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7 Reasons you cannot deny for studying in New Zealand

What is so special in New Zealand that thousands of international students move to New Zealand to study? New Zealand is very well known for its beautiful atmosphere. But, beyond its beauty, it is even a prime destination to study, mainly for the Indian students in need of abroad education.

The internationally accredited education systems, top universities, abundant career opportunities, and its seamless quality of life options attract many students.

Also, while studying, they can even work and build a better platform. The only requirement to obtain all these benefits is a student visa.

Let us now discuss how a New Zealand Study Visa can be obtained and how it helps an international student to succeed in his dream career.

1. What are the top reasons for studying in New Zealand?

top reasons for studying in new zeland

New Zealand is having good popularity for its attractive education system and universities. With its varied study opportunities and world-class universities, it has been a good choice for many international students.

International students can study and live in the developing country with an affordable education fee and a better cost of living. It is assumed that New Zealand is the best land offering high-quality education and allows international students to explore new ideas.

Graph of International Student to New Zealand - yearly

Below find a few reasons which prove New Zealand as a better option for higher education in the world.

  1. The country is having the world's best universities and proves in providing world-class education.
  2. It has very fewer entry requirements.
  3. There is very less chance of visa rejection.
  4. Candidates can experience an easy visa process and obtain a permanent residency.
  5. Safe and secured environment.
  6. While studying, can oversee a range of programs to explore.
  7. A number of scholarship programs.

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2. List out the top courses offered for Indians.

The universities in New Zealand provide multiple numbers of courses from which an international student can choose for their higher education. Interested candidates can choose any of the courses and complete their academic sessions.

A few of the popular courses offered for international students are:

  • Animation
  • Engineering
  • Business Studies
  • Medicine
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering Forestry
  • IT and Computer Science
  • Art and design
  • Agriculture
  • Nursing
  • Sports Management
  • Healthcare
  • Business Management
  • Trades

The list is too big if we write down. Among the many courses and degrees, New Zealand is prominent for providing an excellent study for the courses Computer Science, Information Technology, and Animation.

3. What are the eligibility requirements for New Zealand Student Visa?

All visa programs have a set of requirements that are already set by the immigration government. By meeting the eligibility requirements, one can easily obtain the visa without any hurdles.

The eligibility requirements for studying in New Zealand are:

For English Language Proficiency:

  • A minimum language score of 6.5 in IELTS is mandatory for students opting for the graduation and Master courses. However, the score can vary as per the standards needed by the university.
  • If planning to go for a PTE Academic, most of the universities prefer to have a minimum score of 50 for under-graduation and a score of 64 for Masters Courses.

For Undergraduate Degree:

  • Should have completed a 12 years education, i.e., with elementary and secondary education.
  • Most of the universities in New Zealand accept applications with an overall percentage of 75 marks. Also, they must possess at least 60% in English.
  • For some Technology and Science courses, it may be a need to have Mathematics as a requirement in Class 12.
  • Should qualify the IELTS or PTE with a minimum language requirement.

For Masters Degree in New Zealand:

  • Need for a Bachelor's degree.
  • A minimum IELTS or PTE requirement.
  • Should have relevant work experience if opting for MBA and IT-related programming.

4. What are the types of NZ Student Visas?

  • Fee-Paying Student Visa: With this visa type, you will be able to study full-time for up to 4 years. Also, you are eligible to study while working.
  • Exchange Student Visa: The visa type allows you to study full-time for a maximum of 4 years in an approved scheme of student exchange.
  • Foreign Government Supported Student Visa: If you are having a scholarship or foreign government loan, then you are eligible for Studying in New Zealand for up to 4 years as a full-time student.
  • Pathway Student Visa: On a single student visa type, you can study for up to three consecutive courses in the country. The visa can allow you to study for up to 5 years.

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5. What are the documents required for applying for New Zealand Student Visa?

The very first requirement after eligibility is the documents requirements. Failure in proving eligibility or failure to provide any document requirement can easily make your visa face hurdles.

Below a few document requirements which are required while applying to the Universities:

  • Your Class 10th Score sheet.
  • Your 10th Passing Certificate.
  • Your 12th Score Sheet.
  • Your 12th Passing Certificate.
  • Your Bachelor's Degree, Mark sheet.
  • Graduation or Provisional Certificate.

Documents to Support your Visa Application:

Documents to Support your Visa Application
  • Work Experience Letter and Appointment letters
  • For courses related to MBA and Master's in IT your proof of work experience is needed
  • Your resume or curriculum vitae
  • If you have done any diploma courses, you need to submit relevant diplomas.
  • GRE Results or GMAT Results
  • PTE or IELTS Language Scores
  • If applicable, need to provide a letter of recommendation
  • SOP or Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of co-curricular and other extra-curricular activities for supporting your application.

Documents to support your Financial Status:

Documents to support your Financial Status
  • Your valid passport
  • Need to provide an offer letter; if you have received for your NZQA approved course from a New Zealand education provider.
  • Need to provide proofs for your sufficient funds.
  • Should provide proofs to indicate sufficient funds for tuition fees.
  • Your financial status if undertaking by a sponsor for covering your living expenditure.
  • If you are applicable for a scholarship, you need to provide the relevant scholarship letter.
  • Should be able to provide evidence of your air tickets, indicating you will be leaving New Zealand after completion of your studies in New Zealand.
  • Your medical examination reports and X-ray of your chest, if you are going to serve a course for more than a year.
  • Students with a plan to study in New Zealand for more than 2 years should provide a police verification certificate.
  • A mandatory need for your medical insurance.
  • Fee receipt and TT receipt.

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6. What is the fee required for the NZ study visa?

For processing your New Zealand study visa from India, you are requested to pay an NZD 330 as your application cost. The cost includes for processing your application, an immigration levy charge, international visitor conservation, and tourism levy charge.

The cost is similar for every visa office within India. However, an additional amount approx. ₨ 722 may be charged as a passport fee per application.

7. How to apply for NZ Student Visa?

The steps or the procedure involved for applying a student visa for New Zealand are:

Step 1: Gathering Required Documents

Before planning to submit your application, the most important step includes documentation. The complexity of your visa can easily be known with this step. If you are aware of every document need, then you can experience an easy visa process.

Step 2: Submission of Application

Though many visas have to be applied online, the documentation part is not always online. These have to be sent along with application forms, passport, and evidence to a designated department.

Step 3: Wait for Visa Approval

The applications are assessed as and when they are received. During this process, sometimes, it may become a need for you to provide more information as evidence to support your visa.

Step 4: Arriving in New Zealand

After the visa approval obtained, you can now visit the country to study and live.

Graph of Indian Students to New Zealand for higher education

8. Can you work in New Zealand while studying?

If you are planning to work part-time while Studying in New Zealand, then as per the rules amended, you are allowed for up to 20 hours a week. And, full-time work schedule on holidays, during Christmas and New Year.

Part-time Work Eligibility: Work for up to 20 hours in a week if you are a full-time student under any criteria mentioned below:

  • A full-time student for at least 2 years
  • For a qualification helping to gain more points on the Skilled Migrant Category.
  • For a foundation program for at least a year at level 4 or higher.

Full-time Work Eligibility: You should be a full-time worker under below-mentioned circumstances:

  • If you are a full-time student for at least a year and the course includes more than 120 credits, then you are allowed to work in scheduled breaks.
  • You can work during the holiday period of New Year and Christmas if you are a full-time student, and the credits of your course are over 120.

Eligibility for Master's and Ph.D. by research students: If you are enrolled for a doctoral degree or a Masters by research programme as awarded by a tertiary institution of New Zealand, then there is no restriction for your hours of working.

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9. Can you stay in New Zealand after the study?

Yes, you can stay in New Zealand after your study by applying for a work visa. You need to get a permit to work in New Zealand for at least 3 years after completion of your education. However, you need to have an acceptable qualification to make your Visa to Work in New Zealand successfully.

Considering your level of education and the university from where you have studied, a post-study work visa will be issued to you. It can last for 1, 2, or 3 years. The Post-study work visa has replaced 2 previous visas after the end of November 2018.

The two visa types which have got replaced are:

  • Post Study Work Visa (Open)
  • Post Study Work Visa (employer-assisted).

With the visa type, you are allowed to work for any work position and any employer. If your partner plans to stay with you, then your partner has to apply for a work visa. With the visa obtained, you and your partner can live in New Zealand. Also, your dependent child can experience a study fee-free as a domestic student.

After serving a sufficient period, you can even obtain a chance to become a Permanent Resident. Obtaining a New Zealand PR Visa will be easier if you have your skilled job in an occupation that is in shortage.

10. What are the Top Universities in New Zealand for international students?

New Zealand is having a very good number of government institutes of technology, universities and polytechnic institutes. In addition to those, there are even much better private institutes providing the best training for many students.

According to the latest report of QS World University Rankings, almost 8 of the New Zealand Universities have received their international positions in the top 3 percent.

Below listing down the top 8 New Zealand universities in top positions:

  • University of Otago
  • University of Canterbury
  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Lincoln University.
  • University of Auckland
  • Massey University
  • University of Waikato
  • Victoria University of Wellington

11. How will Kansas Overseas Careers help to study in New Zealand?

If you wish to get graduated from the Top Universities in New Zealand, then you are in need of a study visa. With the study visa obtained, you can complete your educational course and work alongside it.

To start your visa process, you may get in touch with the Study Visa Consultants of Kansas Overseas Careers. With the certified visa process and services, you can find the best chances for visa approval.

In order to discuss and check your eligibility for starting the process, you can speak to the visa experts of Kansas Overseas Careers now at 1800-102-0109 or drop your query to info@kansaz.com, and our consultants will be soon in touch.