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8 Topics you should know before applying for the Netherlands tourist visa

Do you enjoy visiting the nature's beautiful creations? Then, get ready with your bags for traveling to the Netherlands. The Netherlands or Holland is the best holiday spot for nature lovers. It is famous for its amazing tulips, clogs, pea soup, windmills, and its beautiful beaches.

The only requirement to make you fall in love with the Netherlands is a tourist visa. By obtaining a tourist visa, you can visit the amazing land and spend the best time exploring the beauty.

Let us now discuss a few of the important topics on the Netherlands tourist visa. It will help you to launch your application easily by contacting an immigration consultant.

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Inbound tourism in the Netherlands 2014-2018

It is expected that, in 2020 the inbound tourism in the Netherlands can reach up to 21.2 Million.

1. Do I need a visa to travel to the Netherlands?

In order to verify whether you are in need of a visa to travel to the Netherlands, you need to first check the list of the countries eligible for obtaining a visa. If you are listed among them, then you need to apply for a visa.

However, if you have a passport from the EU/EEA or Switzerland, then you are free to travel to the Netherlands without a visa, i.e. you are eligible for the visa waiver program.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service's of the Netherlands has prepared a list of countries based on this condition. Hence, before planning your trip to the Netherlands, make sure you have verified the countries list.

If you are exempt from the visit visa requirement, then you are eligible to stay for a maximum of 90 days in the Netherlands. Whereas, the condition is not similar for the passport holders of Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Mauritius, Brazil, Seychelles, Saint Kitts, and Nevis as per the IND website.

Schengen Visa Statistics 2014-2018

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2. What are the types of travel visas for the Netherlands?

If you are planning to travel to the Schengen country or to just pass through the country's airport while moving to another destination, then you are in need of obtaining a visa as per the requirement. The short-stay visas will help you to stay and move through the Netherlands.

There are relatively four types of visas: Schengen visa or tourist via; return visa, transit visa, and MVV authorized for a temporary stay. As per your purpose of visit, you can choose the visa type.

Short-stay or Schengen Visa

If you belong from the list of countries that need a visa to enter the Netherlands, then you need to apply for the visa if you are visiting purpose is tourism, meeting family, or an official business trip.

With the visa, you can stay in the Schengen zone areas and live for up to 90 days; however, these days can be further spread to 180 days. And, the visa doesn’t allow you to work in the Netherlands or in other Schengen countries.

Single or Multiple Entry Visa

The short-stay Schengen visa can be used in two ways. You can go for a 90 days stay or two or more by spreading your stay for 180 days period.

And, if you wish to spread your stay on your visit, then you need to apply for a multiple entry visa. And, it has to be specified whether you need a single or multiple entry visa while applying. And, if you have completed your 90 days stay in the Netherlands, then you need to stay outside the Netherlands and apply for a 90 days visa again.

Transit visa

The airport transit visa or transit visa is referred for the passengers who are making their movement from the airport in the Netherlands to another Schengen country during their travel to another country (non-Schengen country).

The transit visa does not permit you to leave the airport. And, if you wish to exit the airport and choose another mode of transportation for another Schengen country, then you are in need to apply for a Schengen visa.

Return visa

The return visa is for foreign nationals living in the Netherlands. If there is an urgent requirement to travel abroad for a family death, ill issue, family wedding, and stolen or lost of residence permit, then the visa is needed to be chosen.

The visa allows us to travel to foreign countries and to re-enter the Netherlands legally. Even if you have lost your residence permit, the return visa can help you to enter the country.

However, the return visa is country-specific, so it doesn’t allow you to enter in other Schengen nations. The return visa can be applied at your nearest IND in the Netherlands.

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3. Does a visa is required to enter the Netherlands?

The need of a visa for entering the Netherlands depends on your nationality. Below you can find the list of countries. The citizens from these countries are in need of obtaining a visa for entering the Netherlands.

Afghanistan Dem. Rep. Of Congo Kuwait Russia
Algeria Djibouti Kyrgyzstan Rwanda
Angola Dominican Republic Laos Sao Tome And Principe
Armenia Ecuador Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Egypt Lesotho Senegal
Bahrain Equatorial Guinea Liberia Sierra Leone
Bangladesh Eritrea Libya Somalia
Belarus Ethiopia Madagascar South Africa
Belize Fiji Malawi South Sudan
Benin North Korea Maldives Sri Lanka
Bhutan Gabon Mali Sudan
Bolivia The Gambia Mauritania Suriname
Botswana Ghana Mongolia Swaziland
Burkina Faso Guinea Morocco Syria
Burma/Myanmar Guinea-Bissau Mozambique Tajikistan
Burundi Guyana Namibia Tanzania
Cambodia Haiti Nepal Thailand
Cameroon India Niger Timor-Leste
Cape Verde Indonesia Nigeria Togo
Central African Republic Iran Northern Mariana’s Tonga
Chad Iraq Oman Tunisia
China Jamaica Pakistan Turkey
Comoros Jordan Papua New Guinea Turkmenistan
Congo Kazakhstan Palestinian Authority Uganda
Cote D’ivoire Kenya Philippines Uzbekistan
Cuba Kosovo Qatar Vietnam
Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

As per 2017, the Netherlands immigration government has issued a total of 550,910 uniform Schengen visas from 621,431 visa applications received at Dutch embassies and consulates around the world. The Visa rejection rate was 10.10%.

4. What are the documents required for the Netherlands Tourist Visa?

Documents have a crucial role in the visa process. They have huge importance, and any delay or mistake made in submitting the documents can make the process face hurdles.

Hence, it is very crucial to know every document need before applying for a visa program. The documents required for processing Netherlands Schengen tourist visa are as follows:

  • An original copy of your passport, which is having at least 6 months of validity.
  • The application form of the Netherlands visa has to be completed filled and signed.
  • Your recent colored photographs with a semi-matte or matte finish with other specifications.
  • A cover letter which includes every detail of your travel plan.
  • Your last 3 months bank statements with bank attestation.
  • If you are paying for income tax, then you need to provide documents related to your income tax returns/form 16.
  • Your planned flight tickets.
  • Hotel reservation details.
  • Your travel insurance documents.

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5. What are the steps to apply for a Schengen tourist visa?

The steps which have to be followed while applying for a Schengen visa are:

Step 1: Find out the Schengen visa type you need as per your purpose of visit.

Step 2: Check the right place for you to apply for the visa application.

Step 3: As per your requirement to visit the country, find a suitable day and time to apply and start the visa process.

Step 4: Book your appointment with the Consulate or the Embassy.

Step 5: Complete the Schengen visa application form with the right information.

Step 6: Gather all required documents which are needed to support your visa application.

Step 7: Attend the visa interview as scheduled with the Embassy or the consulate.

Step 8: Now, pay off your visa fee to begin the application process.

Step 9: Wait for receiving the confirmation from the consulate or the embassy on your visa approval.

Schengen Visa Statistics(Indian tourists from 2014-2018)

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6. What is the application fee for the Netherlands Schengen visa?

The application fee requirements vary from visa to visa. Below find the table illustrating the visa fee requirements. However, it should be noted that the fee requirements change from time to time.

Hence, while applying for any visa type, it is better to contact an immigration consultant.

Type of visa Fee
Schengen visa single entry (90 days) 60 Euros
Schengen visa multiple entry (90 days) 60 Euros
Schengen visa children 6-12 (90 days) 35 Euros
Schengen visa children 0-6 (90 days) 0 Euros
Transit visa (ages 12 and above) 60 Euros
Transit visa children (6-12 years) 35 Euros
Transit visa children (0-6 years) 0 Euros
Return visa 148 Euros

7. Can we extend the Schengen visa?

Yes, the Schengen visa can be extended under some exceptional conditions. Also, the extension of the Schengen visa can be done under the IND if you meet the required eligibility conditions.

  • Your expected visa extension should not be more than 90 days.
  • An explanation which declares that your circumstances force you in extending your period of stay and for this, you need to provide relevant documents to support and prove your requirement of visa extension.
  • You need to prove that you can manage your financials after the visa extension or have a sponsor who can manage and support for your financials.
  • You have to be covered by travel or healthcare insurance.
  • Need to have a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months, and also, it should not be older than 10 years.
  • You should indicate that you are not holding other reasons, such as interested in settling in the country by extending the visa.

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8. How we process your Netherland's tourist visa?

Kansas Overseas Careers is popular for providing an extreme level of immigration services. Our assistance for your support begins from the time you express your interest with us. Our experienced consultants will support you with a call initially to provide a brief explanation of the application process and how we can be resourceful to you.

We will then look at your purpose and suggest the right pathway to process your application. Then we will let you know the requirements and steps which you have to follow in each stage of the process. A designated visa consultant will be assigned for your process so that it will be easier to answer any of your queries at any time.

Once your application is entirely made, we send it to the verification team to check if anything is pending for receiving a visa grant for your Netherlands tourist visa. Once they are verified, your applications will be sent to the embassy or consulate for further process.

To begin your application process for the Netherlands Tourist visa, you can feel free to contact our immigration consultants or drop your query to info@kansaz.com.