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International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS)

ICAS is one of the IRCC-recognized organizations that provides assessment of foreign credentials.

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Thinking of moving to Canada for study abroad, work overseas, or to settle in Canada as a permanent resident? You will have to secure an assessment of your educational qualifications. ICAS is one of the IRCC-recognized organizations that provides assessment of foreign credentials.

What is ICAS of Canada?

The International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS) of Canada is among the organizations and professional bodies designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to provide an assessment of foreign credentials.

What is the role of ICAS?

ICAS provides assessment reports that help immigration officials, educational institutions, and Canadian employers to understand the education completed by you from outside Canada.

What is an ECA by ICAS?

Following an assessment of educational credentials, a report - the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report - is issued by the assessing authority. By giving official recognition to their foreign credentials, an ECA Report enables individuals to achieve their personal, educational, and career goals. 

Among the IRCC-designated organizations to provide ECAs, ICAS provides credential assessment services to individuals applying to immigrate to Canada. Those applying for admission in the colleges in Ontario can also approach ICAS for an assessment.

Who can apply for ICAS ECA Report?

Each year, ICAS provides assessments to over 10,000 applicants with - 

  • technical, 
  • post-secondary, and 
  • senior-secondary qualifications.

With an updated on-site research library, ICAS has samples of different documents at all levels in more than 200 countries across the world.

What is the cost to get an Assessment Report from ICAS?

The overall costs to be borne by you will be as per the processing fee for the report as well as courier delivery charges etc., as applicable. 

ICAS Assessment - Charges 


Fee in Canadian Dollars  

General Assessment Report 


Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report


Post-secondary Comprehensive Assessment Report 


Secondary and Postsecondary Comprehensive Assessment 


ICAS Assessment Report for Canadian immigration


Other services 

Courier - international 


Courier - to US


Courier - in Canada 


Extra originals (assessment fee includes one original report)

$30, for each extra original 

Electronic copy 


Electronic Transmission to Ontario College Application Service (OCAS)

[Recommended for those applying for admission to colleges in Ontario]


Additional Report for the US 

2 reports issued - (1) comparing education to Ontario/Canada, and (2) comparing education to the US educational system. 

[US reports can only be prepared for applicants currently living in Canada] 


Reports in both English and French 

If documents and/or their translations are provided in English and French. 

2 reports issued - (1) in English, and (2) in French.

General - $60

Comprehensive - $90

Why to get an assessment from ICAS?

ICAS prepares assessment reports that - 

  • describe the education completed outside Canada, and 
  • establish the equivalence of education completed outside Canada.

An ECA report analyses your academic background to see where you stand in terms of the Canadian education system. 

Assessments are prepared for the different levels of education.

What can I use my ECA Report by ICAS for?

An ICAS assessment report can set you up on the path to achieving your personal and career goals if you are - 

  • Applying for Canadian permanent residence,
  • Intending to study abroad in Canada,
  • Exploring options for work overseas in Canada,
  • Living in Canada and have received some or all of your education from outside Canada, 
  • Living in Canada and applying for a TN visa for working in the US (under the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA),
  • Were educated in another province/territory of Canada but need on Ontario qualification for the purposes of study/employment, or
  • Living in Canada and interested in education programs offered in other countries. 

How many types of ICAS reports?

ICAS offers four different kinds of assessment reports. These are -

4 Types of ICAS Reports 

[1] General Assessment Report

  • Most popular
  • Also known as a document-by-document assessment
  • Describes the education completed by the applicant
  • Suggests the comparable level in Ontario/Canada for each of the credentials
  • Most commonly required by employers

[2] Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report

  • Assesses senior secondary education completed outside Canada
  • Suggests the comparable level of education in Ontario/Canada
  • Provides a list of all courses/subjects completed as per Grade 12 in Ontario/Canada, with the comparable grades and credit values
  • Most-commonly required for admission to a postsecondary program

[3] Post-secondary Comprehensive Assessment Report 

  • Also known as post-secondary course-by-course assessment
  • Describes the post-secondary - university or college - education completed outside Canada
  • For each credential, the comparable level in Ontario/Canada is given
  • Gives a list of the courses/subjects completed, with the comparable grades and credit values

[4] Secondary and Postsecondary Comprehensive Assessment Report

  • Combines the [2] and [3] above-mentioned. 
  • Describes the education completed 
  • Suggests the education level that it can be compared to in Ontario/Canada 
  • Provides a list of senior secondary and postsecondary courses/subjects completed, along with the comparable grades and credit values. 

Does IRCC accept ICAS General Assessment Report?

No. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will only accept the Canadian Immigration Assessment Report by ICAS.

How to apply to ICAS for ECA Report for immigration?

For Canadian immigration, you will have to get the Canadian Immigration Assessment Package from ICAS. 

ICAS ECA Report for Immigration - Stepwise process


Complete the online application form


Receive confirmation email from ICAS, containing - 

  • Your ICAS File Number
  • Document Submission Form
  • Official Records Request Form


Print and complete the Document Submission Form 


Send by mail or courier the following to ICAS office in Canada - 

  • The duly completed Document Submission Form, 
  • Photocopies of the documents for your country (will be mentioned under “To be submitted to ICAS by the applicant”), and
  • Photocopies of any other applicable documents.

What will I get if I opt for ICAS ECA Report for immigration purposes?

The Canadian Immigration Assessment Package by ICAS includes - 

  • Electronic storage of the report for verification by IRCC, 
  • An electronic copy of the ECA Report, along with
  • Two original assessment reports.

How will I get my ICAS ECA Report?

ICAS sends reports by regular mail, unless delivery by courier is specifically requested by the applicant.

How long will my ECA Report by ICAS be valid for?

Your ECA Report for immigration purposes issued by ICAS will be accepted by IRCC for five years from the date of issue. If required, a renewal can be requested after the expiry of the validity of the assessment report.

How can Kansas help?

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