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Follow the 8 steps for obtaining a Dubai Student Visa

Do you know, Studying in Dubai is much cheaper than elsewhere? Yes, Dubai is having the best education policies for international students at an affordable charge. The education system of Dubai covers three levels – primary, secondary, and collegiate education.

The KHDA or the Knowledge and Human Development Authority takes care of the institutes, schools, specialized centers, private and government universities of Dubai.

Are you even planning to obtain a higher education at an affordable cost? Then, start your Visa Application Process for Dubai Student Visa. The visa will help you obtain education from the best universities and build a strong career for your future.

Let us now discuss and understand the requirements and steps to be followed while applying for Dubai Study Visa.

1. What are the types of UAE Student Visas?

Different types of UAE Study visa

There are a good number of student visas for Dubai. You can choose the relevant visa type as per your requirement and visa stay. The UAE student visas are even issued to the children of UAE residents. Since the children are under their parents' or relatives' sponsorship, the children may require a student visa.

Type of Student Visa Visa Purpose UAE Student Visa Cost
Family-Sponsored Dubai Student Visa It is referred for the students who are attending an educational institution. The students are allowed to apply for the visa application as per their parent's sponsorship. Visa Processing Fee:
AED 2300 – 2700
Refundable Visa Deposit:
AED 2500 – 3000
(The refundable amount can be returned after the completion of studies in the Universities.)
*There may be a need for AED 1300-1500 for health insurance if your proposed university needs it as a mandate.
Educator Sponsored Dubai Study Visa The visa type helps the students in receiving a UAE student Visa until the course completion. With this, the university can sponsor the students for full-time.
Short Stay Dubai Student Visa The visa type is for the students exchanging a short period of stay in the UAE. It is granted with a 60 days stay and can be renewed when required.

"The figures which are provided above can vary depending on the airline or the visa consultant you are choosing. The provided information about the visa fee is from the official website of UAE government."

2. How to obtain a UAE Student Visa?

In order to be eligible for the UAE student visa, you are required to fulfill a set of requirements. Below mentioned are a few of the requirements:

  • Students need to have an official admission letter received from a UAE University.
  • Need to go for a medical fitness test and get the required certificates.
  • The student needs to qualify the secured check of the emirate from where the student is planning to study.
  • Need to have a visa sponsor – may be a parent or relative or the University itself in UAE.
  • Visa applications have to be processed by the Foreigners Affairs of the particular emirate and the General Directorate of Residency.

"A Letter of admission from a university is not a declaration of receiving a Student Visa grant. The final decision should be declared by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the suitable emirate."

3. What is a Long-term visa for outstanding students?

The government of UAE has introduced a 5 year visa program for students falling under the "Outstanding" category. In order to meet the eligibility, candidates need to possess the below requirements:

  • Should graduate with 95% grade from a secondary school.
  • The university students must get graduated by having at least a 3.75 GPA from the universities within and outside of the UAE.

"For the male children who are above 18 years, the UAE government doesn’t allow for any sponsorship. However, it can be excluded, if the duration of the study is minimum a year or if the education is from a UAE institution. And, there are no restriction females for receiving a sponsorship. "

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4. Can I work on a student visa?

In the year 2017, the government of UAE has announced that the foreign nationals over the age of 18 can work part-time by applying for a work permit.

Previously, the work permits were issued before granting students to work on campus. But, with the latest update, as an international student, you can apply for internships or jobs to support your expenditure and as well a strong career.

Do you know?

The International students are able work in up to 4,500 businesses across the 9 creative clusters, which include Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Studio City.

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5. What are the required documents for Dubai Student Visa?

Before starting your application for Dubai Student Visa, you should be able to get your admission letter from the university. Then, you need to provide all the required documents to the university.

The documents which are needed while applying for a UAE Student Visa are:

  • A filled admission letter or the application letter provided by the university.
  • Your recent passport size photographs.
  • A passport with at least two blank pages and 6 months validity for stamps and obtaining a visa.
  • Admission letter as received from the UAE University.
  • Bank Statements to support your proof of funds, living expenses, and tuition fees.
  • Copy receipts of your visa fees and tuition fees.
  • Agreements or proofs stating your student accommodation.
  • If applying for a post-graduate degree, need to provide proof for your undergraduate degree.

6. What are the 8 steps for obtaining a Dubai Student Visa?

You can now obtain a Dubai Student visa by following the below-mentioned 8 steps:

Step 1: Choose Dubai as your destination for higher education.

Step 2: Finalize your Course and Institution in Dubai.

Step 3: Check out the visa and entry requirements.

Step 4: Apply for your required course.

Step 5: Obtain your I-20 and Offer letter from UAE University.

Step 6: Attach all required documents as per the checklist to your visa application.

Step 7: Submit your application at the Dubai Visa application center with required fees in cash.

Step 8: After visa approval, collect the visa copy from the application center to move to Dubai.

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7. What are the requirements for studying Under-graduation in Dubai?

Requirements for Under-graduation:

  • The score requirement varies from university to university. Usually, it ranges from 60-75 percentages.
  • For proving language proficiency in English, you may need to take an examination of IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum score requirement is 6.0.
  • Most of the under graduation level applications are done separately on the website of the respective university.
  • Need to submit LOR, mark sheets of previous classes, essays, predicted grades.

8. What are the requirements for studying Master's in Dubai?

Requirements for Master's Courses in Dubai:

  • There is no need for GRE or GMAT for most of the Dubai universities.
  • You need to score at least 55 percentages to obtain admission to a Top university for your Bachelors's.
  • You need to prove your language proficiency by taking up an examination. You need to score at least 6.5.
  • Need to submit LOR, mark sheets of previous classes, essays, predicted grades.
  • Common Application is the portal where most of the under-graduation level applications are done.

9. What are the requirements for studying MBA Courses in Dubai?

Requirements for MBA Courses in Dubai:

  • A minimum of 2-3 years of work experienced is needed for getting an admission to MBA in Business Schools in Dubai.
  • A bachelor's degree or similar can be accepted if you are having a minimum of 65 percentage.
  • The students who are having good chances to study in Dubai will be called for an interview before the final process of selection.
  • Need to submit LOR, mark sheets of previous classes, essays, predicted grades.

10. Which is the best consultancy for Dubai Study Visa?

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