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Moving abroad is an exciting option but is a huge decision for any professional, family or student. Avoid any mistakes that cost time & money.

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Moving abroad is an exciting option but it is a huge decision for any professional, family or student. Not only is it a risky proposition for some, but it is also expensive, time-consuming, and requires enormous effort on the part of the individual.

What is worse is that after doing all the hard work and spending a lot of money, many won't get the results they want to go overseas.



To save you the trouble of going through such an experience, Kansas designed a system that filters out any potential issues that may occur in the future. Our team of experts do this by reviewing:

  • Any inconsistency between your education experience that makes you ineligible.
  • If your university is recognised in a foreign country.
  • If you have enough points or requirements to qualify for a visa.
  • If your skills are in demand in your preferred country
  • And other issues that can influence visa decision or career progress.

The system is called the Internal Evaluation Report. A simple checkpoint before you commit to a process.

What are the benefits of Internal Evaluation Report?

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  • It saves your time and money.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Know how much time it will take for the process of you specifically.
  • A detailed analysis that helps you discuss with family and friends.

How can I get my IER Report?

The simple process is to sign up for our IER service for a nominal cost. You will receive an online link to fill out the application. You need to fill.

  • Your education details
  • Your work experience with roles and responsibilities
  • Your travel history
  • Your spouse's education and experience details
  • And other details.

In 24-48 hours, you will receive an 8- to 10 pages exhaustive report.

What is the report Of Initial Evaluation consist?

The report includes:

  1. The details of your eligibility or ineligibility.
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses in your profile
  3. What should you do to improve your profile
  4. And the next plan of action.

Furthermore, our experts spend 30 minutes breaking down the report for you and providing recommendations to increase your chances of going abroad.

Related FAQs

What are type of visa IER is required ?

      1. Migration: PR Visa of Canada, Australia, the UK and other nations
      2. Jobseeker visa:  Germany, Portugal and Spain.
      3. Study visa : the USA, Canada, the UK or other nations.

So what are you waiting for? Log in to our offical website, sign up and get the clarity through our report before taking a big decision/

Other Important FAQs

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