2: Then, you need to provide documents which can support your application process. To avoid delays, it is very much crucial that you provide all the required documents on time.

Step 3: Get ready for payments. Now, you should pay your visa fee by using an appropriate payment mode.

Step 4: Then, you need to lodge your Application for Australia’s tourist visa

What are the travel visa streams for Australia?

If you are planning to visit Australia on a specific purpose, then you need to choose a visa type matching your need. Australia Tourist Visa has four streams under which you can find the best one for you.

1. Tourist Stream: This stream helps people to visit Australia on a tourism purpose or meet the family or friends living in Australia. Also, they are even permitted to spend holidays and time on recreating activities.

2. Business Visitor Stream: It is commonly used as a business visa and mainly referred to people coming to Australia on business purpose. You can go and participate in any of your business meetings, conference, business deals, etc.

3. Sponsored Family Stream: Here, you can obtain sponsorship from the relative living in Australia. It is mainly preferred for candidates who are need of meeting their family.

4. Approved Destination Status Stream: The stream is mainly for the people who belong to the People’s Republic of China. When a community or a group of people belonging to the People’s Republic of China plan for visiting Australia, then this approved destination status stream is used.

What are the rules and regulations to apply for Australia travel visa?

In order to proceed further for the application process of Australia Visa, it is essential to understand what the visa provides.

Once you get aware of what to be done and what not to be done with the visa, there is no hindrance for your enjoyment.

  • If you are interested in traveling to Australia as a visitor, you will be not allowed to do any work for any employer or business holder in Australia.
  • If you are a visitor to Australia, then you are not permitted to do any activities related to selling in Australia.
  • You can complete your study on an informal course by applying to a visitor visa. However, the course must last for less than three months.

What is an ETA?

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority; it is much frequently used to relate tourist visas of Australia.

This allows the applicants to live in Australia for a maximum of up to 3 months on each entry within 12 months from the visa grant. The ETA is issued to a few specific countries.

Which countries are eligible for having an ETA?

The Electronic Travel Authority or the ETA is issued for candidates holding a passport from certain countries. The countries are:

Andorra Austria Belgium
Brunei Canada Denmark
Finland France Germany
Greece Hong Kong (SAR) Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malaysia
Malta Monaco The Netherlands
Norway Portugal Republic of San Marino
Singapore South Korea Spain
Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
United Kingdom United States of America Vatican City

People holding a passport from these countries can experience their application process instantly.

ETA is different from other visa types; there is no need for filling up visa application forms and visa labels or stamps in the passport. They can quickly obtain their visas confirmed by in minutes.

What are the various modes of visa payments?

The immigration government provides you various options to pay your Australia visa payments. You can pay the fee by using your credit card or debit card or cash or demand draft by favoring to the "Australian High Commission, New Delhi."

Also, there isn’t any restriction for card types; you can use any Visa, Master, or Maestro cards.

What happens if we overstay in Australia?

If your visa gets expired when you are staying in Australia, then you will be considered to be an unlawful non-citizen in the country. As per the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth), no one is allowed to stay in Australia after the visa expiry.

If you are overstaying in Australia, then you need to consult the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) for suggestion related to case resolving.

When you overstay less than 28 days, then you have chances to apply for Australia based on your relationship. You can resolve it by qualifying specific criteria.

When you overstay in Australia for more than 28 days, you will be considered to an exclusion period. You will not be able to get a grant for any Australian visa for at least three years.

Is it possible to extend the validity of the tourist visa?

Yes, it is possible for you to extend your tourist visa validity by applying for an extension to the Visitor visa (Subclass 600) by placing upon a "no further stay condition."

However, in order to be eligible, you need to be a passport holder from the approved list of countries and having a validity of at least six months from the actual traveling date.

What happens if your extension of the visa is refused?

For any reasons, if the visa extension is refused, then you have to leave the nation before the visa expires. However, this happens mostly later after the expiry date of your original visa and 28 days from the decision made for the visitor visa.

If the decision on the visa is not heard before the visa expired, then you have to stay in the country until the decision is stated.

If you have planned to cancel a new visa before the decision made, then you must leave within 28 days of the cancellation. However, you will be not be refunded with an application fee.

Can I work in Australia with a tourist Visa?

Tourist Visa is meant for visiting the country on some particular purpose for some specific time. If you are planning to work in Australia, then you need to be aware that Australia is having restrictions for some particular visa types. The visa types are:

  • Australia Tourist Visa: If you are visiting Australia with this visa, then the immigration government doesn’t provide rights for you to work.
  • Student Visa and a Work Permit: If you are having student visa and a work permit, then you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week.
  • Working Holiday Visa: With this Subclass 417 visa type, you need to change your organization for every 3 months; i.e., you are not permitted to work for only one employer for more than 3 months.

What should I do if wishing to stay and work in Australia?

If you are willing to stay and work in Australia, since you are in Australia with a tourist visa, you need to choose a different visa according to the situation. For this, it is better that you consent a right immigration agent or immigration lawyer. They will be able to provide the best advice for your situation. Australia is in need of skilled professionals; hence if you have any special skills, you will always be welcome by the Australian Government.

What are the things that have to be taken care of while leaving Australia?

After completing your vacation in Australian country, you need to take care of a few things while leaving.

  • Before you leave the country, check your travel documents. You need to have your valid passport with other documents related to leave Australia.
  • At the border, you need to go for the departure’s SmartGate. Here, you will see an automated process which recognizes your face and your ePassport.
  • Get your International Movement Record. In order to add your Australian travel history, you have to request for your international movement records by completing Form 1359.

Where can I start my visa process for Australia?

Though the visa seems so simpler, there are few things to be taken care during the process. You can choose services from our expert immigration consultants to make your way for Australia Visit Visa.

We are one of the leading immigration agents in India with services popularly for Permanent Resident Visas, Temporary Resident Visas, Tourist Visas, Student Visas, etc.

For your journey towards Australia with a tourist visa, you contact us through phone, i.e., call to our toll-free number 1800-102-0109 or get registered for a counseling session from our experienced Visa Consultants.