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6 Simple Steps for obtaining the UK Standard Visitor Visa from India

Are you wondering how to succeed in your dream of visiting rolling green hills of Wales or breathtaking landscapes of the UK?

The only way through which you can successfully realize your dream is with a UK Visit Visa. The visa is a short-stay visa and popularly known as a Standard Visitor visa.

6 Simple Steps for obtaining the UK Tourist Visa from India

Every year millions of people visit the fantastic land with UK Tourist Visas. Since July 2018, the number of visitors to the UK from India increased 11 percent in twelve months period, i.e., over 5 lakh people from India visited the UK.

UK visas from India
Year 2016 2017 2018
No. of UK visa applications made by Indian citizens 552,889 594,513 649,845
No. of decisions 551,881 592,333 649,577
UK Visa grants for Indians 480,004 525,706 583,275
No. of applications refused 71,118 65,357 65,132
No. of applications withdrawn 715 1,265 1,161
Applications Lapsed 44 5 9
Visa Success rate from India 86.98% 88.75% 89.79%
Visa Refusal Rate from India 12.89% 11.03% 10.03%

“Indian Citizens are reflecting less UK visa refusal. The number of decisions and grants gradually increased with a decrease in the number of refusals from 2016-2018.”

Do you know, the Standard Visitor Visa has replaced many visa types of the UK? Below you can find more information relating to the UK Tourist Visa.

1. What are the visa types replaced with the Standard Visitor visa?

The Standard Visitor Visa or the UK tourist visa is a short-stay visa allowing an intending candidate to stay for up to 6 months in the UK.

It is mainly given to the people who travel to the United Kingdom on the purpose of tourism, visiting family friends, professional reasons, and medical treatments.

Many other visa types have been replaced by the Standard Visitor visa to the UK. Below is the list of visas, which got replaced with the Standard Visitor visa.

  1. General Visitor Visa- given to general visitors, who wanted to visit the UK for holidaying and other such purposes
  2. Family Visitor Visa- given to people, who wanted to visit family in UK
  3. Business Visitor Visa- given to people who wanted to come to the UK to conduct business, expand business etc.
  4. Child Visitor Visa- visitor visa given to anyone below 18 years of age and want to come to UK for a short stay
  5. Sports Visitor Visa- given to sports persons and to those who are coming to UK to visit sport events etc
  6. Prospective Entrepreneur Visa- given to those who want to establish a business in UK
  7. Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa- given to visitors coming from destination nations, which are approved by UK (eg:China)
  8. Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa- given to persons, coming to UK to get medical treatment in the world renowned hospitals of the Great Britain.
  9. Entertainer Visitor Visa- given to entertainers who come to UK to participate in short term events.

The number of people visiting the UK is increasing year by year.

overseas residents visited to uk - graph

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2. What are the documents required for the UK Visit Visa process?

The documents needed to support the UK visit visa process are:

  • The online form of UK Tourist Visa Application Form VAF1A.
  • Two recent photographs as per the guidelines of the UK government.
  • Valid passport.
  • Proof of funds to support the stay in the UK.
  • Details of where you will be living during the stay.
  • Detailed information about spending each day in the UK.
  • Your last 10 years of travel history.
  • Your current living address.
  • Biometric information.
  • Letter of Invitation.
  • Fee receipts.
  • Your language skills certificate.
  • If any document is not in English or Welsh, it needs to get translated.
  • If you are a student, you should provide every academic and professional certificate.
  • Medical certificates, stating that you are fit to travel to UK.

3. What is the fee requirement for a UK Tourist Visa?

The visa fee depends upon the duration of your stay in UK. You can apply for 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years under visit visa. The most used among all the visas is the 6 months stay visa. The following table shows the fees structure in a detailed manner:

Visa Application Type Fees in GBP
6 Months £95
2 Years £361
5 Years £655
10 Years £822

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4. What are Do’s and Don’ts with Standard Visit Visa?


  • You can involve in any business activities as per the visa rules.
  • You are eligible for studying up to 30 days (if you are not visiting on study purpose)
  • Eligible to participate in educational events or programs
  • Can convert your civil partnership into married life.
  • Can move through the UK with a transit


  • Cannot work for any paid or unpaid employment
  • Cannot live for more extended periods with frequent visits
  • Should not obtain public funds.
  • Should not marry or register a relationship or give any notice

5. Are there any country-wise obligations to apply for a UK visa?

Yes, based on your nationality, you can easily find out whether you are in need of a visa to travel the UK or not. The following table illustrates the countries whose nationals need a visa for the UK.

“A UK visa is needed for the citizens who are living outside of the UK, Commonwealth, EEA or Switzerland, stateless people and persons who do not hold a passport identified by the UK.”

Afghanistan Djibouti Kyrgyzstan Saudi Arabia
Albania Dominican Republic Laos Senegal
Algeria Ecuador Lebanon Serbia
Angola Egypt Lesotho Sierra Leone
Armenia Equatorial Guinea Liberia Somalia
Azerbaijan Eritrea Libya South Africa
Bahrain Ethiopia North Macedonia Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Fiji Madagascar Sudan
Belarus Gabon Malawi Surinam
Benin The Gambia Mali Swaziland
Bhutan Georgia Mauritania Syria
Bolivia Ghana Moldova Tajikistan
Bosnia-Herzegovina Guinea Mongolia Tanzania
Burkina Faso Guinea Bissau Montenegro Thailand
Myanmar Guyana Morocco Togo
Burundi Haiti Mozambique Tunisia
Cambodia India Nepal Turkey
Cameroon Indonesia Niger Turkmenistan
Cape Verde Iran Nigeria Uganda
Central African Republic Iraq Oman Ukraine
Chad Ivory Coast Pakistan United Arab Emirates
China, People’s Rep.of Jamaica Peru Uzbekistan
Colombia Jordan Palestinian Authority Vatican City (service & emergency passports only)
Comoros Kazakhstan Philippines Venezuela
Congo, the Democratic Republic of Kenya Qatar Vietnam
Congo, Republic of Korea (Dem. People’s Rep) Russia Yemen
Cuba Kosovo Rwanda Zambia
Cyprus, the northern part of Kuwait Sao Tome & Principe Zimbabwe

6. What are the general grounds of refusal for the UK tourist visa?

Before entering into the UK, there would be a background verification performed by the entry clearance officers. The officers consider many factors to accept your application.

If you fail the verification, then you are bound to get refused. Below are a few general grounds of refusal:

  • False Representation
  • Fraud and Forgery
  • Failure to cooperate
  • Non-disclosure of material facts
  • Criminal History
  • Medical Grounds
  • Threat to national security
  • Exclusion for the public good
  • Travel ban
  • Bad immigration history, etc.

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7. What are the 6 steps for obtaining a UK visit visa?

Plan your UK visit visa process by following the simple application process.

Step 1: Check whether you need a visa for the UK or not

A visa is needed for people belonging to specific nationalities. If you are an EEA citizen, a Swiss Citizen or a Commonwealth citizen, then you are excluded for obtaining the visa type.

Step 2: Choose the right visa type to begin the process

According to your purpose of visit, you need to choose the visiting visa type. Below you can find a few visa types which can be selected based on your need.

  • UK Tourist Visa: It is referred for the candidates with a plan to visit the UK for their friends or family members, business purpose, medical treatment, special occasions, etc.
  • UK Transit Visa: The visa type is referred for the candidates who are passing through the UK while transiting from another country.
  • UK Work Visa: This is for the candidates who are planning to engage in a paid activity in the UK.
  • UK Study Visa: The visa is for the candidates with an intention to enter the UK on the purpose of the study.
  • Other visa types: The other visas include joining your family member living in the UK, to set a business in the UK, etc.

Step 3: Get the Online Application Form completed

After choosing the right visa path, you need to start your application process by entering your information. The information such as:

  • Your full name
  • Country of Residence
  • Personal Contact Number
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
  • Purpose of visiting the UK
  • Passport Number
  • Other information as required in the application

Every piece of information provided in the application has to be genuine, and if the information is found mismatched, then there are chances to get the application rejected.

Step 4: Gather all important documents to submit

It is very important that you submit every document, which will be useful to support your process. Failure in providing the required documents can sometimes lead to a slow visa process or even rejection.

Step 5: Schedule an appointment for UK visa

Now you need to make an appointment online and get a print of the email confirmation. And, this has to be taken with you to the visa application center along with the supporting documents.

Make sure that the documents are similar to the information you have provided on your online application. Any mistake can make you fall into trouble.

Step 6: Attend the visa interview

In the visa interview, as a visa applicant, you will be asked to provide your biometric information. This will include your photograph and fingerprints.

“Every candidate on the visa application has to visit for the visa interview. And, the applicants who are below 18 years have to be accompanied by an adult.”

8. Can the UK Visit Visa extended?

There are a few cases where the Standard Visitor Visa can be extended to some extent. Below are a few of the cases mentioned for you.

  • If you are completing your academics or a project, you can get an extension on initial visa for a period, not more than 6 months.
  • If you pass your PLAB examination and like to engage in a clinical duty, the extension cannot be more than a year and a half.
  • If you are working on private medical treatment, additional 6 months can be extended under this category. Also, you need to prove that you have not disobeyed any immigration rules.
  • If you are attempting a PLAB examination for the second time, the extension period cannot be more than 6 months.

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9. What are the fund requirements for UK Tourist visa?

If a single person is visiting the UK then, the person needs to a minimum cost from GBP 1,200-1,800. And, this is a fee requirement including the air ticket cost.

Hence, it is always important for the visitor to show more funds than the estimated cost. For example, if the cost for the trip is of GBP 1,500; then the balance should be higher than GBP 2,500 in the coming six months.

And, if an applicant is travelling with a spouse or common-law partner, then the minimum balance requirement is GBP 4,000-5,000. The amount will help in covering the cost of travelling, air tickets, accommodation, living expenses, etc.

10. Planning to visit the UK from India?

If you are an individual from India with a plan to visit the United Kingdom on a short-term basis such as holiday, visiting families, medical treatment, etc., then you need a UK tourist visa.

Without a visa in hand, an Indian cannot enter the UK. Hence, it is vital to apply for the UK tourist visa with accurate information and documentation.

By opting for the services offered by an immigration consultant, the visa process can become simpler. The consultants will help in understanding the program and its requirements, which may be needed in the process further.

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the immigration consultancy providing top immigration services at multiple branches. The services include permanent resident visas, temporary resident visas, work visas, tourist visas, study visas, etc.

The teams are well-experienced and provide expert client support throughout the process. You can contact the consultants and know the pathways to apply for the UK visit visa. Call at 1800-102-0109 or drop a message to info@kansaz.com

11. What are the top reasons to visit the UK by most of the country’s’ nationals?

Every year, a number of people visit the UK for various reasons. A few come on vacation, visiting parents and friends, business trips, hospital treatments, etc.

Among the several reasons to visit the UK by many nationals, spending Holidays is the top reason or purpose for many, to visit the UK.

Below you can find the graph illustrating the purpose of visits by overseas residents from 1998-2018.

purpose of overseas residents visited to uk - graph

12. Which country visited the UK most in 2018?

Below you can find the graph illustrating the top 10 countries visiting the UK in large numbers.

top countries - visiting to UK

“As per the last year’s statistics, out of the total number of visits from various country citizens, The people from the USA region visited the UK most in 2018.”

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