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Top 10 Points of Germany Job Seeker Visa

The German job market is one of the most profitable in Europe with plenty of employment opportunities, but if you’re not a citizen, it can be hard to find an employer willing to sponsor your work visa.

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The German job market is one of the most profitable in Europe, but if you’re not a citizen, it can be hard to find an employer willing to sponsor your work visa.

1. What is the Germany Job Seeker Visa Scheme?

The Germany Jobseeker Visa is an initiative by the German Federal Government to encourage qualified, skilled immigrants to enter into the country, find a job of their choice, and settle to work in the long-term on EU Blue Card.

By obtaining this visa, a skilled worker gets access to the German job market.

2. What is the total cost involved in getting a job seeker visa for Germany?

The expenses during the Germany Job Seeker visa process is:

Visa Fee: INR 6200 approx. or € 75

Document Verification Fees: INR 30,000

3. What is the processing time to get Germany Job Seeker Visa?

According to the general rule of the consulate, the processing time of this visa for Germany takes nearly 4 to 6 weeks.

However, this processing time majorly depends upon how quick you are in submitting all the documents that are required for the process.

4. What is the process to apply for the German Job Seeker Visa?

The step-by-step process to apply of a German Job Seeker visa is:

Fill the Application Form

Complete the job seeker application form carefully. Print and sign at the end of the application.

Book an Appointement

Book an appointment with the German Embassy in your home country as you may get a date of 3 months later.

Required Documents

Gather all the documents required according to the checklist.Keep the documents either in English or German language.

Pay The Fees

Reach the embassy office on the day of the appointment on time. Make sure you have all the documents with you.

Submit The Application

Pay the fees required for a german seeker visa, and you will receive a receipt for the application process.

5. What are the eligibility criteria for a Germany job Seeker visa?

The major eligibility requirements are :

  • A Bachelor's Degree or higher in subjects related to STEM (from a recognized University)
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience in an occupation that has high demand in Germany's labour market*
  • Sufficient funds to prove that you can stay in Germany.
  • Medical Coverage plan

Free Eligibility Check

6. What are the required documents you should prepare to support your eligibility in 2024?

The document checklist includes:

  1. Completed filled form
  2. Valid Passport
  3. A copy of passport data page
  4. 3 passport photo
  5. Cover letter
  6. Update CV
  7. Academic Qualification documents
  8. Proof of accommodation.
  9. Proof of Health Insurance for the stay duration
  10. Proof of financial resources

7. What should be done when you get a job in 6 months in Job Seeker Visa?

When a person gets employment in Germany on Job seeker visa, they are required to apply for the employment residence permit.

This can be done in 2 ways:

To get an EU Blue Card, you need to have an employment offer of 44,800 euros per annum salary or at least 34,944 euros.

You can directly apply for the permanent residence permit in 33 months on the EU Blue Card. By proving German language skills, you can get the same in 21 months.

In this kind of permit, mostly the employer will sponsor you. After 5 years, you can apply for the permanent residence permit.

Along with this, you get your family members by Family Reunion Long Term Visa. But you and your family members have to fullfill the requirements for it.

8. How difficult is it to find a job in Germany for Indians in 2024?

There is a high demand for qualified mechanical, automotive, electrical and construction engineers, IT professionals, trained nurses and doctors, and teachers. Indians are high in demand in Germany. It's because a majority of Indian students opt for degrees of streams where Germany has skills shortage as well the most top scope of employment and income.

Hence, it is not at all difficult with a German job seeker visa and plenty of job opportunities to get a job in Germany and get a residence permit.

Bonus: Tips to find a job in Germany

  • Get your foreign education evaluated.
  • Visit to Germany on Job Seeker Visa.
  • Try to show an experience of at least 2-3 in a Multinational Corporation.
  • Try to learn the German language, mainly if you belong to the Engineering field.
  • Taking help from an expert in preparing your resume and a descriptive cover letter.
  • Prepare yourself for interviews before you apply for German jobs.

Kansas has a team of professionals who can not only help with Germany immigration,  including residence permit but also assist you with writers and job search experts.

9. Does this type of visa help me to get the job contract in 6 months?

Certainly yes.

The reason why Germany introduced a job seeker visa is to let candidates flow into the country with talent that employers can screen personally and decide on their profiles quickly.

For this reason, the visa comes with a validity of only 6 months.

The government was confident that a candidate with the right skills and work experience could easily find a job in Germany within 6 months.

However, it is important to note that the candidate is only allowed to hunt for jobs on this visa.

Once he receives a valid job offer from a German employer, he needs to apply for a German work visa or a to commence his employment and apply for a residence permit later.

10. Can you extend a job seeker visa in Germany, if you did not find a job?

While there is the least possibility of not finding a job in Germany in 6 months, but always a back-up plan is required.

As the visa holds a validity of 6 months and can be extended only if you find a valid job, you need to leave Germany before the date of visa expiry.

The country allows you to re-apply for the visa under the same process and enter to try your luck again.

Other Popular Questions

How can Kansas assist you with Germany Job Seeker Visa process service?

We have a team of qualified and experienced immigration consultants who specialize in the German visa process.

We cater services that not only meet your visa needs but also serve you beyond:

What are the requirements for Language Proficiency?

Language proficiency proofs are not required. You are not required to take any test for English (IELTS, TOEFL) or German.

You are required to be fluent in both English and German.

What is the success rate of getting a job through a German job seeker visa?

At present, the German unemployment rate is 7%, with plenty of opportunities for talented, skilled workers. With a job seeker visa, you will be in the German job market and have access to all the information.

Here you will have the opportunity to attend the interview in-person. You do not require to fix a time according to the time zone and have a video phase interview outside Germany.

As there are many opportunities for the skilled person and you are in Germany with a job seeker visa increases the chances three times of landing a job.

Can you get a job in Germany without speaking german?

Having German language skills is not necessary for getting a job in Germany, it will just narrow up the options for you.

But still, you have plenty of job opportunities waiting for you there.

Below are the career options where you even can get a job just by knowing English:

Profiles In Demand in Germany - 2024

While the country welcomes professionals of all sectors, it has a special demand for candidates representing the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medical (STEM) sectors, who are also more likely to get residence permit later.

The Job Seeker Visa Scheme is helping German employers find skilled candidates and fill the vacant positions.

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Whenever you need to talk, we're open.

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