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7 Reasons to Prove Study in Germany as the Best

Which can be an ideal destination to study in Europe? If you are in a plan to continue higher education institutions from a European country, then prefer choosing a Germany Study visa.

With its free world-class degrees and no-tuition fee for local and international students, the country has become a nationwide destination for many to choose. Also, the number of people opting for a Germany Student visa has increased to millions in years.

India rose from 4th to 2nd in ranking international students list in Germany. The significant rate of growth of Indians going to Germany increased the thrice of the country's global average.

Planning a professional career with Germany can help you increase your standards and career opportunities. So, let us now discuss more about Germany Study visa and how the application is processed.

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1. What are the benefits of studying in Germany?

Benefits of studying in Germany

Germany has a decade's history for providing excellence to many international students. It has turned to be the one-stop destination for many local and international students for various reasons. Let us now discuss the top benefits of to study in Germany.

Top 7 Benefits you should know about Germany Study:

  1. Tuition-Free Education: Public Universities of Germany offer Tuition Free Education for local and international students.
  2. Modern Infrastructure with World-class Staff Members: The Universities in Germany are known for their best infrastructure and best education curriculum.
  3. An ample number of courses with English as a medium: English is a known language for many international students. Many courses in Germany are taught in English, and hence, it becomes easier for every student to live and study in Germany.
  4. Internationally Recognized Degrees: The education system is widely recognized, and skilled students can easily get successful with the knowledge.
  5. Plenty of Career Opportunities: A non-EU student can easily find employment in Germany by obtaining a work permit.
  6. Opportunity for exploring: By enrolling for the study courses in Germany, you can get the best chances for exploring public transport, cultural diversity, etc.
  7. Chance to settle after Course completion: After completion of your education, you will have the opportunity to stay and search for a job opportunity.

2. What are the types of Germany Student Visa?

There are different student visa programs, and these are mainly based on your study levels and degrees. You need to choose the visa program as per your studies in Germany. The different type of visa programs include

  • German Student Visa: The visa program is mainly referred to as the international students who are planning to get admitted in a German University. The students should ready to start their education from a full-time university.
  • German Student Applicant Visa: The visa program is applicable for international students with a plan to apply for Germany University in person. The visa doesn’t allow you to study in Germany. It will be valid for processing the application with the university.

3. What are the documents required for Germany Student Visa?

As similar to every visa process, documents are even an important need while processing the Germany student visa. The documents requirement is too long, and it is crucial to provide every detail.

Below find the list of documents which are required for your Germany Student Visa Process:

  1. The documents needed for Visa Application include:
  • National visa application which is duly filled and signed.
  • Your valid passport.
  • Photocopies of your passport.
  • Birth certificate
  • If married, need to provide a marriage certificate.
  • If having children, you need to submit a child's birth certificate.
  • Your recent photographs.
  1. Financial Proofs "Finanzierungsnachweis":
  • At a German blocked bank account, you need to deposit €10,236 for confirmation.
  • Letters relating to your commitment and parent's income proof records and other financial assets.
  • "Verpflichtungserklärung" – A letter of commitment by a German resident.
  • Need to provide the scholarship certificates with the exact amount it covers.
  • A bank guarantee as issued by a recognized German bank.
  1. Documents for proving University Admission:
  • Submission of "Zulassungsbescheid"; it is a document that confirms your admission in studies. The document is issued by a recognized higher education provider in Germany. It helps you to start your studies and the language of teaching.
  • "Bedingter Zulassungsbescheid" – A documents as a proof of Conditional admission; and “Intensiv-Sprachkurs” – A confirmed intensive course.
  • Proof of documents which state your confirmation of admission, proof that you have paid at least 3 months fee for your language and accompanying course
  • Your previous education certificates.
  • Student Health Insurance documents
  • Certificate proving your English or German Language Proficiency.

A Blocked Account can be a tip for getting a Student Visa

Yes. Blocked Account is a special type of account provided for international students in Germany. It helps you in proving your financial status for the Germany Student Visa.

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4. What is HZB, and why is it important?

Among the many important documents, HZB or the "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung" is a crucial document requirement. It is most commonly known as the University Entrance Qualification. In order to gain admission from the German Universities, you need to go ahead for the entrance test.

By proving or qualifying, you will be considered equal to an HZB. However, it is relevant only by qualifying the admission requirements as set by the German universities.

5. How to obtain a Germany Student Visa?

It is considered that the process is a bit confusing. The main reason for this confusion is due to its different visa process from country to country. However, let us discuss the important stages while applying for the German Student Visa.

  1. Visit the nearest German Embassy or Consulate: Search for a consulate or embassy which is near to you. Get the information about the required documents so that you can arrange a visa appointment.
  2. Understand the procedures and requirements: After finding a German Embassy, you need to search for the country wise requirements you may need to submit for the procedures and set up the visa appointment.
  3. Set up your Visa Appointment: Once you become ready with information, you need to set up your visa appointment as per the steps mentioned on the official website of the German Embassy. It is always better to process the visa application earlier as it can consume weeks for the embassy to consider your application. So make sure you process faster.
  4. Make every Visa Application Document Ready: After your visa appointment date is confirmed, you need to check the documents list and ensure that you get ready with all of them. Failure to submit the required documents can create hurdles for your application.
  5. Get prepared for your Visa Interview: Now, you need to pay the application fee and have the fee confirmation with you while attending the visa interview.
    Since the fee is non-refundable, you will not receive your money back, if the visa is rejected. After completion of your interview, you will receive the official notification for your visa approval or rejection.

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6. What are the language tests valid for Germany's student visa?

Non-EU International Students need to prove their proficiency in either English or Germany. And, for each language, there are a number of tests available. You can choose the best one as per your requirements.

Find the below certificates, which can be accepted for many of the German Universities:

  • TestDaF level IV. The TestDaF is obtained by passing the Test of German as a Foreign Language for Foreign Students in all sections.
  • DSH Certificate II or III. The DSH Certificate is a German Language test for obtaining an admission of Foreign Student Applicants.
  • Assessment Test: It is received at the end by completing the institutional preparatory classes.
  • DSD Certificate of Level II. It is the Language Diploma of the permanent conference of ministers for cultural affairs, level II, and education.
  • Goethe Certificate C2. It is received by qualifying the Goethe Test of Level C2.
  • Telc Deutch C1 or B2 Hochschule Certificate. It is received by passing the Telc C1 or B2 Hoshchule tests.

If you are aiming to prove your English proficiency, then you need to obtain the below-mentioned certifications.

  • TOEFL Test: For proving your eligibility for the test, you need to score IbT- 88, Pbt-66.
  • IELTS Test: The required score to qualify for the IELTS is a minimum of 6.5.
  • Cambridge Advanced English Certificate A, B, or C. All together with Cambridge Proficiency English Certificate A, B, or C.

A few of the universities in Germany have their own language proficiency requirements. The provided requirements and language tests may not be accepted by such universities. Hence, it is good to speak to the University for language requirements before.

7. What is the processing time for Germany Student Visa?

The average processing time of Germany Student Visa Application can be up to 25 days. However, it can vary depending on the place your applying and the German embassy you are applying to.

8. What are the steps to obtain a Student Residence Permit?

A student residence permit is a residence title provided to the international students who are planning to study in Germany. In order to complete their abroad education, a residence permit is a mandatory need for the students.

Now let us find the steps for achieving the Student Resident Permit.

  1. Find a permanent place to stay. After arriving in Germany with a student visa, you need to find your permanent accommodation in your first week.
  2. Registration at the Resident Office. Once you are done in finding your permanent accommodation, you can now register with the address at the Resident's Office. After completion of registration, you will receive a confirmation - “Meldebescheinigung.”
  3. Get enrolled in Studies. You need to get officially registered at the university and participate in studies. Also, this has to be done within the enrollment period as per the deadline announced in the letter of admission.
    The complete process is known as matriculation, and this is done by completely submitting the list of documents at the "Studentensekretariat" or the student's office.
  4. Applying for a residence permit. After getting registered in studies, you need to get your visa extension. This can be done by applying for a residence permit for education.

" Also, read more about how an international student can visit Germany on a Job Seeker Visa. "

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9. What are the documents required for applying for a residence permit in studies for Germany?

The documents which are required while applying for Residence Permit in studies for Germany are

  • Valid Passport or the national ID card.
  • Your rental contract with the residence owner.
  • Address Confirmation letter issued by the landlord of the place.
  • Confirmation of admission in education.
  • Permission to start your education or the German University Entrance Qualification.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Your Student Health Insurance Documents.
  • Certificate of enrollment, evidence of conditional admission in education, confirmation of admission as a proof of being admitted in studies.
  • Application fee payment receipts. Generally, the cost for first-time applications and extension of residence permit ranges from 56-100 Euros and 49-96 Euros, respectively.

"Akademisches Auslandsamt" – An international Office of your University can help you in obtaining information about your education and residence requirements.

10. Will Kansas Overseas Careers be my guide for Germany Student Visa?

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