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Apply For Canada PR In 3 Simple Steps In 2024

Use our free calculator to know your eligibility. Also, know the cost, processing time & document checklist

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What is a Canadian permanent residence visa?

Canada Permanent Residency is the most sought after visa category by skilled professionals in India and abroad. It is a 5 years multiple entry visa that provides skilled foreign workers an opportunity to work and settle in Canada.

After 3 years of stay and work on the PR card, you can change the Canadian PR status to Canadian citizenship.

What are the benefits of having a Canada permanent residency?



The top 5 benefits of Canadian PR card are:

  1. A 5 year's multiple entries visa.
  2. A "family status" under which both applicants(spouse) can work full time.
  3. Free education for children, health and social provisions for the entire family.
  4. Opportunity to invite parent's post-settlement.
  5. Access to the USA.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The minimum requirements to immigrate to Canada are:

  1. You need to score 67 points out of 100 points.
  2. Your work occupation should be listed in Canada's demand list.
  3. You to score good bands in the IELTS exam.
  4. You need to maintain funds in your account.
  5. You need to produce papers for your employment, Education, Language proficiency, etc.

What are the documents required for PR visa of Canada?

You need to produce documents based on the attributes you are claiming points for and other relevant documents.

  • Education Transcripts
  • Employment Experience Letters
  • Qualifying WES Report
  • IELTS Score Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Medicals & Police Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of Identity

How to get Canada permanent Resident visa from outside Canada?

To apply for PR card for Canada, you need to follow 3 simple steps

Once your visa is confirmed, you will be asked to submit your passport to the Canadian embassy in India for the visa stamping.


How to calculate your Canada permanent residence visa points?

You must score 67 points out of 100 to meet Canada residency requirements. If you are accompanied by your spouse, his/her points will also be taken into consideration for PR application.

You may coordinate with our Immigration experts for further clarification or assistance to improve your profile for Canadian resident visa.

Points required for Canadian Permanent Resident Card

For immigration to Canada, you need to score 67 points out of 100 points under the points-based system:

  • Age: 12 points
  • Education: Max 25 points 
  • Work Experience: Max 15 points 
  • Language Skills: Max 28 points 
  • Adaptability: Max 10 points 
  • Arranged Employment: Max 10points 

Canada permanent resident visa fees from India.

The Permanent Residency Fee is 73,980 Indian rupees per applicant  and the fee for Education Assessment Credential is 15,500 Indian rupees per applicant.

Best Immigration Pathways To Become A Canada Permanent Resident 

What are the requirements to get Permanent Resident Visa for Canada?

The basic requirements to get Permanent residence in Canada are:

    • Proof that you have adequate funds to support your application and stay in the country
    • Educational credential assessment (ECA)
    • Original copies and official translations of documents supporting your visa application.
    • Educational degrees and certificates
    • Skills assessment test
    • Language test results

How to apply for Canada PR?


The step-by-step procedure to apply for permanent residency in Canada is:

  • Complete your Education credentials assessment (ECA)
  • Get the required IELTS score.
  • Create a profile for Express Entry and lodge your application the online pool.
  • Register with the Job Bank (optional).
  • Apply for Provincial Nomination program. (optional).
  • Receive your Invitation to Apply(ITA)
  • A necessary medical and criminal background checks will be conducted by Canada citizenship and immigration(CIC)
  • Receive your confirmation of PR status.
  • Finally, submit your passport for visa stamping.

How to get PR in Canada?

To immigrate to Canada, you need to meet 2 essential eligibility criteria.

  1. You need to score 67 points based on Age, Education, Work Experience, Language skills, adaptability, and the Canadian Job offer.
  2. The roles of your work experience should feature in the occupations list of Canada, known as "National Occupational Classification". Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can apply for visa card in 3 simple steps.

How to apply for a Permanent Resident visa of Canada from India?

The Step by step process to get permanent resident visa of Canada from India is:

  • Check your eligibility. You need to score 67points to qualify.
  • Apply for Education Credential Assessment from WES.
  • Clear IELTS and arrange the referral letters from the Employer/s.
  • Lodge the application in the Express Entry. While lodging tick mark on all the provinces
  • Register with job bank. (optional)
  • The IRCC will conduct draws twice in a month. Get “Invitation to apply”.
  • You will get 60days to arrange all the required documents and apply for the final stage.
  • In the last stage, the CIC will ask you to go for the medical exam and the once the experience documents are verified, you will be asked to submit the passport in the Canadian Embassy or consulate of India.

What are various Provincial nominee programs under Canada immigration?

One of the important pathways for candidates who score less than 400 points is the popular Provincial nominee program. Each province has different eligibility criteria.

Below are the last of programs for Canada:

What are the advantages of immigrating to Canada with family in 2020?

  • Canada is an immigrant-friendly country with zero discrimination against immigrants.
  • The government promised to provide equal rights, opportunities, and legal support to foreign immigrants similar to the citizens.
  • Subsidized education, medical benefits for the entire family makes the country extremely favourable for raising kids.

Who can accompany you as you migrate to Canada on Family sponsorship?

  • Spouse- The Canadian authorities assume that your spouse or common-law partner will accompany you unless you don't mention yourself as a bachelor in your profile. You need not apply separately for your spouse.
  • Children- Children under 22 years of age is considered under your profile. Mentally unstable or differently abled children are also considered as your dependents.
  • Parents/Grandparents- You have to sponsor your parents and grandparents only after you have settled in Canada and lived there for a considerable period.

Things to remember before immigrating to Canada from India with family:

  • You must provide them with financial support in case they are non-working or retired
  • Your family members must be eager to make all efforts to sustain themselves in Canada

What are Canada Permanent Residency rules?

  • You need to score 67points
  • Your profile needs to be in the NOC list of Canada
  • You need to have all the documents to prove your eligibility.
  • You need to have enough funds to maintain your cost of living in Canada for the first 12months.
  • You need proof of English language proficiency (IELTS).

Is Canada Permanent Residency is easy to get?

Canada permanent resident visa is easy to obtain only when you follow the correct procedure . The process to obtain this visa involves an easy 5 step procedure.

All you will have to do is:

  • Check your eligibility & score 67 points under Canada’s points-based immigration system
  • Get your education documents assessed by WES
  • File for the visa through an Express Entry program
  • Upon selection from the pool, apply for the final PR visa and right to permanent residency
  • Prove sufficient funds and migrate to Canada

However, this easy 5 step procedure involves a lot of paperwork and timely activity. Consulting and seeking the assistance of an immigration consultant will make your process easier to a large extent

What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa Fees?

The Permanent Residence visa cost is 1325 Canadian dollars per applicant. The fee for PR visa of canada is generally asked in the later stages of the process.

In the initial stage of the process of Canadian Permanent Residency, you will be charged with an Education Credential Assessment fee. This is 285 Canadian Dollars per applicant. This is to determine whether your education meets Canadian standards and you are all ready for the process.

Processing time 

There are no definitive timelines to get a permanent residence visa for Canada in 2020. The selection and approval of your visa application majorly depend upon your CRS score. However, the processing times after receiving ITA takes about 4 to 6 months.

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