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Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Permanent Residency in Canada is a fantastic pathway to lead a successful life in its entity.

Though there are several immigration programs for foreign nationals to obtain this status, the Federal Skilled Worker is the most commonly applied one.

However, the common challenge with the visa process is the CRS score. Not many are able to reach the required score.

So will this end your excitement of immigration to Canada? Certainly not! You can file an application for nomination and get your visa faster (often despite low score).

Your excitement to submit your application is quite natural. Immigration to Canada can be a life-changing decision and many are often excited about it.

Even if you have a low score, Government of Yukon, a provincial government of Canada offers immigration refugees and applicants a pathway to settle in Canada through its simple nominee program.

Before we move ahead for the application process, let us discuss about Yukon and its Provincial Nominee Program.

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

About Yukon:

Yukon is among the most naturally beautiful provinces in Canada. You can get to see eye-alluring landscapes here. The highest peak in the country (Mount Logan) falls in this territory. You can also enjoy several other natural attractions.

Wouldn't it be fascinating for you if you could work and live along with the family in this beautiful place? You can become a nominee from this province under YNP.

In fact, the province has a well-designed PNP Program. The authorities select the worker as per the labour market requirements.

About Yukon Provincial Nominee Program:

Provincial Nominee Program allows various provinces in Canada to attract skilled workers. This is one of the most preferred pathways for convenient immigration. For your Permanent Residence in Canada, you can choose to apply through Yukon PNP.

A skilled worker would have better chances for approval as a Permanent Resident. Yukon PNP selects skilled workers for immigration following the National Occupational Classification.

Following are the key streams under YNP:

Yukon Express Entry (YEE):

The authorities can accept 60 applications under this stream. These are apart from the regular annual lot of 90 applications. The skilled worker gets a chance for selection through Express Entry Pool.

As per the recently updated norms, the employers in Yukon can select workers in this program. You can receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR. For this, an opportunity for full-time work plays a vital role.

Immigration for the skilled worker:

The employer from Yukon can sponsor a worker for Permanent Residence in Yukon Territory. Yet, the occupation of the skilled worker sponsored should be a part of NOC. Meanwhile, the worker needs to meet various other requirements too.

Immigration for Critical Impact Worker:

The employer can invite the skilled worker from overseas to meet the requirements. The worker needs to have adequate relevant work experience in the occupation. The employer issues a job offer and also arranges for a valid work permit for this stream.

The skilled worker must have at least a high school diploma to apply under this category.

The employer needs to be registered with the Yukon Corporate Registry. He/she must operate the business for over one year. The employer needs to pay for the travel of the worker, and also arrange for his/her health insurance.

Business Nominee:

The aspiring entrepreneur can become a nominee under this stream. You must have adequate knowledge and experience in your existing business. There are other stringent norms about your investment capability and willingness as well.

Eligibility Criteria for Yukon PNP:

There are different criteria that the visa issuing authorities consider as per the YNP streams. Some factors are common to meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Your nomination under various categories of Yukon PNP relies on the following elements:

Norms for employment and skill level:

  • You need to meet the requirements of federal economic immigration programs.
  • You need to complete the Online Express Entry Application Process. You get a Profile Number on this submission. Again, you receive a Job Seeker Validation Code, if applicable.
  • For your entry through YEE, you need a valid job offer from a Yukon based employer. This job offer needs to be for permanent, full-time work.
  • You may need to prove your skill level and experience in the specific occupation.
  • A minimum of 6 months of work experience is necessary for critical impact worker. For entry through Express Entry, the requirements may vary. The criteria include work experience of a minimum of one year.
  • Critical Impact stream also allows a study permit to students. You need to furnish the details of your education in the region before. Again, you should be studying in the province at least for:
    1. One year in a Certificate Program;
    2. Two years in a Bachelor's Degree Program;
    3. Level Eight in English as a Second Language.
  • You need to be proficient in English and/or French Languages. The reputed universities and qualified employers in Yukon ask for IELTS score.
  • You need to submit Proof of Funds enough to support your dependents.
  • For Business Nominee, the eligibility includes:
    1. Adequate Entrepreneurial or Business Management Experience
    2. Language Skills.
    3. A minimum net worth of 500,000 CAD for investments.
    4. Intent to settle in Yukon on a long-term basis
    5. A Business Plan showing the process of establishment. The business needs to relate to the listed sectors in the Strategic Sector List.
    6. The Business Nominee needs to furnish resettlement plans every year. There are specific requirements to meet until the nomination as a Permanent Resident.

The candidates get scores based on the Nominee Assessment Grid. For this ranking, the authorities consider seven crucial factors.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS):

It is also significant to know the Point-based system for eligibility. As the number of applicants under YNP is high; the IRCC follows this system for selection.

Your application for immigration through Yukon PNP should be complete. Then, the authorities scrutinize various factors. You get points for the elements in your profile. The chances to get the nomination would be better if your score is good.

Following are the factors that can bring you better scores:

Age: For the age from 18 to 35 you can earn 12 points. The maximum age while applying is 46 years.

Education: For Doctoral Level education (PhD) you get 25 points. The points go on reducing for the other lower levels of education.

Work Experience: If you have relevant work experience in a listed occupation of 6 years minimum, you get 15 points.

Language Skills: You can get at the most 24 points through your IELTS score. Again, you can also appear for other similar exams.

If you are also proficient in French, you can get a maximum of 4 extra points.

Employment: It becomes easy to immigrate to Canada with an employment offer. You get 10 points if you are currently working in Canada in a skilled or semi-skilled position. There are some other norms related to this category. Even if you are a potential skilled employee, without a work permit, you get 10 points.

Adaptability: You get 10 points if you have worked or studied in Canada before. Again, through sponsorship from a legally major family member, you get 5 points.

Minimum CRS Score Required for Yukon PNP:

The federal government encourages immigration of talented and skilled applicants. You should be a great fit in the set criteria. You need to apply at the right age, having a better qualification, in an occupation needed in the industry.

We have already seen the methods to calculate your points in brief. It is mandatory to have a minimum score of 67 points (and a CRS of at least 300) to submit your application under the Yukon PNP Program.

If you wish to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis, this is among the most significant requirements.

The benefits such as:

  • Your work permit,
  • Government facilities for healthcare,
  • Free education for the dependents and so on.

Become easier to meet, if you get a job opportunity from a qualified employer.

For other categories of Canada PR, the following factors can be helpful:

  • A scholarship for higher studies from a recognized Yukon based university
  • A strong and realistic business plan backed by investment capability
  • Sponsorship from a family member

Applying for YNP without a job offer:

You can also apply for Yukon PNP without a job offer. Yet, the processing time for approval may be more in this case. The officials in the territory would ensure the following facts and figures:

  • Is your qualification, occupation and work experience enough to find employment? Do these criteria match the NOC guidelines?
  • Do you have the skills desired in the flourishing industries currently?
  • Are you immigrating at the right and productive age to contribute to the economy?
  • Do you have adequate funds to survive along with the dependents for a considerable period?

If your online profile, submitted documents and proofs provide positive answers to these queries, you may get the nomination. Yet, for your entry under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you should prefer finding a job in Yukon, Canada.

Moving to another province after you get Yukon PNP:

It is not a simple task to move to another territory of Canada after you enter through YNP. The difficulties are similar for any other Provincial Nominee Program too. You cannot relocate to another territory immediately after your arrival.

The border officials confirm your intention to stay in the province. You need to abide by the federal and provincial laws about immigration. The Charter for Rights and Freedom is subject to provincial laws.


  • Obtaining Permanent Resident Status in Canada,
  • Getting your PR Card and
  • Being a Canadian Citizen

are the essentials for your further movement in any other province for any reason.

To check your eligibility for the Provincial Nomination Programs, you can contact our immigration consultants