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Eligibility for Malaysia Dependent Visa for Family Members

Foreign nationals’ passport holders in Malaysia on study or employment can get their family members to the country. Apply for a dependent visa or pass to live with your family members. The dependent after reaching Malaysia, the dependent has to get their passport struck with a dependent pass sticker.

Who can come to Malaysia on a dependent visa?

Following individuals of the primary applicant are eligible for a dependent visa of Malaysia:

  • Parents
  • Common-law spouse (proof needed from the embassy)
  • Children below 21 years old
  • Step-children
  • Physical or mentally retarded children irrespective of age

What is the dependent visa requirement for 18 years old dependent child?

According to the immigration department of Malaysia:

  • If the children are 18 years or below are eligible for a dependent visa;
  • If the children are above 18 years they need to apply for a visit pass or student pass.

What are the required documents for the Malaysian Dependent Visa application?

  1. Passport copy of the primary applicant and dependent
  2. Family Letter: You can receive it from the embassy containing yours and your family profile
  3. Photos of all applicants with white background
  4. Student Admission letter/employer offer letter documents
  5. Bank Statement for students to show sufficient funds to support family members
  6. Medical insurance documents for each family member
  7. Proof of relationship documents with the primary applicant
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
  8. Malaysian visa application forms (IMM.12 and IMM.38)
  9. Photocopies of your Employment Pass or Student Pass
  10. Bank payment proof for Dependent’s Pass to the Immigration Department

Travel document i.e. passport validity should have 6 months and minimum 3 blank pages and attached the old, not valid passport (if any).

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What are the fees for the application?

  1. The visa fee depends on the applicant’s country. For the People's Republic of China, it is 160 RM and for India, it is 455 RM (around 7900 INR).
  2. Government fees include
    • Pass Fees (First 3 months free, next 50 RM): 50 X 9= 450 RM (7800 INR)
    • Processing fees: 50 RM (860 INR)
    • Journey Performed Visa Fee (if relevant): 500 RM (8600 INR)

How do you apply for Malaysia Dependent Visa?

There are two categories of visas which works based on main applicant purpose of stay in Malaysia. The two categories for Dependent Visa require:

Dependent Visa if the primary applicant is on a work visa

  • This application can be done along with your employer pass or upon confirmation of your employer's pass as work permit after coming to Malaysia;
  • Here you or your employer can submit the visa application form.

Dependent Visa if the primary applicant is on a student visa

  • If the primary applicant is in Malaysia for higher education can apply for family members to stay with him/her during this tenure;
  • The education level should be either masters, PhD or Postdoc;
  • They can apply for the dependent pass only after getting your student pass upon reaching Malaysia.

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What is the process to get a Malaysian dependent visa?

The steps involved in the process are:

  • Step 1:Sent an invitation to Malaysia for the family dependent on the immigration department website of Malaysia.
  • Step 2:Submit the visa application form with the required documents.
  • Step 3: Upon approval of the dependent pass, Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is issued from the Immigration Department of Malaysia
  • Step 4: Using the VAL he family member should apply for Dependent pass at the nearest Malaysian embassy or consulate
  • Step 5:After travelling to Malaysia, they should submit the family dependent pass and passport at the workplace or school.
    If they do not handle the passport submission, you can directly submit it to the immigration department of Malaysia.
  • Step6: Then Dependent Visa sticker is stuck on the dependent family member’s passport by the department of immigration.

Is IELTS required for Malaysia Dependent Visa?

To apply for a study visa a student needs to provide the English language proficiency test. And as a dependent visa IELTS is not required for the application.

How long does it take to apply for a Malaysia dependent visa?

The approximate processing time for the application is 2 months for the student visa and employment pass.

The visa validity is for the same date as per the primary applicant student and employment visa.

Primary applicant extends his/her visa along with dependent’s visa

Can spouse on Dependent Visa work in Malaysia?

A person residing in Malaysia cannot work in Malaysia on a Dependent Visa. Instead, they can convert it to a work visa or employment pass. Follow the below steps to get eligible to work there:

  • Find a job in Malaysia
  • Cancel the Malaysia Dependent Visa
  • Apply for Employment Pass

The employer needs to process for the employment pass, visa, and permit division of the Malaysia immigration department.

Does India have a visa on arrival facility for Dependent Visa?

Indian citizens are eligible for visa on arrival option based on the following conditions:

  • The dependent should enter Malaysia either from Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia with a valid visit passes.
  • They should have valid return tickets to India
  • Require to show proof of funds of 1000 USD for the stay in Malaysia.

How can Malaysia Dependent Visa get a Permanent Residency?

With entry permit type of visa allows you to continue your stay in Malaysia by extending it from the period if willing to be a permanent resident. Immigration can only be possible if you have a sponsor.

In the case of wife and husband, one can sponsor the other and for professional, the company act as sponsors. In this way, the student in the country can also do immigration.

What are the benefits of Malaysia Permanent residency?

A PR holder gets many benefits which a Malaysian born citizen enjoys:

  • travelling to Malaysia anytime
  • start own business
  • change jobs without changing employment pass
  • buy property
  • no need to renew the permit

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What are the requirements for Permanent Residency?

You must approach the Immigration Department of Malaysia if you have decided to apply for PR. The department will provide you with the required document list for submission.

Below are the required documents which can change according to person-to-person and case-to-case:

  • IMM.4 application form
  • 2 passport size photo of you and sponsor
  • Personal Cover letter
  • Agency recommendation
  • Photocopies of Employment Pass (if applicable)
  • Photocopies of marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Photocopies of birth certificates for your children (if applicable)
  • Passport photocopy
  • Proof of funds (to support application)

How to apply for Malaysia Permanent Residency

Application for PR is an in-person process. Below are the steps to apply for PR:

Step 1: Submission

  • You should submit the application form at the Immigration Department of Malaysia
  • They do not accept application by online or mail
  • Submit all the required documents with the application form.

Step 2: Interview

  • The Immigration Department interviews the applicant after the submission
  • The sponsor is also required to attend the interview
  • You have to wait until the officials will verify your documents.

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