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All About the Nova Scotia Nominee Program

In recent times, many skilled workers from across the world have developed an inclination towards migrating to Canada.

One of the most popular and faster ways of getting permanent residence in Canada is through the Nova Scotia PNP. This immigration program offers a brilliant pathway to enter the Maple Country.

For its evergreen opportunities, the province of Nova Scotia can also be called as this year’s best place of immigration.

All About the Nova Scotia Nominee Program

A lower cost of living, full-time work opportunities, access to quality education and health care are some of the major factors that makes this province an ideal place for immigrants.

Situated in the Eastern coast of Canada, this provincialarea covers more than 3800 coastal Islands. This province has a demand of highly skilled professionals because of the size of the population.

The Nova Scotia migration program is similar to the Canadian Express Entry immigration program.

This program is ideal for those who want a permanent work permit, and want to prosper for an indefinite period in Canada. Also, this immigration program has lenient procedure to obtain the visa.

Once you become a permanent resident of the country through the Nova Scotia, you are sure to rejoice a life like never before in Canada.

To help you understand this program a little more in depth, here are few details, beginning with the basic definition of Canadian PNP.

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What is a Canadian PNP program?

A Canadian PNP program allows you to apply for permanent residency in any part of the country by the means of a nomination from a provincial government.

These programs are more like a work permit for full-time skilled workers possessing post-secondary educationor graduation and intend to reside in a specific province of Canada.

These programs give you the facility of applying online as well as through manual application, posted to the office of immigration of the respective province.

To apply for any of the Canadian PNP program, you need to prove eligibility, clear IELTS exam, undergo a mandatory medical test and provide a police certificate.

This certificate is mandatory to ensure that you don’t have an existing criminal record. Also for obtaining a permanent residency through the Canadian PNP, you need to provide a proof of permanent residence in your existing country.

What is Nova Scotia PNP program?

If you now want to figure out the major major difference between a Canadian PNP and the Nova Scotia nominee program, then here is your answer.

The Canadian PNP is a category of PR visa whereas The Nova Scotia PNP is a part of Canadian PNP.

It is equivalent to the provincial immigration programs of different province like British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick etc.

Just like the other programs, the Nova Scotia PNP program attracts millions of applicants each year. Workers with several years’ experience seek the immigration program with the hope of a better life.

Although it is similar to other programs, the Nova Scotia PNP program is meant exclusively for immigrating to this province.

Through this program, you can receive nomination for yourself based on your skillsand increase your chances of becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

How do you know if I qualify for a Nova Scotia nominee program visa to Canada?

Considered to be lenient than most of the other provinces in terms of the immigration process, Nova Scotia still has several immigration guidelines that you need to abide to apply for its program.

Just like other immigration programs, the Nova Scotia provincial nominee program have their specific requirements to make applicants capable of being selected.

The eligibility requirements also depend upon the stream for which you are applying.

Some of the requirements include:

  • You must be in the age group of 18-49 years.
  • The applicationof the job that you are applying for must be in-demand.
  • You must possess 1 year of work experiencein the field of your occupation.
  • You must possess a 4.5 (IELTS) or 4 (CLB) score in language proficiency.
  • You must have a qualification certificate equivalent to the Canadian education system.
  • You must be able to explain why you intend to migrate to Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia has made it mandatory for all its immigrants to prove meet the language benchmark in English since it is the business language in the province.

Just like the language ability of the Express Entry program in Canada, getting a higher CLB can get you better chances of success.

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How can you apply for the Nova Scotia provincial nominee program?

You can apply for a Nova Scotia PNP under several categories.

All of these categories of the nominee program are designed in a way so that people from all occupations can fall in either of the category and apply for immigration.

It is important to know the best-suited stream for your immigration program. Some of the major categories include:

  • Skilled Worker Stream: Every year, hundreds of foreign workers apply for immigration to Nova Scotia through this stream. High skilled workers who might not have a direct offer from an employerin Nova Scotia are eligible for applying through this stream.
  • Entrepreneur: Several people migrate to Nova Scotia with a business establishment plan. They need a valid work permit to be able to start their own chain of business.
  • Such people are eligible to migrate to Nova Scotia under this stream.

  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: If you had been studying in Canada and want to continue doing so by working in this province are eligible to apply under this stream.
  • Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry Stream: People who have been working in the province of Nova Scotia and have a fixed occupation here or have experience of working here are eligible for applying under this stream.

  • Nova Scotia Express Entry Stream: Several occupations are highly in-demand in Nova Scotia. If you are an applicant for any of those jobs, you can apply for immigration under this stream.

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The Nova Scotia Express Entry System is majorly meant for the highly skilled individuals who seek the status of permanent resident in the country.

Certain occupations have very high demand in this province. If you are an applicant under any of these occupations, you have a high chance of being nominated to the Nova Scotia immigration process.

These are called the regional labor market demand jobs.

Some of these include managers in health care, civil and mechanical engineers, financial officials, restaurant and hotel managers, pharmacists, practitioners and family physicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, chefs and cooks, electricians, contractors and supervisors and more.

If you are applying for the Nova Scotia PNP under any of these professions, you have a high chance of completing your immigration process sooner.

Having said that, you need to remember that you need to be really great at your occupation because sometimes you might even have to prove your skills.

Becoming a permanent resident of Nova Scotia, might seem to be a cakewalk. However, there are several aspects, which you must be aware of before applying for the Nova Scotia PNP program.

As Nova Scotia’s office of immigration reserves rights to choose to grant the status of permanent residency only to certain kinds of jobs, remember to take a note of all these points before you apply.

  • Ensure your occupation falls under Category A as a skilled worker and ability to meet the various eligibility criteria.
  • You must have at least 1 year of work experience in the relevant field.
  • Possess a full-time job offer from any of Nova Scotia’s employer. This opportunity should have a validity of at least 1 year after your permanent resident visa is issued.
  • You must have a profile registered as an permanent resident and not as an immigration refugees under Canada’s Express entry system.
  • You should have proven your language proficiency in English or French as per Canadian standards.
  • You must be able to prove your financial capabilities.

If you fall under Category B, that is if you are an experienced applicant seeking an opportunity in any of the high demand occupation, your eligibility criteria might vary a little.

However, in both cases, if you find yourself eligible, apply for an online application form to proceed with the immigration program.

Once you have filled it completely and accurately, you will have to attach all the necessary documents with it and send it to the office of immigration.

Once you are nominated, the authorities would contact you back for further processes.

The best way to apply for this program is to seek help from our immigration officers who are specialized in Nova Scotia PNP application process.

Be it for an online process or a manual process, their help is just a click away!

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