Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.

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Why Choose Us?

We know you have many choices in migration world. There’s more to it than just really visa lodgment. Here are some reasons to choose us as your consultant.

Kansas Overseas based in Hyderabad, India, is the face of many a reputed immigration centers across the globe.

Based on the user profile we analyze, recommend appropriate and accredit countries based on the employment opportunities available for professionals with specific skill sets and are aspiring for an international job with a permanent residency.

The Process team is well equipped with the state-of-art communication network to enable efficient and result oriented services across India and abroad. All your needs met at under one Umbrella.

We support you throughout, from your application processing, to supporting you to choose the country, best available career options, applying for the visa, pre-departure services (accommodation, culture, pit falls etc.) and support for clients at their destination.

Our core competence is visa documentation and expertise in green cards. Hundreds of case studies have given us the experience and expertise to handle any type of case.

We take our aspirants through a process, different steps towards permanent residency.

Our Process begins from choosing a country, immigration services, application& eligibility fulfillment, follow-up, visa guide, boarding, ticketing, pre-departure briefing, accommodation & stay-back options etc. All Our activities are professional career centric.

Our counselor’s team provides all the information needed to make an informed choice for professionals. Our team understands our client’s aspirations and work with them to make the best choice for which we offer a wide range of immigration services across the Globe.

With a team of counselors on-board and works with professional agents worldwide to assist our clients worldwide in finding a country that meets their academic, professional and personal goals

First we study your profile, your opportunities and deficiencies.


Then, we come up with a solution that comprises of ….


And when we begin to work together, we go through the following stages…


Kansas Overseas Careers approach to get a Visa is purely based on application’s 100%eligibility to a certain country.

We not only ensure an applicant has enough points to qualify, but also be transparent about other factors, which may impact an application.

Our service fee is competitive & among the best you will find in the industry, without comprising on the quality of the service, making your process affordable and easy.

At Kansas Overseas Careers, we make every effort to ensure that all application receive only positive result (though the final decision is taken the respective Embassy), yet if the application is still rejected, we refund the entire 50% fee paid to us, with no string attached

Kansas Overseas Careers Job Search services are engineered to assist the Indian nationals, predominantly the young qualified professionals. If you have already obtained a visa of a particular country, we can be still of support in enabling you to get a job overseas.

Even if you are living in a foreign country and stressed for a job, you can count on our services.

We have planned products to suit migration to each country, keeping their respective preferences in view.

This starts with resume preparation-optimization, followed by resume marketing, which will be done for 3 months, and drawing up of visual resumes, as these are increasingly being preferred in the international job market.

There is, however, no job guarantee as such that we could extend. Our task can be furthered only at your specific request subsequent to an employer enquiry.

We can also help you in making travel arrangements and give you post-landing assistance as required. But you must appreciate that Kansas Overseas Careers does not guarantee jobs. It helps jobseekers to go for foreign jobs all right.

If you could appreciate the strivings of Kansas, we would be more than delighted to serve you in improving your chances of getting employment in foreign lands.

  1. One day workshop aimed at developing your Resumes; choosing a resume format; Cover letters.
  2. Where & how to find job leads.
  3. Profession wise counseling covering the basic norms of the industry an interactive workshops with the industry representatives,.
  4. Relevant education and professional courses to be taken and other related details like costs and duration of the courses.
  5. Individual action plan including up-gradation of educational and professional qualifications if required in view of the skills of the client.
  6. List of Placement Agencies.
  7. List of Potential Employers.
  8. Posting your resume on various local job sites in the required format.
  9. Interviews - Types of Interviews, Interview planning and research, Interview FAQ's and answers from Labor Market research.

Note: Kansas Overseas Careers is a visa service provider & not any placement agency. We do not deal in any kind of direct placements/jobs.

However, for clients registering for immigration, we provide Resume writing & job search assistance as complimentary service