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A Guide to Canada federal skilled worker program

The fastest means for anyone with proper skill and experience in their respective field, to go to Canada and get settled there as a Permanent Resident, with minimal effort, is, the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program.

This program was introduced in 2015 by Canadian government to get skilled people to Canada from different countries to overcome its shortage in the skilled people set.

The shortest route to get a visa to Canada called; Express Entry Program facilitates qualified specialists in different fields to get Canada permanent residence easily.

This post lets you know everything about getting a federal skilled worker visa and how to get a permanent residence in Canada through this program.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

What is Federal Skilled Worker Program ?

If you think you have the skill set to get Canada permanent residence, then Federal Skilled Worker Program is your best bet to get it, in the shortest span of time.

This is the best program to get you settled in Canada but you have to take some tests to prove the mentioned skillset. The points obtained in these tests are going to get you to your dreamland, Canada with minimal effort and time.

10 Steps to follow to get Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program Visa

The following streamlines the steps that are to be followed to get express entry into Canada as a permanent resident:

  1. Create your profile in Express Entry Portal and give Expression of Interest (EOI) for Canada PR.
  2. Get your score on Canada PR Point calculator based on different factors of your profile such as age, experience, work experience and adaptability.
  3. Based on this score you will be given rankings called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)
  4. With this rank, you will be placed in Express Entry pool.
  5. Here you will be receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR if your profile score gets the pre-defined score of the Express Entry Draw.
  6. After obtaining ITA, you will have to submit your PR application through Federal Skilled Workers Program within 60 days.
  7. You will have to get your health and character certifications.
  8. You will have to submit all other valid documents like education related ones and experience related ones within 60 days.
  9. Immigration officer will review all your submitted documents.
  10. You will need to get your payments to Canada Immigration Skilled Worker Visa done, once your visa is approved.


1. PR score

The base to accept anyone to FSW program is their number of points. The minimum number of points to get Canadian PR, based on skills is, 67. This score depends upon different factors, which are:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Job offer
  • Experience
  • Adaptability
  • Language skill
6 factors to Calculate Canada PR points

A) Age

The earlier you start your process to get FSW visa program, the higher score you are going to get in PR score.

Age Maximum Points
18- 35 Year 12 Points
36 11 Points
37 10 Points
38 9 Points
39 8 Points
40 7 Points
41 6 Points
42 5 Points
43 4 Points
44 3 Points
45 2 Points
46 1 Points
47 and older 0 Points

B) Education

It is true that the higher your education, the more are the points you are going to get in Canada PR score but you should also keep in mind that your education must meet the standards of Canadian education system.

If you have a PhD, it is going to fetch you maximum points but any higher education you have will be awarded accordingly.

Education Qualification Maximum Points
University degree or equivalent to PhD 25 Points
Holding a Masters Degree 23 Points
Holding a Double-Bachelor Degree 22 Points
Bachelor’s Degree 21 Points
3 Years Diploma Course after Higher Secondary 19 Points
3 Years Diploma Course after High School 15 Points
High School 5 Points

C) Job offer

Any job offer you have arranged in Canada is going to increase your score.

d) Experience

Your standard of education can be measured easily if you have experience in your relevant field. Hence the number of years you have in your field, the more points you are going to score.

Work Experience Maximum Points
1 Year 9 Points
2-3 Years 11 Points
4-5 Years 13 Points
6 Years and above 15 Points

E) Adaptability

No country wants its citizens to be living in it unwillingly. Hence if you can prove to the immigration officer that you are going to be adapted to the Canadian environment easily and happily, you are going to get a better score in the FSW program. This can be done by showing the factors that would help you to get adapted effortlessly.

Adaptability Factors Maximum points
Your spouse or partner’s skills 5 Points
If pursued your education in Canada 5 Points
If your spouse or partner has pursued an education in Canada 5 Points
If having your previous work experience in Canada 10 Points
If your spouse is having past work experience in Canada 5 Points
If you have an arranged employment 5 Points
If you have any relatives living in Canada 5 Points

F) Language skill

Canada immigration system accepts proficiency in English and French. So being skillful in either one of them is going to get acceptance by the Canadian immigration. The detailed list of score is as follows:

Reading Speaking Writing Listening CLB
6 6 6 6 CLB 7
6.5 6.5 6.5 7.5 CLB 8
7-7.5 7 7 8 CLB 9
8-9 7.5-9 7.5-9 8.5-9 CLB 10
TEF Canada TFC Canada
The Test d’évaluation de français pour le Canada (TEF Canada) is one of the tests approved by IRCC for French. The Test de connaissances du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada) managed by the Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques (CIEP) in France.
You need to score a minimum level of 7 NCLC. You should be able to score a minimum level of 7 NCLC.

2. Occupation code

canadian federal skilled worker program occupation list

Check Eligibility

There is something called National Occupation Code which gives a code to many occupations. You can apply to FSW program only if you have experience in these occupations.

You must mention one skill from the set of National Occupation Classification, which has three sub divisions of NOC skill type 0, NOC skill level A, NOC skill level B. The details are given below:

NOC Skill Type 0
The skill type refers to the candidates having work experience in management occupations.
Some of the examples for the skill type are Senior management occupations, legislators, middle and other management occupations
NOC Skill Level A
The skill level refers to the candidates having a college/vocational degree or apprenticeship Training.
The code can be either 2 or 3.
The type of training or education required for this skill type is
1. 2-3 years of post-secondary education (or)
2. 2-5 years of training -apprenticeship (or)
3. 3-4 years of secondary education, and more than 2 years of on the job training
The immigration programs which are preferable are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, PNP Skilled Worker and Work Permit.
NOC Skill Level B
The skill level mainly refers to the occupations, which require education from the university.
The code can be 0 or 1.
The type of education needed for the skill level is a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Level.
The immigration programs which are acceptable for the skill type are a Work permit, Federal Skilled Worker program, PNP Skilled Worker program, CEC, Federal Skilled Trades.

3. Medical tests and character certification

Medical tests

Canada doesn’t allow you to get PR, if you are proved to be a threat to their health care system. Hence you have to be certified by medical practitioner that you are physically and mentally fit. This is done by testing your blood, urine, x-ray etc.

Character certificate

To enter into Canada as a permanent resident, you should not have any criminal record. Police enquiry helps to prove the stability and reliability of your character. These are standard procedures to get your physical and mental health and your conduct.

Fee Requirements

The fee that has to be paid, changes from person to person depending upon various factors, such as number of people accompanying you, medical tests, IELTS etc. The detailed fee structure is given by the table below:

Fee Factors In Canadian Dollars In Indian Rupees
If traveling alone (For primary applicant) Processing Fee for Canada Visa $ 550 INR 29,895
Right of PR Fee $ 490 INR 26,633
Biometrics Fee $ 85 INR 4,860
If traveling with a spouse (For secondary applicant) Processing Fee for Canada Visa $ 550 INR 29,895
Right of PR Fee $ 490 INR 26,633
Biometrics $ 85 INR 4,860
If traveling with children Right of PR Fee
$ 150 for each child INR 8153
Biometrics $ 85 (if the child is above 14 years) INR 4,860
Other Fee Requirements Educational Credential Assessment $ 200 (Approximately) INR 10,871 (Approximately)
IELTS $ 221 (Approx. for single attempt) INR 12,000 (Approx. for single attempt)
Medical Test $ 92 - $ 184 (Approx) INR 5,000 – 10,000 (Approx)
PCC Depends Depends

Documents checklist

Below given list checks all the documents required to get FSW visa:

  1. Education certificates
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Conduct certificate
  5. Passport/travel document
  6. Experience certificate
  7. Job offer letter (if any)
  8. Proof of funds documents (documents to support your financial assets)
  9. Marriage certificate (if travelling with spouse)

If any additional documentation is needed based on your profile, you will be intimated.

Funds Required

The funds required depend upon the number of people travelling to Canada with you. The below table enlists the details regarding funds:

Number of family members Fund required
1 $12,669
2 $15,772
3 $19,390
4 $23,542
5 $26,701
6 $30,114
7 $33,528
For each additional family member $3,414

Processing Time for FSW Program

After submitting the PR application, the processing time would generally vary from 8 to 12 months depending upon the profile of the applicant, i.e. if the profile score of an applicant is higher, he/she has higher chances of getting ITA faster. The score can be increased by following the steps below:

  • By getting additional score by learning French.
  • By showing that you have siblings in Canada (if there are any).
  • By enhancing general skills required like education, experience, linguistic skills etc.

Benefits of having Canadian Permanent Residence

Some of the benefits of having Canadian PR are:

  • You can work, live and study anywhere in the country.
  • You will be eligible to get health care and social services.
  • You will be having the liberty of bringing spouse/children/dependents to Canada.
  • You will be able to apply for citizenship after completing 3 years as a PR.
  • You will have the benefit of giving children dependent on you, free education in Canadian public schools.
  • You will be eligible for pension and retirement plans.


There is an exception for this visa. That is you cannot get to the place called, Quebec in move to Quebec, check your eligibility to get Quebec visa and proceed.

Why is Canadian Federal Skilled Program the best to migrate to Canada?

  • It is the fastest way there is to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident.
  • You can search for employment, after entering into Canada with your experience and skill set.
  • With this, you can migrate with your spouse and children.

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Even though the process is the simplest, it requires a load of documentation and processes, which are a bit hard to handle individually. Here is where you a best experienced immigration services helps you a lot with everything.

At Kansas overseas:

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Who are federal skilled workers?

The skilled people who are selected to get Canadian PR based on their score taking into consideration, their education, experience, language etc. are called federal skilled workers.

2. What is FSW program?

Federal Skilled Worker Program enables skilled people to get Permanent Visa in Canada in the fastest way possible.

The program gives entry through an Express Entry System by taking into count the candidate's age, education, experience, etc. It is a golden opportunity for people with skill set.

3. How does FSW work?

  • his system is POINT BASED.
  • They give you rankings called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  • EXPRESS ENTRY SYSTEM enables you to get PR in a faster way by using CRS.
Points Based System

4. What is the eligibility criterion for FSW?

  • Need to get a minimum score of 67 in Points Calculator
  • Need to be proficient in either English or French or both, which is tested by tests
  • Need to have skills in one of the occupations that are listed in the country's occupation list
  • Need to show proof of funds
  • Need to have good health mentally and physically
  • Need to be certified about good character, without any criminal record.

5. What are the steps to apply for FSW?

Steps to get FSW are:

  • Create profile in Express Entry Pool
  • Check points on Canada Immigration Points Calculator
  • Get into Express entry pool based on profile score
  • Through Express Entry Pass, get Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • Apply for PR within 60 days
  • Submit health and conduct certificates
  • Get you visa approved
How to migrate to Canada

6. How long does the process take?

The processing takes 8 to 12 months at the most.

7. What are the jobs that have high demand in Canada

The below are the jobs that have high demand in Canada are:

  • IT professionals
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Chartered accountants
  • Legislatures
  • Government managers and officials

8. Can I go to Canada without a job offer?

Yes, you can go to Canada without a job offer in hand. You can search for work after getting there.

9. Which is the best place to migrate in Canada?

The popular Canadian destinations to get settled are Ontario and Saskatchewan. But it can be said that all the places in Canada are good to get settled.

10. What work experience should I have to migrate to Canada through FSW?

You need to have a minimum one year full time paid experience in any occupation listed in Skill level A or Skill level B or Skill type 0.