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Study in Poland 2024: Your One-Stop Guide for Higher Studies in Poland

This page discusses the prerequisites to study in Poland and other related FAQs.

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Are you looking to study at a prestigious university in Poland? Well, you have come to the right place. Poland is indeed one of the most reputable countries to pursue your higher education.

The country has a long existing reputation of providing high-quality education and has a very flexible and practical-knowledge approach towards education. They pay special attention to scientific research and have produced the world's finest scientists over the years. Here we look at all the essentials to study in Poland.

Why Study in Poland?

Poland has as many as 14 of their universities in QS World University Rankings, and Warsaw University is the world's best university and falls under the top 3 % universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education and Quaquarelli Symmonds (QS).

Poland attracts lakhs of applications for higher education due to a multicultural approach and a productive environment. 

What are the Intakes of Universities in Poland?

The two significant intakes in Poland are the summer intake and winter intake.

Winter intake starts in September or October and goes on until February or March in Poland. If you're looking to apply this winter intake in Poland, you'd need a proper action plan. That would maximize your chance of getting your application selected.

Summer intake starts in February and ends in July or August every year. You need to follow the same steps discussed above, with the only difference being in the timeline. You should apply until December for summer intake since most colleges work on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

You should once again reply quickly to the college's mails and apply for your student visa as soon as you accept the offer. Getting the flight tickets, applying for scholarships, and getting loans are the facets you news to cover beforehand.

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What are the Top Universities in Poland?

A whopping 14 universities in Poland were featured in the QS World University Rankings in 2019. The ranking is credible and specific to areas within Europe and Central Asia.

Here we list some of the top universities in Poland:


University Name

Poland Universities Rankings (QS)


University of Warsaw



Jagiellonian University



Warsaw University of Technology

601 - 650


Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

801 - 1000


AGH University of Science and Technology

801 - 1000


Cracow University of Technology

801 - 1000


Lodz University of Technology

801 - 1000


Nicolaus Copernicus University

801 - 1000


Poznan University of Technology

801 - 1000


University of Gdansk

801 - 1000


Related FAQs

What are the Documents Required to Apply in Polish Universities?

You would need to fulfill a few minimum requirements to get that prized admission to a Polish university.

If you are looking to get your master's degree there, here are the prerequisites:

  • Bachelor's diploma or certificate
  • An English proficiency test like IELTS
  • Matriculation or equivalent certificate

Every Polish university has slightly different requirements, but you'd mostly need the following documents:

  • Undergraduate diploma or an official replacement (issued by the university)
  • Application form correctly filled in by you and signed
  • A personal reference as well as multiple professional references
  • Proper CV with complete details of professional career as well as studies
  • Four passport size photographs
  • Copy of original ID proof valid in Poland
  • Recent medical certification that ensures no contradiction for studying
  • Proof of proper English Language proficiency through a test. You could skip it if your bachelor's degree were in English
  • Appropriate evidence that you can pay the admission fee.

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Step-by-Step Application Process for Poland Universities

What are Costs While Studying in Poland?

Polish students don't need to pay the tuition fee for subjects taught in the Polish language. The same applies to those who live in the EU and Switzerland.

All other international students need to pay a tuition fee which generally ranges from:

  • 500 – 6,000 EUR/academic year for Bachelor’s degrees
  • 1,000 – 8,000 EUR/academic year for Master’s degrees

The cost rises to 15000 EUR/year for courses like MBA and Dentistry. Likewise, private universities cost more than these minimal charges.

If you are not from an EU country, studying in Poland requires you to pay tuition fees.

  • 2230 USD per year for first, second and long cycle studies
  • 3350 USD per year for doctoral, postgraduate and medical postgraduate internships as well as scientific, arts, specialist and post-doctoral internships
  • 3350 USD per year for vocational courses and apprenticeships
  • 2230 USD per year for an annual preparatory Polish language course to commence studies in Polish
You can also look for a few free of charge programs in Poland universities. These programs are standard in the Master's degree, but some are specific for EU students. Warsaw University of Technology is one of the famous universities that offer free courses.
Poland has a stable economy. You can live there until your course duration at a reasonable cost. The living cost can range from 350-550 EUR/month as per your lifestyle. Here we discuss some of the necessary living expenses you'd incur:


The housing comprises around 35% of your total living cost in Poland. You can choose from private rental apartments as well as university residence halls. Student residence permit halls are cost-effective at 60-150 EUR/month. 

Food Costs

Typically, international students spend around 100 to 150 EUR in a month in food expenditure. You can shop from cheaper shops and cook food yourself to save some bucks here.

Tesco, Leclerc, Carrefour, and Auchan are some popular, cost-effective supermarkets. A one time meal would usually cost you 5 EUR while you can order a three-time meal at 20 EUR.


The most budget-friendly way of travel for students in public transport. It costs just 50 EUR for a complete 6-month semester pass. The panoramic views and routes also allow you to walk through foot nearby.

Extra Study Material

You would have to buy supplementary study material like books, magazines, research, and more during your course. Some of the books are available for rent at the libraries. You can also buy old books from bookstores to save quite a few bucks here.

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