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Australia Immigration: Skilled Occupation List

Are you among the highly skilled professionals looking for immigration abroad? Australia can be a great option for you to migrate. Australia is among the preferred destination for skilled migrants.

Australia Immigration: Skilled Occupation List

The Australian government has the policy for migration of well-educated and experienced individuals. They expect to play an effective role in regional economic development. Ask your immigration consultants about the possibilities of migration.

It is vital to make sure that the occupation you are in demand in Australia. During the immigration process, the Skilled Occupation List plays a significant role.

The Australian authorities publish and update the list of occupations in list based on the country’s requirement and demand.

What is the Skilled Occupation List and why do you need to know about it?

The Skilled Occupation List Australia is the list of highly demanded occupations. The government authorities coordinate with the regional labour markets. They consider needs of the employers in the country and publish this list.

The skilled workers need to find the occupation in the list. Their skills and work experience needs to be relevant.

They can choose the occupation that is at least closer to their previous work profile. This improves the chances of migration.

The Australian authorities update the skills list from time to time. The Australian authorities update the skills list from time to time.

Recently, they have come up with a new list and the norms for immigration. The regulations are going to be stringent than before. Still, there are more than 400 occupations on the list.

They draw policies as per the need of skilled workers and the available human resource. These norms are governed as per the norms of immigration with a view to improving the economy.

Why you should know about this lists?

The Australian government designs the migration program to improve productivity. They wish the migrated population in the country to play an important role in growth.

The skilled and experienced individuals will be on priority for migration.

This is an attempt to create a win-win situation for the immigrants and the government as well. The government receives talented people to play a vital role in economic development.

So, Australian immigration is subject to your own efficiency as a proposed citizen of the country. While opting for skilled immigration, you need to make sure that you have the skills and experience that prove to be useful.

You can consider the skilled occupation list as a guideline. You can determine whether you are eligible to migrate to australia. The professionals with qualifications and work experience can start a rewarding career.

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What are the skilled migration occupation lists?

Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Australia updated the list of occupations. The new list is for the skilled migration program. The Australian government has three categories in the skills list:

Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL):

This list includes the skills that are in high demand across various regions. You can file an application under this program for:

  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190, and
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 489

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL):

The strategic skills list is for the skilled migration to Australia. Are you an applicant without any sponsorship? Even if you don't have from the state or the employer can opt for Visa Subclass 189 for permanent residency.

This program encourages immigration of skilled professionals in various areas.

Regional Occupation List (ROL):

This skills list is for visa subclass 407, 489, TSS and so on. This is about regional migration programs. You can get in touch with the migration agents to know more about this program. There are separate rules apply for this.

You can opt for the combined list of the occupations for general skilled migration. The list is available online. You can select the occupation that suits your profile.

This is the initial step for your Australian immigration as a skilled independent.

What is short term skilled occupation list?

The Short-term Skilled Occupation List is a list of about 242 occupations. These occupations are in demand in various territories of Australia. This list was earlier known as the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List.

The Visa Programs in Australia connected to this occupation list:

  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
  • Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489
  • Direct Entry through Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa
  • Visa Subclass 457 for Temporary Workers
  • Training Subclass 407 Visas

About 24 occupations listed in STSOL are eligible for the posts in:

  • Regional Australia &
  • State Nomination Streams.

The authorities use STSOL for the points system while evaluating immigration applications.

How Can I Apply

What is CSOL list?

The Consolidated Skilled Occupation List was valid until April 19, 2017. This was shortly known as csol list. Later, the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaced this list.

This is the list of most demanded occupations in the Australian labour market.

It is important to identify if you are eligible to apply under this list of occupations. The migration services offer expert advice about choosing the right listed occupation.

As per your profile, you can check the possibilities before you apply.

You can apply through STSOL for regional nomination as well. Looking for smoother and timely migration process? You need to make sure that you meet the requirements.

This will help you to get success in the first attempt and in a short time.

In the SOL, Engineers, IT professionals, healthcare professionals and workers of the education sector have an evergreen demand.

Common Australian Visa Application Criteria for IT Occupations (ICT):

The IT Industry across Australia is booming. So, IT professionals and engineers can opt for skilled immigration.

Are you a computer engineer and have some experience in the IT industry? You can get to know the details about eligibility criteria through ICT.

The IT industry in Australia would hire you if you are a specialist in any of the areas that are in demand.

Are you interested in self-employment related to the sector? You can also work as a consultant. It is easy to find a job or work in this sector.

Opportunities in IT & non-IT Engineering sectors:

You can expect better salaries, better facilities and great growth prospects. Do you have a degree, master’s degree or doctorate in any of the engineering streams?

Is your experience related to IT or non-IT engineering field? You can opt for migration to Australia. You can continue your career in Australia for better prospects.

Following are some of the areas where engineers can find good opportunities:

  • Aeronautical Engineering: For aircraft maintenance, design and manufacturing of parts and so on.
  • Agricultural Engineering: Farm equipment design, manufacturing, research and maintenance of various agricultural systems.
  • Biomedical: Research and Development of modern systems to combat health issues and disability.
  • Industrial Engineering: The industrial engineer would play an important role in the manufacturing sector.

The skilled worker can also opt for migration working on junior levels. The worker with good technical knowledge and skill sets will get preference.

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Mechanical Engineering:

They have a vast scope in various engineering operations. They work for design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and management. The engineering technician with skill sets and experience can also apply.

The technician should be an expert in troubleshooting and maintenance. There is scope for installation and commissioning and various other skills.

Apart from these streams, there are ample opportunities for other engineering sectors. Chemical, Civil, Electronics, Environmental and Geotechnical engineers and many more are booming.

The Engineers Australia is the authority that governs the skill assessment for engineers. If you are opting for migration, there will be a proper assessment.

They scrutinize your educational credentials, prior employment and work experience.

Opportunities in the education sector:

Are you a teacher with some experience? You can opt for Australia PR if you have competent english and a flair for teaching.

You need to clear the assessment from concerned authority. You can work as a school teacher in any pre-primary school.

Opportunities in the health care sector:

A nurse would be a listed occupation in the skilled occupation list. The registered nurse needs to adhere to the norms of authority.

The department of border protection governs the process. The applicants can seek expert advice for their smoother and timely immigration.

The registered nurse needs to register and complete assessment formalities. This allows them to get employment benefits and they can expect better career growth.

The nurse can serve as an employee in any of the hospitals. The nurses can also look out for self-employment opportunities. Nurses can offer day care services to seniors and disabled patients.

How migration agents can help you check your occupation in the list?

While you may conveniently view the occupations in the list, it sometimes gets difficult to understand the occupation codes as well as the job roles.

Consulting an Australia immigration consultant will help you understand the two aspects in a much better manner.

First, your occupation would be analyzed and based on the demand, your profile will also be evaluated to determine the immigration score. Connect with a migration agent of Kansas Overseas Careers online

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