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Study in Italy in 2024: How to Get a Student Visa for Italy? (+ Intakes, Universities, Eligibility, Documents & More!)

Italy enrols about 32,000 international students annually in universities. Learn why Italy is the perfect study destination, understand visa types, document needs and more.

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Do you know education in Italy is free and mandatory for children aged 6 to 16? Italy is a prime destination for international students. This is due to its renowned educational institutions and historic contributions to academia. It is home to some of the oldest universities in the world, such as the University of Bologna. Italy has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence.

With a welcoming environment for international students, studying in Italy enhances knowledge. Further, it provides valuable cultural competencies in one of Europe’s most dynamic countries.

Reasons to Study in Italy

Italy attracts many international students each year for several key reasons:

Types of Study Visa

Non-EU/EEA students need to apply for one of two types of study visas to study in Italy. The

Short-Stay Visa (Type C): It is intended for those enrolling in language courses or short-term programs lasting less than 90 days. This visa allows for stays of up to 90 days. It is necessary for students from countries that do not have visa exemptions for short stays.

Long-Stay Visa (Type D): This visa is for students pursuing degree programs that last more than 90 days and require at least 20 hours of classes per week (or 80 hours per month). Upon arrival with a Type D visa, students must report to the local Questura (police headquarters) within 8 days to obtain a residence permit. This is to confirm their legal residency status in Italy.

What documents are required for an Italy study visa?

To apply for a study visa for Italy, you'll need:

  • A valid passport with at least two blank visa pages, valid for at least three months beyond your study program's end date.
  • A letter of acceptance from your Italian institution.
  • A completed visa application form.
  • A copy of your travel itinerary to and from Italy.
  • Proof of no criminal record.
  • Proof of proficiency in Italian or English (depending on your program's language).
  • Proof of adequate financial means (approximately €450 to €515 per month).
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements in Italy.
  • Proof of medical insurance coverage.
  • Payment confirmation for the visa application fee. i.e. Registration or Pre-registration.

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Italy Study Visa Application Process

How much does an Italy study visa cost?

Short Stay: The visa for study purposes is free of charge.

Long Stay: The administrative fee for processing the visa application is €50.00 (INR 4520.65). It is payable in the local currency at the application centre.

Processing Time for Student Visa Application

The processing time of your application may take between 1–3 weeks. In some cases, it can take longer.

Validity of Study Visa Italy

The Italy Student Visa is initially valid for up to one year, with the option to renew it for the duration of your academic program. Renewal depends on passing all your yearly university exams.

Intakes in Italy

Italy offers two study intakes each year for international students, providing flexibility based on individual preferences:


Study Program

Admission Deadlines


Undergraduate and Postgraduate

September to December


Undergraduate and Postgraduate

January to May

Can I Bring My Family Members with Me to Italy On a Student Visa?

You can bring your spouse or children to Italy on a student visa. But they must first apply for an Italy family visa, which requires you to get an authorization called “Nulla Osta”. This authorization is processed by the immigration office in your local area.

Once approved, you'll receive the Nulla Osta to forward to your family members abroad and the Italian embassy or consulate in your home country. After obtaining the Nulla Osta, your family members can then apply for the Italy family visa.

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Top 10 universities in Italy according to the QS World University Rankings 2024


QS World University Rankings 2024





Polytechnic University of Milan




University of Rome - La Sapienza




University of Bologna




University of Padua




Polytechnic University of Turin




University of Milan




University of Naples Federico II




University of Pisa




University of Florence




University of Turin



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