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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada is a dream country for many skilled professionals. Canada offers multiple benefits to qualified specialists. The country is facing an acute shortage of experts in many sectors.

Since 2015, Canada has introduced a program called Canada Express Entry program. With this system, it is helping many of the candidates to become a Skilled Worker of Canada.

Under this system, Canada has created a fast track process for qualified professionals to get immigration to Canada skilled worker visa in the shortest span of time.

The system is having many visa programs; among these; the Federal skilled worker program is one of the visas.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Here, you will be able to learn about the criteria to be followed while applying for a PR visa through Canada Federal skilled worker program. Also, you can know more about the processing time for FSW Program and benefits of Canada PR.

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About Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you plan to obtain a Canada PR visa with your professional and educational background, then choose the Federal Skilled Worker Program for Canada.

The FSW Canada is one of the best platforms for many professionals. However, to get qualified for the skilled worker visa, you are required to prove your skills and meet the eligibility requirements.


1. Determine Your PR Score

The immigration system of Canada is a points-based. The points are based on various factors like age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. You need to score a minimum of 67 points within these factors.

Determine Your PR Score
  • Age:
  • This is an essential factor among the skilled factors for FSW Canada. You can score higher points if you start your immigration process at an early age.

    The earlier you start your procedure, the maximum score you can obtain on the Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

    Age Maximum Points
    18- 35 Year 12 Points
    36 11 Points
    37 10 Points
    38 9 Points
    39 8 Points
    40 7 Points
    41 6 Points
    42 5 Points
    43 4 Points
    44 3 Points
    45 2 Points
    46 1 Points
    47 and older 0 Points
  • Education:
  • The higher the qualification you possess, the more top points you can obtain. Also, it is essential that your educational skills meet with Canadian educational standards.

    Education Qualification Maximum Points
    University degree or equivalent to PhD 25 Points
    Holding a Masters Degree 23 Points
    Holding a Double-Bachelor Degree 22 Points
    Bachelor’s Degree 21 Points
    3 Years Diploma Course after Higher Secondary 19 Points
    3 Years Diploma Course after High School 15 Points
    High School 5 Points
  • Work Experience:
  • The higher the qualification you possess, the more top points you can obtain.

    Also, it is essential that your educational skills meet with Canadian eCanada is always in need of skilled professionals; hence, the more work experience you hold, the easier it becomes for your profile to get picked.

    Work Experience Maximum Points
    1 Year 9 Points
    2-3 Years 11 Points
    4-5 Years 13 Points
    6 Years and above 15 Points
  • Language Proficiency:
  • English and French are the two official languages accepted by the Canada immigration system. You need to prove proficiency in any of the language.

    For English, you will have to take up an IELTS test, as it is one of the standard parameters to judge your language skills by Canada.

    You need to score a minimum of CLB 7 on your overall reading, writing, speaking, and listening factors to migrate to Canada.

    Reading Speaking Writing Listening CLB
    6 6 6 6 CLB 7
    6.5 6.5 6.5 7.5 CLB 8
    7-7.5 7 7 8 CLB 9
    8-9 7.5-9 7.5-9 8.5-9 CLB 10
    TEF Canada TFC Canada
    The Test d’évaluation de français pour le Canada (TEF Canada) is one of the tests approved by IRCC for French. The Test de connaissances du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada) managed by the Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques (CIEP) in France.
    You need to score a minimum level of 7 NCLC. You should be able to score a minimum level of 7 NCLC.
  • Adaptability/Additional Points:
  • You can score a maximum of up to 600 points, if you have your spouse accompanying, or having relatives living in Canada, or having a Canadian work/education, etc.

    Adaptability Factors Maximum points
    Your spouse or partner’s skills 5 Points
    If pursued your education in Canada 5 Points
    If your spouse or partner has pursued an education in Canada 5 Points
    If having your previous work experience in Canada 10 Points
    If your spouse is having past work experience in Canada 5 Points
    If you have an arranged employment 5 Points
    If you have any relatives living in Canada 5 Points

2. Find out your Occupation Code:

Information, Communications, and TechnologyHealth and MedicalBanking, Finance, and AccountingSales and MarketingEngineering (all streams)EducationLegalConstruction and Real Estate

Check Eligibility

Canada will accept your immigration only if you have occupational experience in a profession of the National Occupation Code. Each profession has a designated code and the details of the job role.

You need to determine which of those closely relate to your profile and nominate for the same. You must nominate an occupation from the National Occupational Classification (Skill level 0 A or B).

NOC Skill Type 0
The skill type refers to the candidates having work experience in management occupations.
Some of the examples for the skill type are Senior management occupations, legislators, middle and other management occupations
NOC Skill Level A
The skill level refers to the candidates having a college/vocational degree or apprenticeship Training.
The code can be either 2 or 3.
The type of training or education required for this skill type is
1. 2-3 years of post-secondary education (or)
2. 2-5 years of training -apprenticeship (or)
3. 3-4 years of secondary education, and more than 2 years of on the job training
The immigration programs which are preferable are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, PNP Skilled Worker and Work Permit.
NOC Skill Level B
The skill level mainly refers to the occupations, which require education from the university.
The code can be 0 or 1.
The type of education needed for the skill level is a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Level.
The immigration programs which are acceptable for the skill type are a Work permit, Federal Skilled Worker program, PNP Skilled Worker program, CEC, Federal Skilled Trades.

3. Check your Medical and Character Requirement:

Canada will grant you a PR visa only if you have no criminal history. Likewise, you should not have any major disease that could cause a challenge to the Canadian healthcare system.

This factor is one of the most important eligibility essentials for Canada to welcome you as legal immigration. Hence, to prove that you are eligible, you need to provide the required documents and certificates while applying for a PR visa.

  • Medical Certificate: You need to go for a medical examination, including blood tests, x-rays, urine tests, and medical records that state you are fit mentally and physically.
  • Character Certificate: You should be able to prove your decent character. For this, you need to provide your police certifications with regards to your history.


The below information details the steps to be followed for your Canada PR application through the Federal Skilled Worker Program:

  1. Create your profile on Express Entry Portal profile and provide your Expression of Interest (EOI) for Canada Permanent Residence.
  2. Get your profile score with Canada PR Point’s calculator. Here, you need to get your profile assessed on various eligibility factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability.
  3. According to the score you have received on the point’s calculator, you will be placed in the Express Entry pool. Here, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR, if your profile score meets the pre-defined score of the Express Entry draw.
  4. After obtaining your ITA through the Express Entry draws, you will have to submit your PR application through the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program within 60 days.
  5. You need to get your health and character certificates by performing a medical check-up and police-inquiry.
  6. Within the provided 60 days, submit your Canada PR application with valid documents.
  7. The application with the submitted documents will be reviewed by the visa officer.
  8. After obtaining a visa grant, you need to complete your payments for Canada Immigration Skilled Worker visa.


The fee requirement for Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada depends on various factors.

The fee changes as per the number of people accompanying; and also it includes processing fee, right to PR fee, biometrics fee, etc.

Fee Factors In Canadian Dollars In Indian Rupees
If traveling alone (For primary applicant) Processing Fee for Canada Visa $ 550 INR 29,895
Right of PR Fee $ 490 INR 26,633
Biometrics Fee $ 85 INR 4,860
If traveling with a spouse (For secondary applicant) Processing Fee for Canada Visa $ 550 INR 29,895
Right of PR Fee $ 490 INR 26,633
Biometrics $ 85 INR 4,860
If traveling with children Right of PR Fee
$ 150 for each child INR 8153
Biometrics $ 85 (if the child is above 14 years) INR 4,860
Other Fee Requirements Educational Credential Assessment $ 200 (Approximately) INR 10,871 (Approximately)
IELTS $ 221 (Approx. for single attempt) INR 12,000 (Approx. for single attempt)
Medical Test $ 92 - $ 184 (Approx) INR 5,000 – 10,000 (Approx)
PCC Depends Depends


The FSW Canada visa process involves a lot of documents. In each stage of your process, you will be required to provide a set of documents to prove your skills and support the visa process.

Below you can find the list of documents which will be essential while processing your Canada Skilled worker visa:

  • Certificates/Proofs of your Education Qualifications.
  • Copy of your birth certificates.
  • Your Medical and Character Certificates.
  • Copy of your valid passport or travel document.
  • Documents to prove your work experience.
  • If having a job offer; need to provide a valid letter of offer from the employer.
  • Documents to support your financial assets or proof of funds.
  • If traveling with a spouse, need to submit your marriage certificate.

The list maybe even more based on your profile and the requirements suggested by the immigration bodies. However, to know in detail, you can feel to speak to our experts.


The fund needed for Canada PR depends upon the number of people accompanying the primary applicant. The fund requirements for your immigration through the skilled worker visa Canada are:

Number of family members Fund required
1 $12,669
2 $15,772
3 $19,390
4 $23,542
5 $26,701
6 $30,114
7 $33,528
For each additional family member $3,414


There isn’t any specified time for receiving a visa grant, because it usually varies from profile to profile. But, in an average, the processing time for the Canada skilled worker visa can be from 8 months to 12 months, after launching the Canada PR application.

Also, it can even depend on your profile performance. If your profile has a good CRS score, i.e., ranging from 400 – 450, then you may have the best chances to obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) faster.

However, there are many good ways to increase your CRS score by improving your skills.

  • You can get additional score by proving French language skills.
  • Receive extra points if you are having your siblings in Canada.
  • Having an arranged employment can increase your total score.
  • Increase your work experience and obtain more points.
  • Improve your language skills for additional points.
  • Enhance your qualification for receiving extra points, etc.


By migrating as a permanent resident through a Canadian skilled worker visa, you will be fortunate to experience a range of benefits. Below you can find a few of the benefits which can be experienced with a PR status:

  • You can live, work and study anywhere in the country.
  • Eligible for obtaining health-care and social services.
  • The PR visa helps you for sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner and children.
  • After a successful 3 years stay as a permanent resident, you will be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship.
  • Free Education for your dependent children in the Public Schools of Canada.
  • Eligible for many of the retirement and pension plans.


Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the programs under the Express Entry System. It is much popular for its faster processing time.

With a qualified eligibility score, you will be having better chances of receiving an ITA faster with this Canada federal skilled worker visa.

Since it doesn’t demand to have Canadian employment, a skilled professional can easily migrate and find the best career opportunity to settle.

The process is simpler, but the requirements for each stage are many. Hence, it is advisable to consult an immigration consultancy for simplified visa process.

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the leading visa consultancies with successful visa services from years. We have provided our enriched visa services to people all around the country.

You can also speak to our visa experts and get the best visa assistance to move faster with the Canadian skilled worker visa.

Our Canada visa consultants will perform a visa counseling to help you know about Canada immigration through the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa. Call to our toll-free number – 1800-102-0109 to schedule your free visa counseling session.

Note: Though the PR visa allows you to move anywhere in the country, you will not be allowed to move to Quebec. Quebec is the only province following its immigration government.

In order to considered, you need to process your Quebec eligibility check and apply.

Canada FSW Program FAQ:

Candidates who have applied for a permanent residency and have got chosen based on their education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, etc.

FSW or Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the immigration programs under the Express Entry System.

The program helps professionals or skilled workers with good education background and experience to become part of Canada as a permanent resident.

Points Based System

Usually, the processing time for FSW application process takes up to 8 months to 12 months after the submission of Canada PR application.

A few of the occupations which are having high demand in Canada are:

  • IT Professionals
  • Nurses
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Doctors
  • Legislators
  • Government managers and Officials, etc.

Every place around Canada is the best place to live for any candidate. Among these, Ontario and Saskatchewan have been a popular interest to migrate for many people because of their easier and faster immigration process.

How to migrate to Canada

The steps to be followed while applying for your PR visa through FSW or Federal Skilled Worker Program are:

  1. Create your profile on Express Entry Portal
  2. Eligibility check on Canada Immigration Points Calculator
  3. Get placed in the Express Entry Pool based on the profile score.
  4. Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR through Express Entry draws.
  5. Apply for Canada PR application within 60 days.
  6. Submit documents supporting good health and character.
  7. Get visa approved from the visa officials and migrate to Canada.

The eligibility requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Visa are:

  • Need to score minimum points of 67 under PR point’s calculator.
  • Should be able to prove language proficiency in either English or French or both.
  • You must have your occupation listed in the country’s demand list.
  • Must be able to provide requirements funds.
  • Need to prove good medical health and character, etc.

You need to have a minimum of one-year skilled work experience in a skilled occupation in Skill level A or Skill Level B or Skill Type 0. Also, it has to be full-time work experience.

If you are planning to migrate and settle in Canada as a permanent resident, then you need to check your eligibility.

You need to score a minimum of 67 points under the PR point’s calculator. Then, based on your profile eligibility and purpose, you can choose the appropriate PR visa program.

By consulting to an immigration consultant, it becomes easier to understand and find the possible ways for Canada PR.

Yes, you can go to Canada without a job offer. There are a few PR visa programs which do not mandate a skilled professional to have an employment opportunity from a Canadian employer.